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Interview with Nancy Haddock, author of LA VIDA VAMPIRE

Our Mostly Debut Author interview series continues, which means, yay, more book giveaways! Today's stellar guest is Nancy Haddock, author of the Oldest City Vampire series, which takes place in America's Oldest City, St. Augustine, Florida, and features a unique vampire heroine who works as a ghost tour guide--and in her spare time, loves to surf. I'm really excited about this one, because as you can imagine, I like a fun twist on vampires.

Romance Junkies called La Vida Vampire, the first in the series, "An exceptionally innovative vampire romance filled with tons of fun." Check out an excerpt, and read on to learn more about Nancy and her new series.

Q: What's been the most surprising/thrilling thing about being a debut author?

Grins! The surprises were many, and they were all thrilling! Receiving such wonderful reviews -- including the 4.5 Star Top Pick from Romantic Times, and being featured in the RT Clubhouse -- was huge. Being in the top 20 for romance trade on the BGI, B&N and Brookscan lists was enormous. Being being on the B&N romance trade bestseller list for 7 weeks was, well, I'm running out of superlatives. So many moments have been surreal, but delightfully so. Of course, seeing the book on the shelf in my hometown B&N for the first time was one of those surreal moments. So much so that, in the pictures my hubby took, I look shell shocked. I've also been blessed to have authors like the fabulous Jeri Smith-Ready invite me to blog with them. Now that's a high!

Your Oldest City Vampire series contains ghosts as well. How do these undead (sorry, Cesca, I mean "un-alive") beings all get along?

Cesca says "underdead" is fine for her, and that she gets along quite well with the ghosts thank you. Fay is chronically cranky, and some of the ghosts are pranksters, but they're harmless to residents and tourists. That is, unless Haddock decides to stir them up.

Tell us about the moment when the idea for a surfing vampire hit you.

Exploring Cesca's character was like getting to know a new friend. She let me know that she loved the beach, and used to take off in her dad's rowboat to romp on Anastasia Island. When she insisted that she day-walked, she reminded me that she'd want to put in beach time. And
that, hey, if she was at the beach in the daylight she should learn to surf! So, credit for the idea goes to Cesca. I had to mull before I agreed.

You've adapted LA VIDA VAMPIRE into a screenplay. What were some of the challenges in this process? Which plot points or characters elements got left out? Added? Changed?

In the screenplay, I had to find ways to show crucial points of internalization with different action and dialogue, and to focus down to the essentials of the story. For instance, instead of Gorman confronting Saber and Cesca in Wal-Mart, Gorman confronts them outside the Spanish
restaurant. I love the way the scene works! I also axed certain characters, but that was in the first few drafts. After consulting with my daughter and collaborator, I'm rewriting the screenplay to bring some characters back.

Of course, should the book - or screenplay - be optioned, the project well may be turned over to a screenwriter with an industry track record. I can live with that!

If you could inhabit the life of any of your characters, enter their world and deal with it as that person, which one would you choose?

Oooh, I’d be Millie! She has season tickets to the Jacksonville Jags games, has a new boyfriend in the sequel to La Vida Vampire, and is old enough to say what she wants and get away with it. I would, however, cut back on the amount of Shalimar she uses.

Conversely, which of your characters would you most like to bring to life in our world (maybe as a best friend or much, much more ;-) ?

I’d love to have Cesca for a best friend and surfing buddy. She’s my first pick. My second choice would be Triton. I could live with the shape-shifting!

Same two questions, but use examples from another author's work (including television/movies/theatre)?

I’d adore stepping into the lives of several women in Kelley Armstrong’s The Otherworld series! Paige, Jaime, Eve. I wouldn’t want to be Elena right now. She just had twins.

As for bringing another author’s character to life, I have so many favorite authors with so many great characters, I’d love to meet and befriend any of them. (The good guys and gals, that is!) Stephanie Plum would be a hoot to hang with!

Which author, living or dead, would you most love to collaborate with?

The real question is who would want to collaborate with me, but my answer is Anne Frank or Helen Keller.

What's the weirdest tidbit of research you've ever incorporated into a book?

Another toughie! What a safe deposit box key of the late 1920s looks like. There was nothing on-line, zip. I finally talked with a wonderful woman who works at a bank owned by people I grew up with in Oklahoma. She knew the answer!

