Sunday, February 17, 2008

Color me caved

It's that time of whenever again, folks, when I need to pretend the outside world doesn't so much exist. I'm in the homestretch of the Novel Possibly Known As Bad to the Bone, and then it's the rewrite of The Reawakened, and the the rewrite of TNPOKABTTB. All before March 31.

But never fear! This time I won't be leaving you entirely. I will give you an update each Tuesday on the latest Lucky Thirteen winner.

EVEN BETTER, I've got guest authors lined up, beginning Saturday with debut author Mark Henry, whose Happy Hour of the Damned comes out next week. Dude will make you laugh, guaranteed, and he'll be giving away a signed copy of his new 'zomedy' (that's zombie comedy, for you industry outsiders) to one lucky commenter.

Speaking of authors doing my work for me offering interesting things to read, urban fantasy/paranormal romance writer Yasmine Galenorn just put up the most phenomenal series of posts over on the Fangs Fur & Fey community, entitled "The Nuts & Bolts of Publishing."

I encourage every writer or friend/family member of a writer to read it for an informative reality check. (I think my loved ones suspect I'm a loser because my publishers haven't sent me on an all-expenses-paid book tour. Now they can see I'm oh-so-typical!)

Part 1: How a Manuscript Becomes a Book
Part 2: Advances & Royalties
Part 3: Sales & Promo

And now, for your viewing pleasure, an Australian cat sleeping with my book (click for larger version):

His name is Manny, and you can see him with other books that are actually out.

If you have a photo of your pet sleeping with (or eating, or vaguely staring at) one of my books, let me know, and I'll post it! Note: Children do not count as pets, and it's against my privacy instincts to post pics of people's kids.

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Yes, I like Ace of Base. Make something of it. I dare you.

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