Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Gwen, Part Two

A tired dog is a good dog.
--Every trainer who ever lived
The pupster got her spay stitches out last night, so now she can run and romp with Meadow. They're outside right now playing ball with Chris. The routine seems to be:

1) Chris throws ball.
2) Gwen chases ball.
3) Meadow chases Gwen.
4) Ball lies forgotten while Meadow and Gwen wrestle for ten minutes.
5) Chris gets ball.

Repeat until one or more dogs collapse.

The vet tech confirmed that she is about 7 months old (Gwen, that is), which according to Puppies for Dummies is part of the puberty stage. Here's a quote I need to tape to my forehead (backwards, of course, so I can read it):
The toughest thing to control during puberty isn't your dog; it's your temper. Having the right attitude is extremely important. We humans are a control-oriented bunch and we want our dogs to come when called, stay calm in exciting situations and control their gamy impulses. But these dogs want to play! Have fun! Chase a butterfly! They are often unimpressed by your frustration.

Okay, now they're running around the yard displaying their breed-specific behaviors. Meadow the greyhound is running in a large, swift, counter-clockwise circle, and Gwen the collie is running a smaller circle inside Meadow's circle, looking like she thinks she's in control of this large, skinny, freshly sheared sheep.

Another cute thing about Gwen? Next to Meadow's sleekness, her fluffy coat makes her look like she's wearing puppy pajamas, as if there's another dog inside her wearing a costume.



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