Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flycon 2009

This weekend I'm attending a science fiction/fantasy convention at my house, and you're all invited! But bring your own punch and pie, because I'm not buying any extra food. Oh, and a tent, because I'm also not opening my door.


You could just attend online, like the rest of us. Flycon 2009 is an international, round-the-clock sf/f convention, complete with panels, a dealers' room, and even a costuming track!

How is this possible, you ask? Go to Flycon's LiveJournal community page, where by tomorrow morning there'll be links to each of the panels, author chats, and other activities.

Attendance at panels is open to everyone (well, everyone with a computer and internet connection, which, if you're reading this, includes you).

Here's the full Flycon schedule (note various time zones listed on the left).

Here's my schedule (all times are US Eastern):

Friday noon: When is Young Adult not really for Young Adults? Panel: sex and violence are standards now, what makes a young adult novel for kids? And what makes one really for adults? With Jana Oliver, Tessa Gratton, and David Macinnis Gill. **And special guest: my phenom agent Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown, Ltd., an expert in YA publishing**

Friday 3pm: Author chat. Just me. And you know, I'll probably give away a prize, because I like to bribe people into pretending to be my friends.

Friday 11pm: Banter: How much fun do you get out of it? Panel: who writes the best banter; favourite bits; when is the wiseass narrator a draw, or a drawback? With Harry J Connolly, JC Runolfson, and Lisa Mantchev.

Saturday 8am: Editing. Writers on editing, editors on editing, writers on editors editing, and editors on writers editing. With Sharyn Lilley, Deva Fagan, and Sue Lange.

Saturday 10am: Recommend Me Something Good: Do recommendations work? Panel: the role of social media in driving recommendations & buying in relevant genres; roles of book reviewers online, pro and amateur. Do recommendations work? How directly do authors like their readers to talk back? With Sue Lange and Tamara Mazzei.

Saturday 11am: Writing: Alpha and Beta Reading Process #1 The usefulness of writing partners, writing groups, and self-editing. With Megan Crewe, Chris Dolley, and Moondancer Drake.

Sunday 7am: I WOULD NEVER HAVE SAID THAT AND YOU KNOW IT. Writers breaking the fourth wall to interview characters: Some writers find interviewing characters and having characters ‘talk’ in posts fun, helpful, and others find it awful. Some readers love it when writers do it on blogs, others look away and pretend it never happened. Discuss character building and breaking the fourth wall. With Stephanie Gildart.

Sunday 11am: Families in fantasy. Many heroes are unmarried orphans without siblings or children. Why this is so common and what do writers do when they do give their heroes families? With Julia Rios and Devon Monk.

Sunday 11pm: Writing: Alpha and Beta Reading Process #2. With JC Runolfson, Moondancer Drake, and Pati Nagle. (note: this is basically the same panel repeated at two different times, not a part one and part two continuation.)

Hope to "see" you there! Bring punch and pie.

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