Thursday, April 28, 2005

What's on my iPod?

Nothing! I don't have one.*

And I don't care what's on anyone else's, whether it's another blogger's, Tom Brady's, the President's, or even Jesus'. (These have all been the subject of articles lately, but I'm not linking to them because that would indicate that I give a possum's patootie.)

I've never heard a podcast, only recently figured out what an RSS feed is (and this blog has one now), and haven't yet read the 131 articles stacked up in my inbox on how I can "leverage" my blog to promote my novels. I'm not technophobic, just techno-tired.

That said, I do have several playlists on my laptop in RealPlayer, at least one for each work-in-progress. Music inspires my writing more than anything else (other than caffeine), so it's useful to have 6 hours worth of songs-that-remind-me-of-that-one-scene-in-the-forest and another 40 hours worth of songs-my-main-character-would-love-if-she-had-electricity.

The only problem is, when I have one of these giant playlists going on random play, my attention wavers at the end of each song, while I watch the little RealPlayer doohicky on my bottom toolbar to see what song is coming up next. If I don't recognize it, I Alt-Tab over to the program to find out what album it's from.

More often, I find the right album/songs for a particular scene and just play them over and over again until I'm finished. Which is exactly what I was able to do ten years ago with a CD player and a remote control.

*which is not to say I don't want one


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