Friday, July 08, 2005

The Morning After

I don't have much to say today after the London attacks. It seems that the death toll is much higher than originally thought. The thought of my former home, temporary as it was, facing such horror makes me weep. Of all the cities in the world, only Baltimore is dearer to my heart than London (sorry, Philadelphia: I've only lived around you, not in you).

Like everyone else, my anger makes me want to blame someone, preferably someone I already hate. But the rational side of me (it still exists after all this time) thinks it's best not to jump to conclusions concerning either the culprits' identities or motives. More importantly, I believe now is not the time to politicize what happened, either by Fox News types saying, "Woo-hoo! Now we don't have to talk about global warming" (I'm serious. Check it out.), or those on the left saying, "This is what we get for invading Iraq."

The fact is, we don't really know yet who did this. Yes, that "Al Qaeda of Europe" group claimed responsibility on its website, but their claims have yet to be confirmed. Just because something's on the internet doesn't mean it's true, folks. Anyone could have posted that claim.

Have we forgotten about Oklahoma City? In the first few hours after the bombing it was all, "Muslim" this and "jihad" that, even as a good ol' boy from Kansas named Timothy McVeigh was arrested for driving without a license and carrying a concealed weapon in one of those "happy accidents" of law enforcement (one could say it wasn't pure chance, since McVeigh was speeding in an effort to leave the State of his crime).

No evidence yet released indicates that suicide bombers carried out yesterday's attacks. It's been confirmed that one of the bombs was left on the floor of an Underground carriage. Left behind. As in, could have been discovered and defused in time. As in, no eternal glory for giving one's life to kill the infidels.

All I'm saying is, please let's wait for the evidence before we start playing the blame game. Or at least wait until the dead are buried. Have a little respect.


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