Thursday, April 20, 2006

A quick word on words

Grrr. Spell Checker just fixed my spelling of "fluorescent" for the five hundredth time. I can't seem to get it in my head that the "u" comes first.

I'm a good speller in general, but certain words get me every time:
  • broccoli
  • vacuum
  • fluorescent
  • acquiesce
Maybe I should make myself write them twenty times in a row, like I had to do in elementary school.

How about you? Which words are your "spelling bane"?


Piece. or Peice.


I also type my name too fast quite often- Shaorn. But I really do know that one.

Posted by: Blogger Sharon GR at 4/20/2006 3:25 PM

When I was an undergrad, one of my profs said that, as a result of reading so many papers with so many misspellings, he no longer could spell. I scoffed at the time. Now, after decades of doing the same, I know he was right. My apologies, Dr. Butell. Of course, as an academic, I have a host of words to misspell. I just now had to use existentaism (?) in an e-mail to one of my students. I copied her spelling. I doubt I just spelled it right. Thank Goddess for spell check, which doesn't work here.


Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 4/20/2006 3:30 PM

Well, thanks to fishing line, I know fluorescent. And chartreuse is a popular lure color, so I know that, too...

Posted by: Blogger Rob S. at 4/21/2006 12:24 AM

adreneline, caffiene, definitely, judgement, discreet, and if it'd less more than five days since I ran the spellcheck on my latest manuscript I would no doubt remember more. I hate those words, because I can't spell them (I've learned to spell 'definitely') and they turn up 25092586078 times in my spellchecks. You would THINK I would learn to spell them correctly. *sigh*

Posted by: Blogger CE Murphy at 4/21/2006 6:08 AM

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