Thursday, January 06, 2005


Looking for a reason to raise a glass, besides that annoying tickle of despair at the state of the world? (Okay, with despair one doesn't so much raise a glass as tip it.)

Today, January 6, is not just the 12th Day of Christmas, otherwise known as Epiphany, when the Wise Men slapped their foreheads and said "Doh! So that's who this kid is! By the way, who was supposed to buy the card?"

Today is...insert drum roll...

National Smith Day!

Why? Because we Smiths need something to make up for the fact that we have the world's most frustrating geneaological research task. (Editor's note: there are more Wangs in the world than Smiths, but hey, they already know they're Chinese. End of detective story.)

If everyone out there bought one Smith a drink today, think what a better world this would be. And if we could just keep the spirit of National Smith Day alive in our hearts year 'round, there'd be no more wars, hurricanes, traffic accidents, or ferret bites. Sigh...I'm a dreamer, it's true.

Anyway, check out this goofy holiday site and try to see past the vertigo-inducing design to its underlying truth: nearly every day is a holiday. Every day, someone, somewhere, is observing a special time, taking a few moments to mark the year's passing, wiping away a wistful tear at the memory of Leap-Second Time Adjustment Days gone by.

Thanks to Thomas Roy of Lebanon, PA, we can now celebrate National Dimpled Chad Day (you missed it this past Tuesday), or better yet, Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day, February 20, in which you wave a beach blanket at the sun at high noon and shout "Hoodie-Hoo!" twice, in hopes of warmer weather. To me, shouting "Hoodie-Hoo!" seems like a durn good idea just about any day or time, except maybe during a board meeting or a funeral.

See, Mr. Roy invents holidays. He is, in a sense, a holidaysmith.

On the holiday site I discovered that my birthday takes place on National Town Criers Day and during National Farriers Week, which seems fitting for a Smith.

Check out your own birthday. Sorry if it's July 15.


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