Thursday, March 31, 2005

Nanny-nanny-boo-boo moments

1. I got to go see a free preview of Sin City at the Senator Theatre the other night, and you didn't.

It was hideously beautiful. Without the comic book stylization the violence probably would have bothered me. I was not a fan of Kill Bill Vol. 1, though I liked Vol. 2, since it at least made a half-hearted effort at characterization. I found the violence in Vol. 1 relentless and ultimately tedious.

With Sin City, I felt like I was watching a live comic book, as opposed to watching a movie about a comic book character, a la Spiderman, Batman, or--urp!--Daredevil. Yes, the visuals, dialogue, and acting were highly stylized and unnatural--that's what made it a profound moviegoing experience for me and Chris. Our friends hated it. You might hate it, too, but it's worth the risk.

2. Radical Love, or, my state is better than your country.

Last week the Maryland Senate passed a bill to give medical decision-making rights to all unmarried couples who sign onto a domestic registry. The House of Delegates passed a similar bill overwhelmingly last year, so it's as good as passed at this point.

The Maryland Catholic Conference (who should be condemned just for having the worst blinking text offense in website history--seriously, go look at it, but epileptics be warned) lobbied against the bill, saying it was "really about promoting the radical homosexual agenda."

This would be the first time someone would have the explicit right to visit his or her partner in the hospital, as there are no legal documents available to spell out that right.

Dan Furmansky of Equality Maryland said, "I guess if wanting to be in the hospital room with your loved one at a time of illness is part of the radical homosexual agenda, then we're guilty as charged."

I love my State. It's the only reason I haven't become Canadian yet. Deposing Governer Ehrlich gives me something to look forward to besides wars and deficits and the gradual dismemberment of the U.S. Constitution.


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