Thursday, April 28, 2011

Deleted SHIFT scene & HOURGLASS giveaway

Today on the SHIFT blog tour, I'm sharing an alternate first chapter of the book, written from Logan's "lyrical" point-of-view. I discuss the many reasons why I like the deleted scene, the many (more) reasons why it needed to be cut, and how I went about solving the problems it was originally created to solve, but in a much better way. Hopefully it's a fun little peek behind the scenes for you!

Check out the blog He Followed Me Home to read it, plus enter to win copies of the book and some Keeley Brothers swag.

To compare, read the final version of Shift's first chapter here on the website.

Deadline: tomorrow at 9am Eastern. International entries welcome!

Lest you think the blog tour is taking me away from here, I've got news for you! I plan to spend the next week sharing photos and stories from my trip to Ireland, doing a day-by-day report of where I was two weeks prior. And I'll try not to shed so many wistful tears that I short out my keyboard.

Today, though, I've got a special giveaway that has nothing to do with me. I recently read Myra McEntire's debut YA paranormal, Hourglass. It totally blew me away! It was truly a haunting read, with complex characters who felt like they would walk off the page and into my living room. The heroine Emerson especially grabbed my heart, with her struggles to remain sane in the face of her strange ability.

Emerson can see "ripples," people who existed in that same location in the past. It's a timeslip novel, which is sort of like time travel, but instead of her going back to the past, the past comes to her. When she touches the ripples, they burst, which is really disconcerting.

Em meets a fantastic guy, Michael, who has a secret ability of his own, as well as a way to help her deal with the "rips," as they're called. The Hourglass, a small society set up to provide support and comfort to paranormal humans, needs Emerson's help to save a life and possibly the world.

That's all I can say without giving away spoilers. Hourglass comes out June 14, but you can win my extra ARC today!

Tell me in the comments: if you could make someone appear from any point in the past or future, who would it be? What would you ask them? What would you tell them about the present?

Deadline: Friday, April 29 (that's tomorrow! Because you need to read this NOW!), 11:59pm eastern. International entries welcome.

(EDITED TO ADD: And the winner is....bqdell! Thanks to everyone who entered and shared their heartfelt wishes. I admit I got choked up a few times. I promise if you check out HOURGLASS when it comes out next month, you won't be disappointed!)

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Z Day on the SHIFT tour, plus SHADE Reader Playlist

Since Logan had his day yesterday on the blog tour kickoff, today's stop is all about his archrival. Fittingly, the post on "All Things Scottish (especially Zachary)," is being hosted by Scotland's own Splendibird and her blog Mountains of Instead.

I owe Splendibird big time, because she beta-read SHIFT for me to make sure I didn't make any Scottish faux pas. She also taught me two of my new favorite words. You'll have to read the book to find out what they might be. (Hint: pages 136 and 311.)

As you might know, I was just in Scotland a week ago (and then I came back--waaaaaah! *weeps, kicks heels against floor*). You can see some of my photos from the trip on the guest-blog post, as well as read a short excerpt from SHIFT, wherein Zach wears a kilt to the Prom and has a bit of fun with his American classmates.

And of course, you can win the usual blog tour stuff, free books and a special prize. But you're not in it for the stuff, right? You're in it for Scotland!

Deadline is tomorrow morning, so hurry. International entries welcome, of course.


On Monday, Jen at Makeshift Bookmark kindly let me share with the world the SHADE reader playlist. This is a playlist I put together based on songs suggested to me by readers. Who have verra good taste in music, I must say. Go check out the guest post, listen to the music, and enter to win a signed SHADE paperback. Deadline is May 13, and international entries are welcome.

More tomorrow!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SHIFT blog tour & Book 3 title!

The Shift blog tour is underway at last! Karen at For What It's Worth book-review blog has been kind enough to host the two-week-long tour, which will have interviews (with me, Logan, and Zachary), guest posts, reviews, deleted scenes, video blogs, playlists, and more!

All the details are in her introductory post, but what the heck, I'll put it here, too, in case her server gets struck by lightning or something:

*Each stop on the tour will be giving away two copies of SHIFT, plus an extra surprise gift each day

*At the end of the tour a GRAND PRIZE will go to one lucky commenter!!

The Grand Prize includes:
--"Annotated" (with notes by me, sort of like a director's commentary) copies of both SHADE and SHIFT
--A signed galley of Book 3 in the SHADE series, for which there will be no ARC's, when it is ready this fall!!

