Friday, December 02, 2005


My week:

Thursday we had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat. It was a traditional Italian Thanksgiving, meaning we consumed six courses over the course of six hours. The courses were spaced apart so that it never felt like I was stuffing myself. There was time to drink plenty of wine without falling down. It wasn't until the middle of dessert that my stomach finally yellow-flagged* my brain.

In Thanksgivings past, it always seemed an injustice that we would spend days getting ready for the big meal, which would be then over in 20 minutes.

Summary: Me like food. Me like Italian Thanksgivings.

Sunday we picked up our new foster puppy Zack, who hails from Garrett County, Maryland. He's a beagle mixed with something that has spots. Tails of Hope pegs it as an Australian Cattle Dog, but my guess is a pointer or springer spaniel, which would be much more common in hunter-riffic Western Maryland.

The shelters always seem to underestimate the dogs' ages, so that the adopters end up with dogs much larger than they expected. So instead of a 7-month-old beagle mix, he could be a 5-month-old foxhound or coonhound mix. When he gets neutered, our vet can make a better estimate of his age.

Anyway, he's freakin' adorable, and full of energy. Right now he's sleeping off a morning romp in the snow with Meadow (yep, it snowed last night, apparently only on our street).

Last night I had a screaming, skull-twisting migraine headache and therefore couldn't properly celebrate the first appearance of my name in a national magazine (see next post). It felt like my right eyeball was going to explode. It's gone now, or at least only lurking in the background, waiting for me to do something dumb like stare at a computer screen for hours on end.

*That's a NASCAR term, to show that I'm "of the people."

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Mi piace che tu piace la pranza de Il Giorno de Grazie.

Con Amore, Mamma

(Didn't know I had that in me!)

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