Friday, February 27, 2009

Round 2 of Ciara & Dante interview - win an ARC of BAD TO THE BONE!

Ciara (from Wicked Game and the forthcoming Bad to the Bone) continues her interview of and by Dante from Adrian Phoenix's A Rush of Wings and In the Blood. You can read the interview on Dante's blog, then ask a question or make a comment AT THE INTERVIEW POST to enter to win an Advance Review Copy of Bad to the Bone (coming May 19, did I mention that?)

Read Round One to refresh your memory if you like.

I'm off to finish a novel now, and on Monday I hope to be able to tell you what it is I've been working on these last two months, the main reason I've been blogging so little (the ancillary reason is that my computer is so slow these days that it takes--I am not kidding--about an hour to do one blog post, not including the typing).

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Friday, February 20, 2009

BAD TO THE BONE cover and excerpt!

Finally! I have braved the agonizing slowness of my computer and cable internet connection to upload all the Bad to the Bone goodness you could possibly handle.

Actually, I'm holding off on the playlists until at least next week. Just to give you something to look forward to.

Also coming next week: the second installment of Dante and Ciara's mutual interview/drinking game. The prize for Round Two will be an Advance Review Copy of, you guessed it: Bad to the Bone.

Without further ado, here is the front cover and the words that go on the back. Click the cover to see a larger image.

Turn On. Tune In. Drop Dead.

If you’re just joining us, welcome to radio station WVMP, “The Lifeblood of Rock ’n’ Roll.” Con-artist-turned-station-owner Ciara Griffin manages an on-air staff of off-the-wall DJs—including her new boyfriend Shane McAllister—who really sink their teeth into the music of their ‘Life Time” (the era in which they became vampires). It’s Ciara’s job to keep the undead rocking, the ratings rolling, and the fan base alive—without missing a beat.

For Halloween, WVMP is throwing a bash sure to raise the dead. They’ve got cool tunes, hot costumes, killer cocktails—what could go wrong? Well, for starters, a religious firebrand ranting against the evils of the occult preempts the station’s midnight broadcast. Then, when Ciara tracks down the illegal transmission, the broadcast tower is guarded by what appears to be…a canine vampire? And behind it all is a group of self-righteous radicals who think vampires suck (and are willing to stake their lives on it).

Now Ciara must protect the station while struggling with her own murky relationship issues, her best friend’s unlikely romance with a fledgling vampire, and the nature of her mysterious anti-holy powers. To make it to New Year’s in one piece, she’ll need to learn a few new tricks…

You can pre-order online at Mysterious Galaxy,, or Barnes and Noble, or if you really want to help me out, you can walk into your local bookstore and ask them to pre-order it for you.

Last but not least, here's a Bad to the Bone excerpt for your reading pleasure. It's the entire first chapter, because while I might be lazy, I sure ain't stingy.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Everything I needed to know about love I (shouldn't have) learned from ALL MY CHILDREN

It's Valentine's Day here in Hallmarkistan, which means authors (especially those of us who write about The Love Thang) are being asked all sorts of broad questions about romance.

Book Spot Central invited me and several other science ficiton/fantasy authors to tell them which movies/TV shows/books had the most influence on me as a viewer/reader? At first I thought that meant, "Which were your favorite?" But I'm glad I didn't answer it that way*, because I would've given the same response as Paul Malmont (Groundhog Day) or Carrie Vaughn (The Princess Bride).

Instead, I answered the question literally and honestly. Read our responses (I'm fourth from the bottom, right above my favorite answer by my friend Dave Williams). And try to have a good Valentine's Day.

*even though in the final blog post it's written as "favorites" not "most influential." Maybe this is what Sarah Palin meant by "gotcha journalism". ;-)

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A 100% Jeri-centric NY Comic Con report

If you enjoy single-POV, tunnel-vision accounts of major media conventions, read on!


Had brunch with my agent (the indomitable Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown, Ltd.) and my brand-new editor (the ultra-sweet Annette Pollert of Pulse, which is Simon & Schuster's young adult imprint) at Trestle on Tenth, a cute little cafe where they made perfect over-medium eggs (something I can only accomplish about 40% of the time at home). Admired the gorgeous view of the Lukoil, the car wash, and the bank of pay phones (still only 25 cents in NYC--a bargain!).

Picked up my badge at Comic Con. Under my name it said, "Professional Creator," which I'm pretty sure is the title on the door of God's office.

Hung out with Annette at Comic Con and had a great time. We wandered about, looking at all the stuff, none of which I remember, for a reason that will become apparent below.

Finally found the S&S booth, met a few more Pulse people, including publisher Bethany Buck and editor Liesa Abrams. Marveled at how incredibly cool their covers are. Got goose bumps all over again at the thought of being published by them.

Shuffled over to Pocket's table, where I saw the cover for Bad to the Bone on a big piece of posterboard at the top of the display. Badass! I was told people had been asking about it all weekend.

Gave a brief interview to the lovely Clare Toohey at Book Spot Central.

Signed giveaway Advance Review Copies of Bad to the Bone. There was a line! Of people who had actually heard of me! I tell you, there is no finer feeling in the world than having one's book raved about while one's editor is standing right there. (In this case it was my brilliant Pocket editor Jennifer Heddle.)


Sweated. A lot. Because it's New York.

Got Javits Feet, a condition common to those attending NYC conventions, especially people like me who wear high-heeled boots so they'll feel tall and confident in the face of an intimidating situation. I recommend finding a safer source of confidence, such as liquor.


Go to panels.

See other authors or artists. I definitely did not see Joss Whedon (though I did see a corner of Amber Benson's head from a distance--not that her head is square).

Sleep the night before. I don't know why. Maybe it was just knowing that I had to get up at 4:30 am to leave at 5:45 to make a 6:45 train. Maybe it was the fact that Flogging Molly's "Rebels of the Sacred Heart" was playing at top volume in my head. Maybe I forgot to take my melatonin (I need one of those pill organizers, since I'm losing my mind). Regardless, I got a half-hour's sleep (3:30-4), after which I woke up feeling hot and sick.

So all day it seemed like I had a hangover, a sensation only slightly mitigated by the excellent coffee and food from Trestle on Tenth, but wholly mitigated by the wonderful people I was lucky enough to spend time with. It was definitely worth the trip!

If for some crazy reason you want an outside-the-Jeri bubble account of New York Comic Con, try today's Biting Edge, where guest blogger Krystn talks about all the free stuff she got. Books, comics, swag, etc.

Me, I got a God badge and a Twilight pen. And the priceless intangible of hanging-out-with-editors.

But seriously, New York Comic Con is great, definitely not just for comic fans. I highly recommend it, and next time, I might even go for more than a few hours! If you go, too, I hope to see more than a corner of your head.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

First BAD TO THE BONE signing this Sunday

Just wanted to pop in to let you know that I'll be at New York Comic Con this Sunday, February 8, signing Advanced Review Copies of Bad to the Bone (sequel to Wicked Game) at 3:30pm at the Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster booth. Yay!

Technically my signing lasts until 4:30, but last year the books lasted about half that time, so come as close to 3:30 as possible to be sure to grab your copy. It doesn't come out until May 19!

Oh, and if you want to see the cover for the new book, Ciara seems to have a monopoly on the thing, on her Twitter profile. I'll be putting it up here soon. Swear. I'm a little behind on some of my promo tasks this year, due to all the, well, writing. Crazy priorities, I know!

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