Here's the schedule:

Tuesday, April 26: For What It’s Worth – Kickoff, Guest post: presentation of Logan’s “Sucks to Be a Ghost (Sometimes)” playlist
Wednesday, April 27: Mountains of Instead – Guest post: All Things Scottish (especially Zachary)
Thursday, April 28: He Followed Me Home – Guest post: Deleted Scene from SHIFT
Friday, April 29: What’s on the Bookshelf – Guest post: Loving the Love Triangle
Sunday, May 1: Addicted 2 Novels – SHIFT review
Monday, May 2: Book Smugglers – Video guest post: Newgrange & the Mysteries of Ireland
Wednesday, May 4: Mundie Moms – Interview with Jeri
Thursday, May 5: Postmortem (Jackie Morse Kessler) – Death Interviews Logan
Friday, May 6: Books, Sweets and Other Treats – Group Interview with Zachary by the "Fab 4": Books, Sweets and Other Treats, Bookworms Haven, Booking it with Hayley G, and BrookeWorm
Sunday, May 8: Just Another Book Blog – SHIFT Review
Monday, May 9: YA Book Queen – Interview with Jeri
Tuesday, May 10: The Book Junkies – Guest post: SHIFT playlist and Writing with Music
Wednesday, May 11: For What It's Worth - Wrapup and grand prize giveaway

Special Events:
Tuesday, May 3: Bitten By Books – Launch Day party! Live author Q&A all day long, big prizes
Saturday, May 7: Twitter Chat on #UFchat, hosted by Ink Gypsy, 6-7:30pm Eastern

1. Contest open to International entries
2. To enter the daily contests, simply comment on that day's post. After 24 hours, a winner will be drawn for the daily prize. All daily contest commenters will be automatically entered in the grand prize drawing. Winner will be chosen for the Grand Prize Contest will be drawn using a random number generator.
3. Odds of winning depend upon the number of participants.
4. Names of daily winners will be posted on the hosting blog's page the next day. Follow their directions for claiming prize.
5. Grand prize drawing will take place Wednesday, May 11th, and will be announced in a blog post on Wednesday, May 11th on For What It's Worth. The winner will have one week to claim his or her prize by contacting me via e-mail at fwiw DOT kea AT gmail DOT com. If the winner does not contact me by that time, I will draw another name at random.
6. No purchase is required.

Today's kickoff begins with the playlist Logan made after his death, titled "Sucks to Be a Ghost (Sometimes)," and a general discussion about the character himself. The comments are shaping up to be quite a battle between Team Logan and his detractors!

The post also contains the announcement of the title for the third SHADE book, which is....



well, you're just going to have to go read it to find out.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

SHIFT launch party, and an easy peasy way to get books on release day

Shift comes out a week from tomorrow (yay!), and the launch party, as usual, will be at the appropriately named Constellation Books here in Reisterstown, MD. I'm especially excited about this launch party (Friday, May 6, 6-9pm), because there will be pizza. OH YES, there will be pizza.

The bookstore will also be holding their usual First Friday wine tasting, with sparkling cider and sodas for the under-21s. Probably the nom-alicious cookies and brownies from the thematically named Starry Night Bakery, too. And did I mention pizza?

Don't fret if you can't make the signing--you can still get an autographed copy! Pre-order Shift from Constellation Books, and I'll pop over there and sign it for you as soon as the books come in, hopefully in a couple days from now. That way you'll get it on or near the release day, personalized to you. I'll sign another batch on the night of the launch party.

When you place your order, be sure to let the nice folks there know (in the order form's comment box) whether you want it simply autographed or if you want it personalized (i.e., "To [name of awesome reader who supports indie bookstores and is therefore, at this exact moment, my ultimate BFF]").

If you're planning to pick up Shift at your local store, please read the second part of this post,


Has this ever happened to you? You walk into a bookstore on any given Tuesday (the usual day for new releases), giddy with excitement over the book you've been dying to read for weeks. Within a few hours you'll be curled up on your couch with your favorite hot drink, or stretched out in the sun with your favorite cold drink, reveling in the printed word.

You search the store's shelves, the tables, and endcaps. But the book isn't there. If you're feeling intrepid, you check the computer or go to the information desk and ask for it.

Nope. It ain't there. Maybe the store only ordered a few copies and they're already sold out. Maybe the books haven't been delivered yet. Maybe the store simply hasn't ordered any at all.


You go home, disappointed, and write the author an e-mail, or comment on their blog or Facebook or Twitter, telling them the store didn't have their book.


Now two people feel bad, but there's a difference between these two people.

Because authors have no control over which stores sell their books (oh, how we wish we did). Even publishers don't have that control (oh, how they wish they did).

But readers do. By making one phone call, you can be sure your favorite store will have a copy of Shift waiting for you on or near release day.

After all, your store wants to sell books. An order is a guaranteed sale, so they are more than happy to get a book in for you. Everybody wins!

