Monday, August 22, 2005

Back to Business

I took a couple of nice days off (some people call them weekends, apparently). Finished reading one book (lame), started another (spellbinding), and watched Zoolander again. It's not as funny the second time around. In fact, if I could erase one memory, it would be the memory of seeing Zoolander, just so I could see it again for the first time. My second choice would be the memory of what should have been the last out of the 1986 World Series rolling through Bill Buckner's legs.


Anyway, I've declared this week to be Business Week, when I stick my Writer's Cap (a mauve beret) in the closet and put on my Entrepreneur's Cap (a tweed fedora), finally tackling the following tasks:
  • Rewrite the content of this website
  • Send the new book announcement to my mailing list folks
  • Join a few writers associations
  • Find a photographer to do a new head shot
  • Read all the posts and lessons from that online workshop on "author branding" I took back in May but didn't have time to participate in because I was so wrapped up in finishing my first draft
Ideally I would accomplish these feats throughout the year, rather than cramming them into the spaces between mad fits of writing. But I'm not much of a compartmentalizer. It's hard to wear two hats at once, even with a head as big as mine.


Rather, the last out of the '97 Series.

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 8/27/2005 3:32 PM

Huh? I'm referring to the Mets vs. Red Sox. Worst moment in sports history, unless you're a Mets fan.

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 8/28/2005 4:27 PM

Sox, Schmox. They've had the Worldcon more recently and more often than Cleveland.

When Mesa gave up that hit it tore my heart out [okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating just a touch, but after all, it IS baseball].

Jim Young

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 8/30/2005 10:30 PM

Welcome back, Jim! I, too, grieved when Cleveland lost the Series. One of my favorite players ever, Orel Hershiser, was still pitching for them at the time, I believe. And Omar Vizquel and those other guys were great, too.

Still, the Marlins were forgiven in '03 when they beat the Yankees in the WS. And even Steve Finley redeemed himself in '01 with the Diamondbacks.

You're right, there's no exaggerating emotions when it comes to baseball.

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 8/31/2005 8:04 AM

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