What's your earliest memory?

I remember people bending over my crib and talking to me.

Name a literary cliche that makes you throw a book across the room.

Nothing makes me throw a book anywhere. I don’t have huge pet peeves about clichés, though I work at twisting the ones I use. What will make me put a book down is lack of logic in the story, poorly drawn or motivated characters. Big things. I may be a more patient reader than some.

Let's say there's a TV show, movie, or recording artist that has a cult of you. Which is it? (i.e., what do you like that no one else you know likes)?

F-Troop. The series ran on an “oldies” station, and I got obsessive about watching it.

If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?

I’d go to the Mission Nombre de Dios and feed the squirrels in the morning, then hang out in town for a while. Hit the St. Photios Shrine, and some out of the way places I don’t go into much. In the afternoon, I’d hang out at the beach. After a possible nap, I’d watch some favorite movie or TV show. Then I’d read as long as I wanted to, not worrying about what time I had to get up the next day.

If you could write in a totally different genre than your current one, which would you choose?

Ooooh, Regency romance. I adore Regencies and have for years!

What are you working on now, and what new releases can we expect to see from you down the road?

I’m finishing my revisions on the sequel to La Vida Vampire now, and release date is May 2009. I’ll probably start the next book in the series fairly soon after I turn in this sequel, simply because the idea and initial few scenes are starting to call me. I’m also revising a cozy mystery series, and working on another paranormal idea.

If you could tell a stranger just one thing about LA VIDA VAMPIRE (other than what it's about--no cheating by quoting synopses or back cover blurbs), what would it be?

That I had a total blast writing a light paranormal mystery romance set in St. Augustine!

* * *

Give Nancy a comment or a question, or tell us which hobby you'd like to see a fictional vampire pursue (besides surfing--man, I have got to read this book!), down there in the comments before 5 p.m. EDT on Friday, June 6. I'll draw a name and announce the winner Saturday morning.

If you don't have a Blogger account, just sign in as anonymous and leave your name at the bottom of your comment so I can call your name.

***I recommend against putting your e-mail in the comments, since that brings on spam. HOWEVER, if you don't leave a way for me to find you, you must stay subscribed to the comments or come back to the blog to see if you won.***

Good luck!

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Fun interview, Nancy! I'm going to have to wait too long for the sequel. :(

That's a good question about a hobby for a supernatural character. How about writing?

Posted by: Blogger Edie Ramer at 6/01/2008 11:37 PM

Hi Nancy,

Great interview and I am looking forward to reading your book. It sounds like lots of fun. I love the cover too.

Hi Jeri.

Posted by: Blogger Lori T at 6/02/2008 12:12 AM

Hi Edie!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Writing would be a great hobby. Dean James's vampire Simon Kirby-Jones is (I think) a romance author and part-time sleuth. Then again, I don't know how "vampire-ish" Simon is. I'm snagging Dean's books ASAP to find out.

So, if your supernatural character were a writer, too, what kind of writing would he or she do? Inquiring minds want to know!

Have a terrific week, Edie!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 12:16 AM

Hi Lori T!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your compliments on La Vida Vampire's cover. I can hardly wait to see how Berkley is going to match it - never mind top it. :)

I hope you'll enjoy Cesca and the gang when you read La Vida!

Have a super week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 12:18 AM

Hi Nancy,

I used to live in FL and St. Augustine was a favorite hangout. How wonderful to see it in a paranormal. The perfect place!

Hobby for a supernatural character: raising spiders for their webbing, which gets sold in the local craftshop as a very expensive knitting wool.

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 6/02/2008 12:27 AM

Anonymous wrote:

Hobby for a supernatural character: raising spiders for their webbing, which gets sold in the local craftshop as a very expensive knitting wool.

This is brilliant!!! Oh, please visit again and let us know who you are!

You know St. Augustine, too? Very cool! Let me know if you're ever this way to visit again!

Have a wonderful week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 1:04 AM

Great interview! I've heard really great things about this book, and I would sure love to win a copy! I visited St Augustine last September, and it sure seems like a great setting for a vampire novel!
I think genealogy would be an interesting hobby for a vampire to have. S/he could have an unfair advantage in remembering the very past s/he was researching. I'm an aspiring historian myself, and I often wondered what it would be like to know the history first and find the evidence for it after the fact. (We really don't work that way in real life!)

