Sunday, February 27, 2005

Gwen, Part Three

Gwen had her big debut at the Frederick PetsMart yesterday, and I must say, I felt like a roadie at a rock concert. Everyone stopped to pet her and tell her how beautiful she was. We had to expand the sliding door last night just so her ego would fit through. Now she's making eccentric demands ("I want nothing but perfectly square kibble pieces in my bowl!" and "Mastadon bones only!") and getting her body pierced in unspeakable places.

Okay, truth: she came home and slept for seven hours straight, other than waking up to eat dinner. It's a tough job being a star. Of course, when she finally got up at 11 pm, it was time to play, not time to go to bed, so she was not at all thrilled to be stuck in her crate and expected to sleep more just because everyone else was. It's like having a little kid sometimes. But she finally settled down after several minutes of whining, barking, and Wookie-like grumbles.

Several people applied to adopt her, so she'll probably go to her forever-home next weekend. I will miss her. I even considered adopting her myself, since she meets the two nonnegotiable criteria:

1) Good with cats
2) Doesn't chew Meadow's stuffies

But adopting her would have sort of defeated the purpose. I don't want to have three dogs in the house, so if we adopted one, that would end our fostering. Besides, Chris said no.



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