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Blogtoberfest Day 14 - Melissa Walker

We have two winners to announce today: a signed copy of Kelly Parra's Invisible Touch goes to...Lori T! Lori, I don't have your e-mail, so please send your mailing address to jeri AT jerismithready DOT com.

And the winner of Lauren Baratz-Logsted's Crazy Beautiful is...alanajoli!

We're heading into our third full week of the Blogtoberfest, but since you can enter each giveaway for a week after it's posted, only one-third of the prizes have been awarded so far. Then of course, there's the grand prize, which everyone is automatically entered to win by commenting on any post. It staggers the mind, doesn't it?

Today's Blogtoberguest is Melissa Walker, author of the popular Violet series and her most recent novel, Lovestruck Summer. Melissa has is also an accomplished journalist and has even been an editor at ROSIE, ELLEgirl, and Seventeen magazines.

(*Jeri has fit of biography envy*)

Lovestruck Summer sounds like my kind of book. Though I write paranormal (sometimes angsty, sometimes not), the books that really suck me in as a reader are the romantic comedies. This one features an indie rock girl (yay!) spending a summer music internship in Austin (double yay!) and falling for the unlikely guy. One lucky commenter to this post will win a copy of Lovestruck Summer signed by Melissa, who will now share her memories--photographic and otherwise--of Halloween costumes past.

* * * *

My two favorite Halloween costumes have been created in day-of situations. Both of them involved my local Salvation Army and bright red lipstick. That's really all you need if you wake up on October 31st and find yourself without an outfit for the evening's adventures.

Costume 1: Waitress
This gingham outfit reminded me of an old-time diner, so I added some blue plastic cat's eye glasses (completely with glitter) and put a pad and pen in my hand. Instant sassy waitress!

Costume 2: Overwraught Prom Queen
With this huge yellow prom dress, I knew I could invent a back story. I teased my hair into a mess and smeared mascara all over my face like I'd been crying all night. Instant prom-queen-with-a-problem. (The tiara I already had, naturally.) Okay, so more than one person asked me if I was Courtney Love, but I thought that was kinda cool.

This year, I'm not sure what I'll be, but I know I'll make it work. Anyone want to share a favorite costume? I'm all ears!

PS: The lipstick? It's Star Red by YSL. Awesome.

* * * *

To enter to win a signed copy of Lovestruck Summer, leave a comment below. And remember, each comment automatically enters you in the drawing for the grand prize package: all 25 books!

For complete rules, read the introductory post.

Deadline for entry: Monday, October 26, 11:59pm Eastern. NOTE: THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED TO ENTRIES. The winner is Marie Carlson!

Amanda Ashby and Zombie Queen of Newbury High
Shana Norris and Troy High
Linda Joy Singleton and Dead Girl in Love
Linda Gerber and Death by Denim
Alexandra Diaz and an ARC of Of All the Stupid Things

Thanks again to Melissa for the Salvation Army/YSL lipstick tip--as a last-minute costumer, I could definitely use it!

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This is also my favorite type of story....funny/romantic. I try to read one after I finish a more serious type story or series. I call it my "palate cleanser" book & this looks like a great one.


Posted by: Blogger Karen at 10/19/2009 10:49 AM

Have to agree with Karen it looks great and I do love a funny yet romantic kind of book.. add music instant success!!

Great costumes by the way! I have no doubt you'll come up with something great on the morning of Oct 31st this year as well ;)

thanks for sharing!

Debbie In NY

Posted by: Blogger WriterWannaB_NY at 10/19/2009 11:49 AM

Very nice costumes...what are you planning on being this year?


Posted by: Blogger cait045 at 10/19/2009 12:07 PM

Lovestruck Summer sounds amazing and I have just added it to my must be bought list!! I love romantic comedies, too.

I love your costumes and it is great that you are able to throw them together so quickly. The prom queen was great and you have very pretty eyes...the mascara definitely brings them out.

Oh, I am very excited that I won Invisible Touch...thank you!! I have sent you an email.

Posted by: Blogger Lori T at 10/19/2009 1:00 PM

Haha, that prom queen costume is so unique! Very cool. Can't wait to see your costume for this year!