Posted by: Blogger Kimberly B. at 6/02/2008 1:37 AM

Great interview! I wonder how'd it be like if a vampire were to do crafts like sewing or scrapbooking? :P

Posted by: Blogger Bunny B at 6/02/2008 5:12 AM

Couple hobbies for a vamp.
One would be working in a plasma center.That's not a blood bank, but place they collect plasma for hospitals, by separating plasma from blood.
Another one: Studying the planets and stars--esp. the sun since they can no longer walk in it.

Posted by: Blogger Pamela K. Kinney at 6/02/2008 10:11 AM

Hi Nancy & Jeri,

Thanks for the interview, it was great reading!

A Vampire who rescues neglected/abused animals and anonymously funds the Center that cares for them with his/her centuries of riches. Sounds like a noble hobby to me. :)

Please put me in to win a copy of Nancy's book. I've been wanting to read it for awhile now.

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 6/02/2008 10:12 AM

Thanks for the interview. Can't wait to read La Vida Vampire.

Nancy - Was it hard to turn your story into a screenplay? Was it hard to eliminate characters for the sake of the screenplay story?

Thanks again!

Posted by: Blogger Katie at 6/02/2008 10:55 AM

Ooohhh, this book has been sitting on my TBR list for awhile, but now that I know it's in St. Augustine, I need to get my move on and get it.

I have a hobby for a vampire....role playing games. :) Video games, Dungeons & Dragons, that sort of thing. How geeky would that be. :P


Posted by: Blogger Jackie (Literary Escapism) at 6/02/2008 11:03 AM

Great interview! I love the cover, it makes me want it! I have a slew of new books to read and I wouldn't mind adding another to my list!

Hobby for a supernatural character -- well, I'll speak about one of my characters -- he flips houses (because they have to move so often because he doesn't age, but he also enjoys remodeling)

Posted by: Blogger Ruth Schaller at 6/02/2008 11:17 AM

Great interview! The book sounds fantastic and I'm definitely going to have to check it out.

Question: "What song(s) would you choose for the books soundtrack?"

And a vampire hobby: Hmm...I think it would be cool to see a vampire ice skate or something, since it's so delicate looking you know?


Posted by: Blogger Shooting Stars Mag at 6/02/2008 11:44 AM

Hi Kimberly!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your compliments on the interview and book!

I love your suggestion about a vamp geneologist! I'm with you in that it would be amazing to have lived through past events/ times and be able to talk about those from a personal perspective.

Ahem, of course, we all are living witnesses to history to some extent or another right now. :)

Have a happy week, and thank you again for commenting!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 1:23 PM

Hi Bunny B!

I love the crafts/ sewing / scrapbooking ideas! In La Vida Vampire, Cesca helps to sew her ghost tour costumes, and loves the Singer over hand stitching.

A vamp designer with her /his own clothing line would be fun, too!

Bunny, thank you for stopping by! I wish you a super week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 1:28 PM

Pamela, hi!

Oooh, working/ volunteering in a plasma center is a GOOD idea for a vamp job. And I love the astronomer hobbiest.

I'm loving the hobby and job ideas!

Pamela, thank you for coming by! I appreciate your support, and I wish you a lovely week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 1:34 PM

Hi Judi!

Another fantastic idea! A vamp who rescues animals, and funds a care center! Not only is it a noble hobby, it could be great fun to have the vamp foster animals. Have to hurry to talk them for their walks, etc. Scoop poop.

Yes, I tend to think of the comedy aspects first, but thank you for contributing this fun idea!

Thanks for stopping to visit, Judi, and for your compliments on the interview. Jeri's questions are wonderful!

Have a stellar week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 1:39 PM

Hi Nancy, I'm Candace from Elements, and I already have my copy of La Vida, and I've already read it, and I LOVED it. Can't wait for more Cesca. I'm not a big vamp fan, so love the "light" twist on vampire life . . . er, underdeadness??

I have a question--how different (if it is different) is the published book from the manuscript you submitted?


Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 6/02/2008 1:44 PM

Hi Katie!

It was difficult to let go of some characters, and I didn't do it right away.

I started by isolating my dialogue just to see what sense of the story it would give me. I write a lot of dialogue, and it alone put me far over screenplay length. In the next step, I asked myself what the core story was, and how to best tell it. That's when the other characters were axed. Again, tho, I'll be rewriting to see if I can bring characters back and tell the story a bit differently.

If nothing else, adapting the book is an education. I'd rather start screenplays from scratch. :)

Have a super week, and thank you for stopping by, Katie!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 1:46 PM

Hey Nancy,

May 2009 seems so far away, but I am glad to know when we can look forward to the next installment! I've been thinking about other hobbies and for some reason wine tasting came to mind . . . maybe the red liquid?! LOL!


Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 6/02/2008 1:51 PM

Hi Jackie!

LOL! I love the idea of a vampire video game/ role playing geek! What fun that could be!

Do you know St. Augustine, too? It tickles me that Kimberly and dear Anonymous have been here. Sometimes I think I should plan a "come back to St. Aug party" for all the people I hear from who've been here or lived here. We could all take Cesca's ghost tour. :))

Have a fabulous week, Jackie, and thank you for stopping by!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 1:52 PM

Hi Ruth!

I LOVE your supernatural character's hobby. Flipping houses is perfect - because of the moving, but it's also still hot.

And I'm betting your character is pretty darn hot in his tool belt.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate your compliments on the cover and the interview, and I wish you an awesome week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 4:32 PM

Hi Lauren!

Oh, I love the idea of a vampire ice skating! Quad axels? No sweat for a vamp. :)

What songs would I choose for La Vida Vampire's soundtrack? What a great question! Surfin' Safari. Wipeout. Surfer Girl. (She's Real Fine My) 409. Yeeks, that's all I can think of right now. (I don't write to music that I know the words to, or that has a beat. Otherwise I'm dancing and singing, not writing. :))

Lauren, thank you for stopping by to visit! Have a terrific week. Me? I'll be thinking about that soundtrack question!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 5:17 PM

Hi Candace! How great to have you stop by from the Elements chapter!

I'm thrilled that you enjoyed La Vida Vampire and Cesca thank you! I have so much fun with her, and I'm glad that translates to readers!

You asked how different the published book was from the manuscript I submitted. The answer is, not very different. Most of my editor's revisions were matters of clarity and/ or picking up dropped threads. For instance, she wanted me to explain more about how shape-shifters were different from werecreatures. I made more changes than my editor asked for during the revision process, but most of those were minor.

Like reading a sentence and not having a clue what it meant. Or what I meant to say. I deleted those in a heartbeat! :)

Candace, thank you again for visiting! Have an awesome week, and I'll see you on the loop!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 5:27 PM

Hi Nancy,

Great interview. I love the surfing vampire idea. Such an original take on vampires. I loved LVV. I thought it would be fun to have a vampire who loved to cook, especially as vampires can't usually eat normal food.

Posted by: Blogger Helen Scott Taylor at 6/02/2008 6:44 PM

Hi Jessica!

Awww, thanks for saying May of next year is a long time to wait. It is for me, too, but I hope the book will be worth it. Writing it held a lot of surprises for me.

Wine tasting as a hobby would be fun! Perhaps not for a vamp, tho I can see taste testing the other red stuff, too. A were or faerie or elf - the possibilities are endless, aren't they?

Thank you so much for visiting, Jessica! Hope you have one special week!!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 7:31 PM

Hi Helen!

It would be a riot to have a vamp chef -- or is that the guy on Hell's Kitchen? :)

Thanks so very much for your compliment on La Vida Vampire, and on the interview!

Everyone, Helen is this year's American Title contest winner! THE MAGIC KNOT will be out next year!

ALSO, if you're pubbed, please sign your comment with the name of your book! I like sharing the spotlight, and we love to increase our TBR piles, don't we?


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 7:36 PM


I'm halfway through reading "La Vida Vampire" and am loving it. It's such fun, and so different. I love Cesca. I've just been introduced to Deke Saber. What a name! What a guy! I can't wait to read the others in the series. I've been to St. Augustine and it's a terrific city.

