Thursday, May 17, 2007

New CDs...purr....

Went to Record & Tape Traders this afternoon. The place smells like incense. They have not just CDs, but vinyl records and vintage everything. Love it.

I went for two reasons:

1. To buy the new Nine Inch Nails.
2. To case the joint as a setting for a scene in Wicked Game.

But then I started browsing the used CD bin. Deadly. I should've worn handcuffs.

So I also bought 3 used CDs I already have on cassette (so no guilt over the artists not getting royalties because I bought them used--like my rationalization there?):

Shake Your Moneymaker by the Black Crowes
When I Woke by Rusted Root (They're like the Talking Heads but less cerebral. You canNOT sit still when they're on.)
Purple Rain by Prince and the Revolution

Also snagged His Best by Sonny Boy Williamson. It's part of the awesome Chess Records 50th Anniversary collection.

And of course Year Zero by Nine Inch Nails, complete with US Bureau of Morality warning on the back (BE A PATRIOT - BE AN INFORMER!).

Books and CDs. Better than chocolate.

A-Z Update: "Hanging on the Telephone" by Blondie

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I LOVE that Rusted Root CD. No longer have my tape.


Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 5/18/2007 8:09 AM

Cecilia, it sounds just as good today as it did in '94.

I noticed that there were two copies of The Donnas' Spend the Night in the used CD bin. Which means that there are at least two other people out there who, like me, are bewildered by Steven Van Zandt's and Spin Magazine's adoration.

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 5/18/2007 8:31 AM

Must now seek out Rusted Root. Can't believe I don't have that. Good reminder, thanks!


Posted by: Blogger Rob at 5/18/2007 8:37 AM

While I share your compunctions about artists getting their deserved royalties, I've got no qualms about buying used CDs, DVDs, books, etc. They've already gotten they're royalties for that unit, and if it for whatever reason didn't satisfy the initial buyer, so be it. I won't download pirated copies, but used stuff? I'm on it.

It may not be ideal for the artist, but there are only so many ways I'm willing to buck how the world works. I'm just giving up my right to compain whenever anyone buys one of my things used rather than new, and I can't see myself ever doing that anyway.

Posted by: Blogger Rob S. at 5/18/2007 11:03 AM

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