Friday, July 10, 2009

WVMP #3 has a name

At ALA now (actually, I'm writing this before I leave, but let's pretend). When I return home more than a week from now, I have ten days to finish the third WVMP book, which is now officially titled....


after the song by The Police.

I am very jazzed that they let me keep my original choice for the title, as it fits the storyline even better than the titles of my other books.

Bring on the Night still has no official release date. I only know for sure that it will be 2010 and definitely not May, because that's when my teen fiction debut, Shade, will be released. Since publishers like to space an author's books at least a couple of months apart, I expect BotN to come out somewhere between July and September of next year.

I know, it's cruel to make readers wait more than a year between installments, but the good news is, your patience will be rewarded, because Book 4 (tentatively titled Lust for Life) will be released in Spring 2011 (I'm guessing February or March), thus giving you two WVMP books in about six months. Happy times!

This ramped-up publishing schedule means my writing schedule has also gotten busier, but I promise I won't forget my loyal blog readers (both of you). I have a fun event planned for this September to celebrate my five-year blog-iversary.

Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!

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Very cool names. Definitely looking forward to them - and whatever you've got planned for the blog-iversary! :D

Enjoy your time at ALA!

Posted by: Blogger Corinne at 7/10/2009 9:52 AM

Ok, I'm squeeing. I'm such a Jeri-junkie. I'm even going to read YA, just because you wrote it. Yes, writers have friends. Friends buy friends' stuff right?


And total grats on the retention of the original title. Hugs and wasabi peas to you. =)

Posted by: Blogger Carrie Clevenger at 7/10/2009 9:56 AM

You know I will wait patiently for any offering.... LOL OK maybe not patiently.... hoping the HV is on the arc list so I don't have to wait and I can start pimping the book early.... Oh and Happy Bday!!!!

Posted by: Blogger HockeyVampiress at 7/10/2009 10:05 AM

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Posted by: Blogger Mimimph at 7/10/2009 10:07 AM

Jeri, you can't imagine how excited I am about your choice of title...the content of your book must be fabulous! If Shadows is squeeing, then I'm double squeeing!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!1

Posted by: Blogger Mimimph at 7/10/2009 10:11 AM

This is great news! I'm looking forward to these future releases. I'm at ALA now myself...sad that I might miss your appearances due to my professional obligations. I'll try to make the signing and buy something, though! :-)

Posted by: Blogger Ken at 7/10/2009 11:29 AM

Love the title! And glad you got to keep your original choice this time. Looking forward to the release, even though it's sooooooo far away. *L*

Posted by: Blogger Alexia561 at 7/10/2009 1:52 PM

Love the name of 3rd book--and the fact that it is the title of one of the songs by the "Police" makes it even more special to me, your, mMOM, as they are one of my faves--Looking forward to seeing Tatoo, haope to chat tomorrow via cell, Love, MOM

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 7/10/2009 6:26 PM


Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 7/11/2009 10:46 AM

Lust For Life after Iggy Pop's song? Great titles, this is so exciting.

And it is cruel of publishers to make us wait.

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 7/12/2009 10:07 PM

Love the title.....

I don't like having to wait but we do end up getting 3 of your books in a short span of time so that's a plus!

Posted by: Blogger Karen at 7/15/2009 12:53 PM

Cory: Thanks! I can't wait to see what people think. I can't wait to see what *I* think. I can't wait to finish this draft. Sigh...

Shadows: I hope I can drag you into the wonderful world of YA lit. Some of the best books being written right now are YA. No joke. You will convert! :-)

HockeyVampiress: Thank you! I don't know how many ARCs they'll be providing for BotN, but if there are enough for the Street Team, believe me, you'll get one.

Minimph: I'm excited, too--just because it was a perfect title for the book didn't mean they would let me keep it. They want titles that are effective for people who *haven't* read the book, which makes sense.

Ken: It was great to see you and Kelly at the signing! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Alexia561: I know, it seems like a long way off, and yet the deadline is so near, lol!

Mom: Hi! Does my sister know you called me your sweetest daughter? ;-)

Nozomi: Yes, Iggy Pop! I have high hopes they'll let me keep that title. And frankly I'm a little relieved at the delay, because it gives me time to write 3 books in a year (well, two and a half, since I already had the first draft of BotN).

Karen: It'll be a very exciting time! I'm glad the WVMP books will be coming out a little closer together. Books 3 & 4 take place right after each other and are tightly connected, so it works well.

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 7/26/2009 8:52 AM

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