Posted by: Blogger Cara Marsi at 6/02/2008 9:24 PM


I just commented, then read your comment that we authors should leave the names of our books. Thanks for asking. My book is "Logan's Redemption."
Carolyn Matkowsky/Cara Marsi
PS- I think a good hobby for vamp would be a chef. Someone else said this and I think it's a great idea.

Posted by: Blogger Cara Marsi at 6/02/2008 9:28 PM

Hi Carolyn/ Cara!

Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your compliments on La Vida, Cesca and Saber!

You've been to St. Aug, too? Way cool, and I think it's official. We have to have a St. Aug party!

You like the chef hobby -- or job -- too? Slick! One could have tons of fun with that. A caterer to the preternaturals, perhaps?

Have a marvelous week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/02/2008 9:45 PM

Hi Nancy. I'm glad I crawled out of my cave to read your interview. (I'm such a lurker.) Your book sounds like a fun read, and I love sequels (to books, not movies.) Congratulations that it's doing well. Tell me, did you have to do a lot of revising? Just the thought of having to do revisions intimidates me. Rosemary from Scriptscene.

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 6/02/2008 10:51 PM

Hi Rosemary!

Thank you so much for coming by to visit and comment!

Revisions. I didn't have nearly as many revisions from the editor as I thought I might. In fact, I made more changes than she suggested.

I like the revision process, the layering, reading aloud to hear the cadance of words. I do revise as I write each chapter. Sometimes each scene. Especially as I start a book, I need to have the right feel before I can continue.

I haven't taken it yet, but I believe April Kilstrom teaches a revision class - one that helps take the sting out of revising. I also highly recommend Margie Lawson's classes - but only if you can control your own internal editor. Mine can paralyze me if I'm not careful!

Again, thank you for stopping to chat, Rosemary! I appreciate your warm wishes on La Vida Vampire, and wish you a stellar week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/03/2008 12:03 AM

Loved the interview. Nancy your book is definitly going on my NeedToBuy List!
How about a supernatural character who loves reading paranormal romance. LOL. ;)


Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 6/03/2008 2:06 AM

Great interview. A few great hobbies that I can think of are sky diving, rock climbing, or snowboarding.

Posted by: Blogger CrystalGB at 6/03/2008 9:50 AM

I love your interviews! F-Troop. Wow, another fan. *G* We're definitely winding back the years there. Always great seeing you, and I'm thrilled with your success. My fingers crossed for your screen play. ^5

Diana Cosby

Posted by: Blogger Diana Cosby at 6/03/2008 10:14 AM

Lina, hi!

A supernatural character who loves reading paranormal romance? I love it! And can you hear the character talking about what the author got right and wrong? Now that would be fun!

Thank you so much for stopping by, Lina, and for your kind words on the interview. Have a fabulous week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/03/2008 10:41 AM

Hello, Crystal!

I love your hobby ideas, and can especially see werecreatures sky diving, rock climbing, or snowboarding. In fact, what if a were ran an extreme sports company? It wouldn't be a hobby, but it could be fun!

Thanks so much for taking your time to stop and visit, and for your compliments! Hope you have a marvelous week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/03/2008 10:44 AM

Diana! How sweet of you to drop by while you're still in the packing/ moving process!

Okay, now we're a cult of two for F-Troop. How cool to connect with you on yet another level! :) Thank you for your warm wishes on the screenplay, and all my best with your upcoming book, HIS WOMAN.


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/03/2008 10:47 AM

Hi Nancy,
What fun to see one of my favorite authors interviewed by another favorite author. Hmmm...makes me wonder: Does WMVP personalities ever do radio interviews? Would Cesca do one? Nah, too silly. But it was a fun thought. Anyway, Nancy, I'm so glad you're doing so well on so many lists.

Hi Jeri, I just popped in to say hi. No need to include me in the drawing, though, at least until your next books are out - both of ya!

Joyce Ann

Posted by: Blogger joysann at 6/03/2008 12:35 PM

Joyce Ann! What a treat for you to stop by!

You aksed: Does WMVP personalities ever do radio interviews? Would Cesca do one? Joyce, ya never know what Cesca will do. She's working on me to do a virtual ghost tour of St. Augustine, which I think would be a hoot. All she has to do is materialize ... or make me taller, thinner and talk me into wearing a brunette wig.