Posted by: Blogger pepsivanilla at 10/19/2009 1:39 PM

I love Karen's palate cleanser description. Neat.

And I love the costumes.

Posted by: Blogger Sheila Deeth at 10/19/2009 2:50 PM

My favorite costume is still Death from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series -- few costumes balance that "comfortable to wear while walking to a Halloween party and yet layered enough to be cool inside a crowded room" line, and Death's goth wardrobe in the comic series had enough layers that I could use chunks of my own clothing put together to make it work.

Funnily enough, when I watched the movie Serenity for the first time, I realized I had all of the components of one of Kaylee's outfits, I'd just never worn them together. Insta-fan-costume!

Posted by: Blogger alanajoli at 10/19/2009 3:20 PM

That is such a unique idea for a costume!

Posted by: Blogger Erica at 10/19/2009 4:43 PM

My favorite done-on-short-notice costume was several years ago... My roommate was always buying cool fabric, funky yarn, etc, and starting to make a sweater or a skirt or curtains or something, and then starting a new project before the old ones were finished.

So that year, all I had to do was pin bits of fabric, patterns, etc to my clothes, and voila! I was one of my roommate's unfinished sewing projects... :-)


Posted by: Blogger Cara King at 10/19/2009 7:32 PM

lol, it definitely does remind me of Courtney Love in the first photo.

I've been wanting to be a dark, somewhat scary version of Lil' Red Riding Hood, like she's the one people need to be worried about and not for.


Posted by: Blogger Asylumgirl at 10/19/2009 10:53 PM

I love these costumes -- they look great!

bcanyon at hotmail dot com

Posted by: Blogger Rylie at 10/20/2009 1:07 PM

Wow, you're so pretty! And very creative with the costume inventing last minute. I'm impressed! I'm sure you will come up with a costume just as amazing this year! :)

Posted by: Blogger Unknown at 10/20/2009 5:02 PM

Those are awesome costumes... gotta love it! I'm inspired to try something original for myself now, too! (Too bad I won't be around anyone else in costume this Halloween!)

Posted by: Blogger Ken at 10/22/2009 12:42 PM

Hi Melissa!

I love your last minute costumes. Since I dont have a costume as of yet, I might do a last minute thing.


Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 10/23/2009 7:16 PM

I love looking at people's costumes, it's always so fun, lol

Posted by: Blogger YA Book Queen at 10/24/2009 4:30 PM

Please count me in.

cindyc725 at gmail dot com

Posted by: Blogger I ♥ Book Gossip at 10/24/2009 5:13 PM

I've been dying to read this book! And I love Melissa...she is so nice!

ebcella AT comcast DOT net

Posted by: Blogger Bookworm at 10/24/2009 8:25 PM

Interesting costumes. I've never dressed up for Halloween (in my life). The waitress and overwrought prom queen almost make me want to.

Posted by: Blogger Miss Marjie at 10/26/2009 4:02 PM

It sounds like a fantastic book! I've added it to my to read list.


Posted by: Anonymous Marie Carlson at 10/26/2009 4:12 PM

I LOVE the waitress costume! I literally put together an outfit in about two minutes when I had a friend come kidnap me on Halloween night. I threw on a trench coat and slicked back my hair, Matrix style. Erm, not as flattering as your choices! You look so pretty in both costumes!

Lovestruck Summer has been on my WAAAANT list for a while, so it's great to see a contest! *crosses fingers*


Posted by: Blogger Chelsea at 10/26/2009 4:15 PM

Ahhh my favorite type of book. Funny and romantic...kind of reminds me of high school. Love it!

Awesome costumes! Very creative.
Can't wait to see what you come up with for this Halloween. I bet it will be awesome no doubt!

Posted by: Blogger Tiffany Cunha at 10/26/2009 5:11 PM

Wait, wait -- Melissa's book is SIGNED?!! I have to have it! She's my favorite author, and I don't even have her autograph yet!

(That's what I get for living nowhere near New York.)

It sounds too good to be true!

Posted by: Blogger Katie at 10/26/2009 7:19 PM

The winner of a signed copy of LOVESTRUCK SUMMER is Marie Carlson! Yay!

Thanks to everyone who commented!

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 10/27/2009 12:02 AM


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