Monday, January 08, 2007

Blogger's block

It happens every once in awhile, usually while the real writing is going quite well.

I can't think of anything to blog about. Oh, sure, there are the trivial matters that grab my attention, like the fact that Mary Worth is going to 'Nam, or that the label of the Snow Cone Hot Chocolate Mix for Two clearly depicts a snowman suicide pact, or that the Ravens are playing their arch-nemeses the Baltimore Indianapolis Colts in a playoff game on Saturday that has left everyone in this town groping for the Valium. But none of that is worth discussing on a focused, professional blog such as this one.

I'm finishing the rewrites of my young adult fantasy (the novel previously known as Angel's Gambit). I just threw an old lady down a flight of stairs.* Life is good.

Later this week I'll begin the long-awaited revision of Voice of Crow, due at the end of this month. Like most writers, I have to balance my time between the books I'm already contracted for and the books I hope to sell. The plan is to continue submitting one new series proposal each year until I'm fully contracted. My definition of "fully contracted" means:

a) more than one book per year for the next three years, AND/OR
b) having enough work to make my head almost but not quite explode

How's your year been so far? Discuss.

*Relax! It was a homicidal maniac old lady, and she only broke a hip, leaving her able to get all homicidally maniacal in a later book (at which point she can be thrown off a bridge or into an active volcano).



Well so far 2007 is going about as well as 2006 which is to say it sucks. 3 a.m. in the morning on New Year's Day my mom had to be rushed to the hospital with fluid on the stomach. And I promptly sprained my ankle. Then, yesterday, we had a massive flood in our apartment when the toilet cracked. I re-sprained my ankle even worse because it hadn't healed yet while cleaning up the water and am now off my foot for at least 6 weeks. But on the bright side, since I'm not allowed to move too much I am doing a lot of reading. I am currently reading When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy. It's a brand-new vamp series and this is book one.:-)

Posted by: Blogger Unknown at 1/09/2007 5:40 AM

Mine's rocking, simply because I decided it would. Far too much cheerfulness for Paris to handle, they're freaking out. So lovely to see Brutus has a home. If I only had room, I'd adopt a puppy--though I doubt Pumpkin and Kody would be too happy. They'd handle it okay, though--neither of them are shy when it comes to letting dogs (of all sizes) know who's boss.

Posted by: Blogger Gabrielle at 1/10/2007 5:09 AM

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