Okay, the last one could happen. :)

Thank you for your good wishes, and just for popping in to say hi! Hope you have a super fab week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/03/2008 2:58 PM

Well, Joyce Ann, Ciara is a HUGE fan of vampire novels, and one thing she plans to do is start a review/interview section on the website.

And since Ciara's been interviewed by Jackie Kessler's Jezebel and soon to be interviewed by Dante from Adrian Phoenix's A RUSH OF WINGS (as soon as she can figure out what to wear, 'cuz OMG he's so hot), it's possible another wormhole between fictional realities could open up, and Ciara could interview Cesca.

If Cesca's interested, that is. ;-)

--Jeri, who's hoping no one will notice she snuck her name into the drawing to win the book (kidding!)

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 6/03/2008 3:08 PM

Hey Nancy!

La Vida Vampire sounds completely great. I'm always up for a new vampire-ish book. Its definitely going on my list of books to read.

(Thanks for the contest Jeri!)


Posted by: Blogger Breanna at 6/03/2008 7:25 PM

Jeri, guess whose book I got tonight? Yep, WICKED GAME, among a few others. Let's just say I was very good to myself at B&N. I'll sweat the bill later. :)

I've barely started the book and LOVE it! I do believe my company will have to live with some dust bunnies, because this will be hard to put down for ANY reason. Certainly not to clean the house!

I'll let Cesca know about a potential gig - should realities blurr. :)


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/03/2008 9:41 PM

Hi Breanna!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your kind comment about La Vida Vampire!

Have a fantastic week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/03/2008 9:43 PM

You had me at "La Vida Vampire." What a great title. I have to read that book.

Tom Gallier

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 6/04/2008 7:10 AM

Thanks, Nancy, glad you're enjoying it! My philosophy is that no book should ever be put down for housework. :-)

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 6/04/2008 7:26 AM

No idea if the contest is still on, but don't enter me if it is.

To reiterate, I work in a bookstore and I was shelving in the Romance section today and just could NOT fit a book onto the shelf. I conveniently noticed La Vida Vampire on the shelf I needed to put my book on. I pulled it out, recognizing it from Jeri's interview here, and read the back cover. Then I put the book that needed shelving on the shelf and took LVV to the front to put on hold for me to purchase next week. :-D

Best way to get around shelving issues: buy more books.

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 6/04/2008 3:42 PM

Hi Tom!

Thank you for the compliment on the book title, and I hope you'll enjoy La Vida Vampire when you read it.

You're wonderful to stop by, and I wish you a fantastic day!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/04/2008 3:54 PM

LOL, Jeri! "No book should ever be put down for housework" sounds like a battle cry to me! :)


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/04/2008 3:55 PM

Jess, wow! Talk about synchronicity! Of all the books and all the shelves in the store, La Vida was on the shelf where you needed space? You could've selected another book to hold, and you are a sweetheart for picking La Vida. Hugs!

Love your philosophy of making room by buying more books. At home, though, it's buy more bookshelves to house more books. :)

Have a fabulous day, Jess, and thank you for making mine brighter!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/04/2008 4:02 PM

That was a great blog. You're zooming along the road to success. I didn't know there were movie rights. I was going to give you the regular wish for you know what but now I'll just say break a leg.
Nick G

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 6/04/2008 5:25 PM

Hey, Nick!

I believe I may not have stated something clearly. I own the dramatic rights, but the book has not yet been optioned. Interest shown, yes. Optioned, no.

I wrote the adaptatiion because I also write screenplays (unproduced as of yet). I wanted to try my hand at doing the adaptation.

Thanks for the break a leg wishes! Actually, I think it would be GREAT fun to be one of the Jag Queens. :) I wonder if anyone will let me handle a prop gun?

Have a terrific rest of the week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/04/2008 8:03 PM

I think we need more vamps that can embroider. They need all those curtains to block out the sun - shouldn't they look lovely?! (Obviously, I couldn't think of anything good.)

Posted by: Blogger Liviania at 6/04/2008 8:06 PM

Although I love your book, your characters, St Augustine's, but really, Nancy... I say go Red Sox!

