Sunday, November 13, 2005

Pickup Lines

Saw this on Laura Anne Gilman's blog [UPDATE: and mystery writer J.A. Konrath's blog) and decided to be a copycat, but since I don't have any short stories (not a fan of the form, and it's apparently not a fan of me either), I'll include first lines from all my novels rather than just my works-in-progress, and I'm going to include the full first paragraphs, just 'cuz.

Hope they grab you and make you wanna get to know me better, maybe take me home with you, rather than throw a drink in my face and call the bouncer.

Waiting in Ambush (never-to-be-published first novel):
He took a long swig of cold water and thought, it’s just not the same without scotch in it. But those days were behind him now, like the gray highway unraveling in his rearview mirror.
Requiem for the Devil (Warner, 2001):
Some days it's good to be the Devil. November 7, 1997, started out as one of those days, and ended as something quite different.
Rivers in the Desert (as-yet unpublished third novel):
The word sprawled across the hood of the black sport utility vehicle, block letters in yellow spray paint.
The Forgetting (unfinished direct sequel to Requiem):
The American wet dream is self-employment, or so they say. Own your own business and be your own boss. Take orders from yourself instead of the Man. Work hard, be clever, and someday you, too, can be a software kingpin or a drug tycoon.
Angel's Gambit (unfinished eventual sequel to Requiem):
Killing babies was against Agatha's nature, but not nearly as much as standing by and watching the world burn.
Bad Company (vampire novel-in-progress):
Family curses never die, they just get watered down. In Greek mythology, the Curse of the House of Atreus began with a guy making soup du jour out of his own son. But I’ll bet anything that generations later, the Curse only made the Atreus family forget to send each other birthday cards.
The Eyes of Crow (Luna, 2006):
The dog would not die.

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