Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stupid pet pics

By now y'all are probably bored with my nattering on about my own writing for the last week and a half. So for a little change of pace, I'm going to make fun of the freak show that is our home.

The Cat in the Hat

Look, Major Misha's joined the Air Force! But wait, he obviously doesn't know his head from his butt. Maybe he should've joined the Army instead.

(Li'l Air Force humor there, no offense meant to our soldiers in green. Don't hurt me.)

What the Hell is That?

In an obvious riff on the obscure Steve Martin Saturday Night Live routine, Meadow and Brutus are fascinated with nothing whatsoever.

Upon closer inspection, the dogs have smelled this:

All together now...awwwww. Or, if you don't know what you're looking at: ewwwww.

It's a robins' nest under the deck. Two-day-old baby birds! Squeeee! Or, if you're a dog: yum!

They're obsessed with the nest, scratching and biting at the deck, thinking they can dig their way to a fresh breakfast. Soon it'll be time to borrow the neighbor's belt sander...

So here's to you, Mrs. Robin. We all love you more than you will know. Whoa-whoa-whoa.


And why, pray tell, did Madame Antigone Pandora Smith-Ready not grace up with her presence? Is posing for stupid pet pictures beneath her? Obviously it's not beneath your other furry friends.


Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 5/09/2006 5:32 PM

I have two beautiful kitties of my own. You couldn't have picked a better topic to post.:-) I LOVE LOVE LOVE cats.

Posted by: Blogger Unknown at 5/10/2006 9:51 AM

I LOVE LOVE LOVE greyhounds. And yes, they'll stop at nothing to get under that deck. Good luck, Mrs. Robin.

Posted by: Blogger Sharon GR at 5/10/2006 9:28 PM

Chris says the birdies are partly feathered now, and sitting up in the nest with their mouths constantly open. The parents are on the job all day long feeding those kids.

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 5/11/2006 8:45 AM

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