Posted by: Blogger Neringa at 6/04/2008 8:46 PM

Hi, Liviania!

A vamp who embroiders - love it! And, hey, lots of the female vamps of a cartain age might well have had that skill!

In Cesca sequel, she has made blackout drapes with surfboards on the panels. Even though she's only a little allergic to the sun. :)

Thanks so much for visiting, and have a wonderful rest of the week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/04/2008 10:13 PM

Okay, Neringa, go Red Sox! :)

Jacksonville only has a farm team, the Suns, but I hear they play good ball. Of course, they feed to the Dodgers. :))

Thanks for stopping by, Neringa. Love you!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/04/2008 10:15 PM

Nancy, I see in an earlier comment that you write screenplays. Was it easier to adapt your novel to a screenplay or start from scratch on a new story? What is the biggest difference in screenplay writing & novel writing? Just curious.

Posted by: Blogger Rae Ann Parker at 6/05/2008 9:51 AM

Hi Rae Ann!

Although it was somewhat easier to know the characters so well when I wrote the adaptation, I honestly think it's easier for me to start from scratch. New story, new characters.

The biggest difference between writing a screenplay and a novel is that you must SHOW everything in action or dialogue. No handy introspection/ internal dialogue to convey nuances. Descriptions are brief and general. For instance, instead of saying your character wears Prada, you might describe your character as dressed in designer clothing.

Every line of dialogue in a novel should convey as much as possible, including undertones, but in a screenplay dialogue MUST work on multiple levels. Every word must work because, for a feature film, you have 120 pages, max. And that's with smaller margins. :)

I love both novel and screen wrting, and, due to contracts, I tend to focus on the novels now. I hope to get back to screenwriting soon because there are two stories I'm itching to do!

Thank you so much for stopping in to visit Rae Ann! Have a super rest of the week!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/05/2008 12:07 PM

LOL Nancy, don't thank me, thank Jeri for the interview. I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't read about it here on the blog! :)

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 6/05/2008 5:27 PM

Grins, Jess!

I do thank Jeri for inviting me to blog with her, and for being such a terrific interviewer and a lovely hostess!

Tomorrow is Friday - drawing day! Best of luck to you all, and I do sincerely thank you for visiting with me this week. We generated some fantastic hobby ideas for paranormal characters, and I've made connections I treasure.

Have a terrific summer!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/05/2008 10:48 PM

My favorite part of the interview was when she said "That I had a total blast writing a light paranormal mystery romance set in St. Augustine!" I love a writer that enjoys what they do!

Posted by: Blogger cpullum at 6/05/2008 10:58 PM

Hello Nancy! It is great to see you having interviews and contests everywhere!

I can't wait for the end book in May! I hope it comes out sooner but then again I always have to wait seeing as I am so far away!

Posted by: Blogger Unknown at 6/06/2008 3:44 AM

Hello, cpullum!

I hope you're having a FAB Friday! Thank you so much for stopping by to visit and comment!

You know, writing can be a chore, and it's certainly a job. But I do get a kick out of finding out what characters are going to do next. I have the attitude (and mental picture) of knocking on Cesca's door and asking if she's ready to come out an play. Sure, sometimes I come bearing a Starbucks caramel macchiato, but I have my own white chocolate mocha, so it's all good.

Playing through work or making work playful. I do have a blast, and I'm tickled that remonated for you.

Happy Weekend!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/06/2008 2:41 PM

Amber, how great to see you! How is your weather these days - has spring spung?

You had your copy of La Vida reasonably soon - no long after it was out. Unless I have my time way off, which could be the case. I know it's a long wait for the sequel, but I hope it'll be worth it. The characters had lots of surprises for me in this book. Glimpses into Cesca and Saber's pasts, glimpses into the future. We had fun playing! :)

Have a terrific weekend, Amber!


Posted by: Blogger Nancy at 6/06/2008 3:01 PM

Congrats to Diana Cosby, who just won a signed copy of LA VIDA VAMPIRE! Diana, please send your mailing address to me at jeri AT jerismithready DOT com, and I'll pass it on to Nancy.

Thanks to everyone who commented and gave such great ideas for vampire hobbies, and especially thanks to Nancy for being such a wonderful and generous guest!

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 6/08/2008 8:35 PM

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