Monday, January 28, 2008

16 random facts meme

Rachel Caine honored me with a tag on a fun new meme--actually, an extended version of the Eight Things You Don't Know About Me, which I posted last June.

The mission: list sixteen random personal facts or habits, and then pick twelve of my friends to tag. I'm going to cheat a little and start off with an edited version of my Eight Things:

1. Like last year's Miss Michigan, I have maimouphobia*. (Also coulrophobia, but everyone knows that.)

2. Favorite song: "Inside Out" by Eve 6. Singing along to this tune is a better aerobic workout than the Stairmaster, and much easier on the knees.

3. Sometimes when I'm in the self-checkout lane at the supermarket, I pretend I'm auditioning for a job.

4. Favorite classical composer: Franz Schubert. This is not interesting.

5. I once spent the night at Eugene O'Neill's boyhood home, the setting for his Pulitzer-winning play, Long Day's Journey Into Night. Alas, I neither saw nor heard the famed ghost of his mother, wandering the halls looking for her next morphine fix.

6. Secret Celebrity Crush: Ben Stiller

7. I'm obsessive but not compulsive, mainly because I'm too lazy to follow through on most thoughts. I might be having lunch with you, and 99% of my attention is focused on what you're saying (honestly!), while the remaining 1% is thinking, "The tablecloth is crooked, the salt shaker is at a hostile angle to the sugar bowl, and I'm dying to make an Olympic rings symbol with the condensation on the bottom of my water glass." But don't worry--I won't do anything about it.

8. In my head, the alphabet still looks like this.

Now, the new ones:

9. I have passed out once in my life--in Bruges, Belgium. Yes, I'll be seeing the Colin Farrell movie.

10. I wait to buy a Tori Amos album until the following one is released. No reason, it just works out that way, and so far I've been happy with the results.

11. I never turn my back on a saguaro cactus.

12. I directed Sartre's No Exit as part of my senior thesis. Only two out of the four actors learned all their lines.

13. Speaking of college theatre, I played Crow in Sam Shepard's Tooth of Crime. This was the pinnacle of my acting "career." Can you find me in the photos?

14. I only need two more random facts after this one.

15. One of my friends in college went out with a guy who went on to marry Amy Carter. She went on to be a lesbian. My friend, not Amy Carter.

16. The coffee is ready.

*that's fear of monkeys, for those too lazy to skim the article

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