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Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit Tour - Carrie Jones

Whoa, I'm getting the wildest sense of deja vu, because today's guest on the Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit is Carrie Jones, who just a few months ago graced this blog during the Blogtoberfest.

But today she is no longer Carrie Jones, she is New York Times-bestselling author Carrie Jones! Woo-hoo! *throws confetti, performs bizarre mishmash of Kermit and Snoopy dances*

Her new book, Captivate, is on the hardcover bestseller list, while the paperback version of its predecessor, Need, is on the paperback list. (Did I say, "Woo-hoo!" yet? *scrolls up* Yep, I did.)

Before I post my li'l interview with Carrie, here are some things you might not know about her (but you really should, because there'll be a quiz later, maybe not here, but somewhere):


In this NYT-Bestselling sequel to NEED, Zara and her friends knew they hadn't solved the pixie problem for good. Far from it. The king's needs grow deeper every day he's stuck in captivity, while his control over his people gets weaker. It's made him vulnerable. And now there's a new king in town.

A turf war is imminent, since the new pixie king, Astley, is moving in quickly. Nick nearly killed him in the woods on day one, but Zara came to his rescue. Astley swears that he and Zara are destined to be together, that he's one of the good guys. Nick isn't buying it, though Zara isn't as sure -- despite herself, she wants to trust the new king. But it's a lot more than her relationship with Nick that is at stake. It's her life -- and his.

What People are Saying About NEED and CAPTIVATE:

“If you asked Stephen King and Stephanie Myers to co-author a book, they would come up with NEED.” – Justine Magazine

"An exciting venture filled with nasty evil creatures,
nail-biting action and heart-pounding romance." 

“Romance, suspense, and a very clever heroine 
make this a must-read!” —Toledo Blade

"Genre fans will enjoy the sizzle between Nick and Zara 
as well as the paranormal cast." —PW

“This book is for fans of Holly Black and Melissa Marr… fairy lovers crowd in! It’s got some really good reviews coming in already. We’re talking a love story people, with fairies - please, who would not buy this? So look out!”— Annette’s Book Blog

"Jones masterfully blends paranormal fantasy, suspense, and romance to craft a new supernatural tale that is certain to appeal 
to fans of dark urban fantasy like Marr's Wicked Lovely and paranormal romances like Meyer's Twilight books. A likeable cast 
of engaging and interesting characters combine with a plot that grabs readers and refuses to let go." —VOYA

"A fast-paced novel worthy of the fantasy greats, 
Need will take you for a ride." —VOYA, teen reviewer

About Carrie Jones:

1. Carrie can not drink coffee. It makes her insane. Do not give her caffeine.

2. Carrie is very responsive to loving strokes on the hair, kind of like a puppy. However, do not do this without asking first unless you are a ridiculously handsome man or an editor who is about to offer her a trillion dollars for the first draft of her novel.

3. Carrie is secretly really, really shy even though she’s pathetically outgoing in person. She has a very hard time calling people. So, if you want to talk to her, make the first move. And, if you’re her in-Maine female best friend, Jennifer, do NOT get mad at her because she is so bad at returning emails.

4. Carrie sometimes wears mismatched socks, if you do not think this is cool, do not tell her. You will hurt her feelings.

5. Carrie really, really wants you to like her books. Please like her books. PLEEEAASSSEEEE. She’ll be your best friend forever. That is, if you want a friend who is shy about calling and emailing and who wears mismatched socks and can’t drink caffeine and likes being pet on the head. Hhmmm….

6. Carrie is not above begging.

7. Carrie, like Belle in TIPS ON HAVING A GAY (ex) BOYFRIEND drinks Postum. It’s for the same reason, too.

8. Carrie loves Great Pyrenees dogs. They are huge and white, and furry and it looks like they have white eyeliner and mascara on, which is way too cute. Do you have one? Send a picture!

9. Carrie lives in Maine. She has a hard time with this in the winter. It is bleak in Maine in the winter. Imagine everything shades of gray and brown and no green anywhere except for in people’s noses. This is Maine in Winter. Maine in summer is the best place in the world, so it’s a trade-off. Feel free to invite Carrie to your house in the winter, but not if it’s in Greenland, Canada, or anywhere north of Florida.
Forget that. She’d still probably come.

