Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Guest blogs, giveaways, and goodies!

Just so you know, it took me several minutes to figure out what the third 'g' word in the title would be up there. I love alliteration, but the brain today is not so much, um, working.

But I'm finally home--yay! I'm enjoying a day "off" in my sweats, catching up on e-mail and this weekend's guest blogs/interviews.

Speaking of which, the internetz are being carpet-bombed with Shade-related fun! Which might be the first time "carpet bomb" and "fun" have appeared in the same sentence.

On Sunday, I guest-blogged at Amberkatze's Book Blog about the Shade soundtrack, which can be found on the Shade music page and downloaded in its entirety from iTunes. I'm really proud of this one, because I tried to create a musical landscape of the entire book, not just the parts that had music in them. Ideally, the songs should take you through the emotional ups and downs of the novel, like a road leading through the story.

Amberkatze is giving away an unsigned copy of Shade. Deadline: Sunday, May 9. International entries welcome!

On Monday, I did a Big Idea post at John Scalzi's Whatever blog. I discussed some of the ideas behind the book, including the whys and hows of the red and violet. Since most of that deep thought stuff doesn't make it into the book (because that would be boring), this post was a chance to outline the book's thematic background and give a little insight into how I rose to the challenge of all that world-building.

Yesterday, I blogged at the class of 2k10 on the place my main character calls home: Baltimore. In "City of Ghosts," I tell why I love that town and why it's the perfect setting for an urban fantasy. My Nana makes a brief appearance, too.

Fantastic Book Review is giving away 5 unsigned copies of Shade, courtesy of my generous publisher, Simon Pulse. The contest links to a really fun interview and a stellar review. Deadline: May 13. U.S. residents only.

The third of three behind-the-scenes-of-Shade posts is now up at at Check out the "Story Behind the Story" to see what inspired me to write Shade.

Fabulous YA author Elizabeth Scott is holding a contest to win a signed copy of Shade. All you have to do is tell her your favorite salad dressing. Mine's honey mustard, but she seems to attract a ranch-y crowd there at the blog. Deadline: May 7. U.S. Residents only.

Fellow Class of 2k10 member Leah Cypess interviewed me for the Enchanted Inkpot blog. It's a really good blog community made up of those who write YA and middle grade traditional fantasy (as opposed to us grungy urban fantasy types). The variety of posts is really fun, so if you like fantasy, you should follow it. I do.

This Saturday at 11am Eastern, I'll be chatting live on Blog Talk Radio's "A Book and a Chat" program, with the delightful Barry Eva. You can tune in live and ask questions, or you can listen to it later.

Speaking of live, I'll be doing a live chat at, the official fan site for Becca Fitzpatrick's novel Hush Hush. The chat will be on Monday, May 17, 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific. Shade is one of two featured books on, along with Holly Black's White Cat, which I can't wait to read. It has con artists. 'Nuff said. More details to come, including a Shade giveaway!

I saved the best for last: For What It's Worth blog is giving away ALL of my adult books this week in its "Fawesome contest" (the name comes from a term I coined after misreading one of my editor's comments in the margin of my manuscript). Deadline: May 9. International entries welcome!

Whew...that's just a portion of the contests out there. Probably best just to Google "Jeri Smith-Ready Shade giveaway." I mean, even though you've already gone out and BOUGHT YOUR COPY (right?), you can always use an extra one for a friend, family member, coworker, or random person you meet on the sidewalk.

Now...the goodies! Did you think I forgot? Check out the Shade downloads page for widgets (like the one below, animated avatars (like the one at the top of this post), regular avatars for Twitter, LiveJournal, etc., and downloadable wallpapers for your computer. Soon there'll be Keeley Brothers swag so you can show your love for our favorite fake band!

Hope to see some of you this Saturday at the Borders in Winchester, Virginia, 2-4pm. Reading at 3. Buy Mom a Mother's Day gift while you're there.

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I'm in my sweats, too. It's my favorite dress code. :)

Posted by: Blogger Susan Hatler at 5/09/2010 4:23 PM

Me, too! I've found that I can't relax and write at home if I'm even wearing jeans--that's dress-up, going-out clothes. ;-)

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 5/11/2010 9:33 PM

Who would be excited with having giveaways and some goodies?!

Posted by: Anonymous business promotional items at 1/27/2011 3:17 AM

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