Monday, June 19, 2006

It's like I never left

I'm back from my vacation, feeling refreshed. A feeling that will fade in about an hour, as the temperature and humidity climb into the nineties.

Not that I'm complaining. June has been exquisite until now, with cool temps and dry air. On Friday we actually had a wind chill instead of a heat index--the temperature was 81 but "felt like" 80, according to I worked outside all day. Life was good.

While I didn't catch up on my manuscript during my break from blogging, I managed not to fall too much farther behind, which is an accomplishment in itself. My sense of disconnection from the work has faded; I'm really into it now, finding myself thinking about it* when I'm not in front of the computer. It's become less of a job and more of a joy.

(Un)fortunately, one morning in the shower I realized I needed to rewrite part of the beginning--not just the opening scene, but the first 20% of the novel. Many scenes will have to be replaced, others will have their settings or personae changed. It's the kind of rewriting that has to be done at the first draft stage, thus adding to the strain of finishing on schedule (July 21). But I'm glad I figured it out, because it solved some serious plot problems.

I also came up with a new idea for a book. More on that later this week.

Other announcements also to follow, including giveaways, contests, cool links, and Random Thoughts.

Thanks for not forgetting about me!

*I call these "Moments of Musery" (careful not to substitute an 'i' for the 'u').



So glad you're back. ANOTHER bok idea! I shake my head in wwonder.


Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 6/19/2006 9:37 AM

Ah, that should have been BOOK. It's hard to write when a cat walks accross your keyboard, shedding and demmanding attention.

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 6/19/2006 9:39 AM

Most writers will tell you that ideas are a dime a dozen. It's good ideas that are hard to come by. I'll let this one simmer for awhile and see if it has legs.

And hey, until I'm fully contracted (i.e., with two books a year for the next several years), I'd better keep coming up with ideas.

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 6/19/2006 9:57 AM

not just the opening scene, but the first 20% of the novel

As I am in precisely that same boat now, I offer my sympathies. I printed out my WIP yesterday and went over it and decided that everything after the first four chapters was probably pretty decent, but the first several chapters *suck*. So I'm in the midst of rewriting them right now. I'd been hoping to do a marathon writing session, all forward motion all the time, over the next two weeks, but fixing the first part of the book necessarily slows that down. Bugger.

OTOH, it'll be much better for it when I'm done. Doncha just hate that? :)


Posted by: Blogger CE Murphy at 6/19/2006 11:29 AM

Yeah, I hate having to stop the forward momentum and that daily fix of checking off chapters and pages written, so I'm probably going to fix it after I get to the end.

Then again, maybe going back and rewriting the beginning would help me with my current Sticky Place. Or maybe I'd just be using it as an avoidance mechanism.

Good luck with your rewrite, Catie!

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 6/19/2006 11:41 AM

Welcome back Jeri.:-) You were missed and it is nice to see you blogging again.

Posted by: Blogger Unknown at 6/19/2006 2:58 PM

Aww, thanks, Kathy. You're a sweetie. :-)

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 6/19/2006 4:59 PM

I can't go forward if I get to a sticky place, if the reason I'm at a sticky place is because something's broken in the earlier stuff. This is one of the things I've managed to beat into my head. :) So I have to fix the earlier stuff.

The good news is this usually means I do two or three polish passes before I reach the end and by the time I hit the end I'm basically *done*, though. :)


Posted by: Blogger CE Murphy at 6/19/2006 5:09 PM

Yeah, the trick is figuring out whether the place is sticky because something leading up to it is wrong, or because it deals with an issue I'm uncomfortable with, or because I need more research, or because I'm just in a lazy mood that day. :-)

I used to polish as I went along, when I wrote "only" 3-5 pages a day, but at my current pace (8-15 pp), there's no time for anything but a quick perusal of the previous day's chapter.

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 6/19/2006 7:53 PM

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