Carrie's website (This is where sneak peaks and contests are. You can win a computer. Seriously!)
Carrie on Facebook
Need on Facebook

Now, Carrie takes time from her glamorous new life to answer a few silly questions from Someone Who Knew Her When (me, and the "when" started maybe eighteen months ago--I'm not saying we go way back or anything):

1. If you could inhabit the life of any of your characters, enter their world and deal with it as that person, which one would you choose?


2. On the flip side, which of your characters would you most like to bring to life in our world (as a friend or a little bit more ;-) ?

Oh gosh, as a little bit more definitely Nick because he is just sigh-worthy. I know I created him and that feels a little pervy, but he really is.

As a friend I’d really like either Zara or Issie. They are both awesome friends.

3. Let's say there's a TV show, movie, or recording artist that has a cult of you. Which is it? (i.e., what do you like that no one else you know likes)?

Jeri, there are soooo many. I really still like LOST and FRINGE. I am totally in love with this ancient music group called THE WATERBOYS. Sigh. I am such a fan girl.

4. What's your earliest memory?

When I was born the doctors thought I was blind but when I was six months old they realized I could see. I just sort of saw four of everything and in a very blurry way. So, I had an operation when I was one. I have this really distinct memory of suddenly smelling home again and crawling around but not being able to see anything at all, and going behind the couch and touching it. I can still feel the fabric against my palm. I know this can’t possibly be a real memory, but my mom says it did happen.

5. Do you have any phobias?

I am really REALLY afraid of downhill skiing, which is ridiculous I know.


It's not ridiculous! People get killed and maimed on the ski slopes on a regular basis. Of course, my husband is going skiing with my brother and nephew next weekend while our house is invaded by writers, but I'm not worried about them. Not at all.

Anyway, yay Carrie! I mean it sincerely when I say that success could not happen to a nicer, more deserving person. Not that I would ever say that insincerely about anyone. Why waste compliments on the non-nice?

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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Awesome guest post!

No need to worry Carrie because I LOVED your books! I have to write my review of Captivate but just know that it will be all kinds of gushing. :)

I'm assuming there's a book 3 and I can't wait to read it!

Posted by: Blogger Jess (The Cozy Reader) at 1/22/2010 10:34 AM

Oh, yay! Jessica! You are so awesome. I am so very glad you love them. That is just the best news! Thank you so much for telling me.

And thank you so much for touring me, Jeri. You are made of awesome sauce.


Posted by: Blogger carriejonesbooks at 1/22/2010 10:46 AM

Hi :)
Thank you for the fun points about Carrie & the interview with Carrie. Thanks to Carrie for taking the time to share here. It was fun & informative - my favorite combination!
All the best,

Posted by: Blogger Unknown at 1/22/2010 12:29 PM

This was a charming, hilarious post and it made me want to pick up books by both of you.

Posted by: Anonymous Carla Lee at 1/22/2010 1:10 PM

Great interview--so much fun! I will absolutely have to get both of these (feeling like a slacker for not having done so already). They sound great!

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 1/22/2010 1:11 PM

Jessica, thanks for stopping by! Not to step on Carrie's toes, but yes, there will be a third book. Yay!

Carrie: Well, thank you for letting me into the Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit. It's such a wonderful group of authors!

RK: Thanks for reading, and thanks for spreading the word on Twitter. You rock!

Carla Lee: Aw, thanks. I hope you enjoy all our books!

Shannon: Yes, you MUST read these books. Zara is such a wonderful heroine--I would love to have her for my real-life friend.

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 1/22/2010 1:30 PM

No need for begging, Carrie, because I'm already a fangirl! :) I *loved* NEED, and I have CAPTIVATE reserved at the library and can't wait for it to come in!

I'm right there with you with "Fringe" and "Lost" too. (Add "Supernatural," and you have my three favorite shows.)

Posted by: Blogger Karen W. at 1/23/2010 8:25 PM

The first 3 describe me too...I get totally wired when I drink coffee, then just crash & burn! My hubby had a great pyrenees growing up and we live in warm, sunny we should *totally* be friends! HA :-)
I just put your books on order at Amazon. I've seen them but this interview sold me on reading them.


Posted by: Blogger Karen at 1/25/2010 11:07 AM

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