There are two ways to do this, in order of certainty:

1. Phone your closest bookseller. Here are links for store locators for independent bookstores, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Books-A-Million. Tell them which book you want. They'll call you when it comes in. No wasted time and gasoline on your part--yay!

2. Sometimes you can pre-order it online for in-store pickup, or order it online for pickup once it comes out. But if it's not in stock to begin with, the website might disable this option, and the only way to get it is to call. Here are the links for Shift:

Independent bookstores
Barnes & Noble

These days, bookstores are buying smaller initial amounts of each book from the publishers than they used to. It has nothing to do with the individual books--it's across the board (not including huge bestsellers, of course). If a book sells out fast, they might reorder it, they might not.

So if you really want to help to an author (and help yourself), pre-order their book at your local store. It will not only help get that copy where you want to buy it, it'll also encourage the bookseller to buy more of that author's next novel. And thus, we get to stay employed. Everybody wins again!

There's certainly nothing wrong with preordering from Amazon or another online bookseller. Authors still earn royalties on those sales. We love you for buying our books anywhere and any time.

But each pre-order on Amazon results in one sale. If enough people pre-order a book from their local chain or independent bookseller, that might convince the store to order extra copies to put on their shelves. Clearly people want this book! So a pre-order (or an order) to your neighborhood store might ultimately result in two, three, five, or ten sales.

I know, the business of bookselling is really confusing, and it's changing every day. I can't guarantee that your store will be carrying Shift next Tuesday, or at all.

But you can. You have the power. USE THE FORCE, LUKE! Or, you know, the telephone.

Thanks--you rock!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spontaneous SHADE paperback giveaway!

I mentioned yesterday that I'd like to give away a few copies of the paperback version of Shade--which just came out last week--on Twitter and Facebook.

So in the spirit of those fast 'n' easy social networking site, no further ado!

Here are the rules:

For Twitter

Between 6pm Eastern time today and tomorrow, post a tweet including the following:

--a link to this page: (short version: where people can watch the trailer and read the first 100 pages for FREE!
--some comment about how cool Shade is, like, "Summer's coming--I need some SHADE!" or "Hey, go read the 1st 100 pgs of SHADE for FREE!" or whatever fits.

So basically, you're sharing the link, making a comment, including the hashtag, and mentioning me and my publisher. Yay!

You could also go to that page and click "Tweet" up in the right-hand corner (it's in red text next to the Share on Facebook link) and then include the hashtag and @SimonTeen and @jsmithready.

NOTE: DO NOT BEGIN YOUR TWEET WITH THE "@" SYMBOL. If you do that, no one will see it except the people who are already following me or SimonTeen. Entries that begin with the @ symbol will be disqualified. Sorry.

For Facebook

Much simpler rules! Between 6pm Eastern time today and tomorrow, go to and click on the Facebook Share button in the upper right hand corner.

--Say something nice in the "What's on your mind?" box.
--That nice comment needs to mention me (by typing the @ symbol and my name--Facebook should auto-fill it) so I can see it.
--Click "Share." It should appear on your wall and on my wall.

Note: To be able to mention me, you need to either be my friend or "like" my Facebook page. I can't guarantee I'll have time to accept your friend request in time, so you're better off liking the page if we're not friends.

Deadline: I will draw randomly four winners, two from Twitter and two from Facebook, at 6pm tomorrow evening.

International entries? Yes!

Off with ye, and good luck! Love to stick around and talk, but we're leaving for a week in Ireland and Scotland on Thursday (research trip for the third Shade book), and I still have to do taxes and a million other things, including go to bed early to help adjust for the time difference--yikes!!

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Monday, April 04, 2011

Blog tour intro & your chance to interview Zachary (if you dare)

Book bloggers! I need your help.

I'm putting together a Shift blog tour for the book's May 3 release. The tour will be hosted by For What It's Worth Reviews, who will unveil the schedule, title and logo button in the next couple weeks.

But here's the basic gist:

This is not your grandmother's blog tour.

As a sports lover, I think anything can be made more fun by adding a little competition. Therefore, the bloggers participating in the tour will be divided into two teams: pre-Shifters and post-Shifters. (Get it? Like in the books, where pre-Shifters can't see ghosts but all post-Shifters can?)

Pre-Shifters will post their blogs the week before release, and post-Shifters will post afterward. Every blog comment goes to that team's total points. At the end of the blog tour, whichever blogging team has the most comments wins! Each of those six bloggers will win:

  • An autographed, annotated ("marked up/director's commentary") version of Shade.
  • An autographed, annotated ("marked up/director's commentary") version of Shift.
  • An autographed bound galley of the third book in the Shade trilogy as soon as it's available in the fall.

That third item on the list is extremely special, because my publisher doesn't print ARCs for third books in their series. So this will be the only way most people (i.e., people who don't work for my publisher) will be able to read Book 3 pre-release.

Why am I mentioning this now? Because I still have one slot available on the tour, for one lucky blogger. Here's how you can be that person.

See, Logan is getting interviewed as part of Jackie Morse Kessler's Postmortem blog, where the character of Death from her Riders of the Apocalypse series interviews characters from other YA books. Death is a dead rock 'n' roll star who bears an astonishing resemblance to Kurt Cobain, so it's a perfect match for Logan.

I figured someone should interview Zachary, to give him equal time. It's only fair, aye?

To "audition" for the chance to interview Zachary on your blog and be part of the Shift blog tour, simply send 3-5 sample questions to me at jeri AT jerismithready DOT com by Sunday, April 10. I'll announce the winner next Monday, April 11.

Be creative! I want questions that will make Zachary--I mean me--laugh and/or blush. And he's not exactly the heart-on-his-sleeve type, you know? Being the son of a secret agent has made him, well, secretive. So delve deep! Let's see if we can get this Mystery Boy to open up.

If you need inspiration, here's my favorite picture of English actor Tom Sturridge, who I think would make a perfect Zachary (if he can pull off the Scottish accent and put on a few dozen pounds' worth of muscles).

Okay, stop looking at Tom and go send me questions.

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

RT Booklovers convention (including Teen Day)!

So I leave for LA in less than two days, and I'm starting to transition from the OMG I'M A TOTAL STRESS MESS I SWEAR THIS IS MY LAST CONVENTION EVER stage to the OMG I GET TO PARTY WITH PEOPLE WHO LOVE BOOKS YAY YAY YAY stage.

Like many writers, I don't really like leaving the house, so the thought of traveling across the country always makes me want to lie down in a dark room. But it's okay, because once I get there I won't want to come home. Though I'll have a jet-lag headache the first night, I will progressively gain energy as my body learns to function on zero sleep.

If all goes well with my flight, I'll be in the hotel bar (to socialize, not to get wasted--I'm a total lightweight) by around 5 or so. I mean it when I say if you see me, come say hi. No, I really mean it. Then I will probably crash early due to the time change (and also to watch the end of the Women's NCAA championship game--go Irish!!).

Here's my schedule for the rest of the week:

Wednesday, April 6:

3:30-4:30pm: Club RT. I'lll be available to sign books, take pictures, hand out fun swag, and just chat with readers. During the 3-3:30 slot, I'll be sharing Club RT with one of her favorite fellow urban fantasy authors, Adrian Phoenix, and will be giving away a signed copy of Bring on the Night. At the end of the 4-4:30 slot, I'll give away a signed copy of Shade. Stop by and say hi!

Thursday, April 7

2:45-3:45: Reader's Entertainment Hollywood Mixer. Basically, a party. Come eat and drink with me and other authors, including Cherry Adair, L.A. Banks, Renee Bernard, Melanie Dickerson, Judy Duarte, Sheila English, Chris Marie Green, Fiona Jayde, Sabrina Jeffries, Melissa Marr, Kat Martin, Larry Jay Martin, Amanda McIntyre, Alyson Noel, Alexandra Sokoloff, Samantha Sommersby, Kerrelyn Sparks, Jennifer St. Giles, and Rebecca York.

Friday, April 8

1:30-2:30pm: Panel: Mastering Sexual Tension. Yep. With fellow authors Nina Bruhns, Sylvia Day, Barry Eisler, and Gennita Low (moderator).

Saturday, April 9 - TEEN DAY!

11am-2pm: Giant Book Fair. Free to convention goers, open to the public for a $5 admission. I'll be seated in Row 2 as part of YA Alley.

2:30-3:30pm: TEEN DAY Author Speed Reading. With Kelley Armstrong, LA Banks, Rachel Caine, Tera Lynn Childs, Melissa de la Cruz, Heather Davis, Clare B. Dunkle, Alyxandra Harvey, and Kathryn Smith.

5-6pm: Teen Day Interactive Workshop: How do you Build a World? Learn how these authors create their worlds and characters, complete with drawings, monologues, reenactments, and pantomime! Then it's the audience's turn to build and populate worlds. With Ally Carter, Cassandra Clare, Alyxandra Harvey, and Alyson Noel.

6:15-7:30pm: TEEN PARTY! With music and refreshments. FREE gift bags filled with goodies to the first 250 who register! Featuring all the YA panelists and YA authors who sign at the Book Fair.

For the complete (and completely exhausting) convention schedule, visit the RT Booklovers Convention web site.



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