Thursday, May 19, 2011

Between Books signing & BEA schedule

*pokes head out of SHINE deadline cave*

Let's see if I can write a blog post in fifteen minutes before I have to go get my hair did. Because when I come back, it's all SHINE, all the time, until tomorrow night...

...when I'll be at Between Books in Claymont, Delaware, 7-9pm. Claymont is just over the Delaware border from Pennsylvania, so think of it as a Philadelphia/Wilmington-area signing. It's been months since the two states took down that wall of fiery snakes separating their kingdoms. I think.

Anyway, I hear there'll be a bunch of Philly area bloggers and authors showing up. Clearly they don't know that when I sign books, I bring tornadoes. Oh well.

Then next week I'll be at Book Expo America on Tuesday only. Here's my jam-packed schedule:

9:30-10am, Booth 3774. Signing and giving away copies of SHIFT. That's right, they're free! I plan to set up as soon as the exhibit hall opens at 9am, so hopefully I can start signing at 9:15. I think there'll be two boxes of books, which is 48 copies, so that's a little over one book a minute. Sadly, not much time to chat with each reader.

BUT if you want to talk more, I'll be signing NYX IN THE HOUSE OF NIGHT, 2-3pm, at booth 4411 (SmartPop/BenBella books). That should be a much less hectic signiLinkng, since it's for an hour, so please come say hi.

Also, after the early signing is over at 10am, I will be jonesing for coffee. So that's probably where you'll find me.

Beyond that, I'm having lunch with my agent, dinner with friends, and going to a publisher party. Then early Wednesday morning it's back on the train to meet my June 1 deadline.

I did it! With zero minutes to spare. Whew.

*crawls back into deadline cave*


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Not the official SHIFT release day post

I'm not much for forethought, apparently. I thought it would be a fine idea to make an appointment for Meadow's physical therapy on release day, even though it's an hour's drive away. Sure, why not leave home and the internet for three hours? It's not like anything will be happening.

Sometimes I wonder if I have a rather odd concept of time, in which I think that two things can happen simultaneously. I can take my dog to the vet today AND answer Happy Book Birthday wishes (with what? my mind? They frown on DUTs here--Driving Under the influence of Twitter).

Or I can have an online Twitter chat (#UFchat) this Saturday night while enjoying an evening with my family. Oh, I can't imagine what my family will want to do between 6-7:30pm eastern. Like, I don't know, EAT?

So before I have to go jump in the shower (eight minutes ago), I want to tell you not about the release of SHIFT (which is today), but the online Launch Party happening this afternoon at Bitten By Books. I'll be taking questions from 1:30 eastern time until the end of the day and of course giving away a signed copy of SHIFT.

The big prize, though, is a box of YA books and ARCs from Simon & Schuster! Including the following:

Dust & Decay (Jonathan Mayberry) – ARC
Shift (Jeri Smith-Ready)
Invincible Summer (Hannah Moskowitz) – ARC
Clean (Amy Reed) – ARC
Crescendo (Becca Fitzpatrick)
Wither (Lauren DeStefano)
And more!

If you RSVP at this post before the chat begins, you get 25 extra chances to win.

I've been told that some Comcast users have been trouble accessing the BBB site, so here's a proxy site to get on. I use Comcast, and I haven't had any problems, but there you go, just in case.

Hope to see you there! Now I'm off to go pretend it's not release day.

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Monday, May 02, 2011

The secret life of the royal couple

This just in from the Hollywood Reporter:

Fresh on the heels of last night's earth-shaking news, an unidentified director has been hired to helm the production of a royal biopic on the just-married Prince William and Catherine Middleton (now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge).

A spec script was leaked this morning. The project has been pitched as Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets The Queen.

Setting--Buckingham Palace. Royal couple are packing their bags.

Will: Darling, I'm so looking forward to leaving for our honeymoon tonight.

Kate: Right. Er, something's come up. I have to nip off to Pakistan for a few hours. (Turns away, checks pistol inserted into garter belt.) Just a small errand, really.

Will: How interesting. So do I. (opens case a few inches, tucks rifle deeper between a pair of swim trunks)

Kate: Odd, that. Perhaps we'll run into each other.

Will: Perhaps. Well, I suppose I'll see you on the beach, say, Wednesday?

Kate: Brilliant. (zips shut makeup bag, hiding grenade) Love you!

Will: Love you. Bye!

They kiss briefly, prompting an uproarious cheer from the 10,000-strong crowd still gathered outside the Palace, then take their baggage and leave by separate doors.

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Day 1 - Dublin

The first in a periodic (approximately daily or bi-daily or tri-daily, whenever I have a few spare moments) posts with pictures and observations from our April 14-21 dream trip to Ireland and Scotland.

April 15: We landed in Dublin around 11am, with a planeful of American kids who were getting ready to compete in the Irish Dancing World Championship. (This will be significant at the end of the trip, assuming I haven't forgotten by the time I post it.)

The first thing we noticed was how incredibly friendly the Irish are. Not just helpful, but understanding. They did everything they could to make us not feel like stupid tourists.

We checked our bags at the left-luggage place (which was really hard to find, especially with jet lag), then took a shuttle into Dublin to spend the day. First we had lunch at Bewley's on Grafton Street with Catie Murphy. You know her as C.E. Murphy, author of the Walker Papers urban fantasy series and several other bits of awesomeness.

Grafton Street is amazing. Shops, restaurants, pubs. Everywhere you look there are musicians and other street performers. Like this guy, who did not move the entire five or ten minutes we stood there:

Or this lady:

Apple's iPhoto does this weird thing where it pulls faces out of your photos and zooms in on them. At first I thought it was creepy that we had close-ups of all these strangers, but it was very cool with statues and, well, human statues:

Here are a couple more shots of bustling Grafton Street.

Look very carefully at this next picture: can you spot the American commercial imperialism?

I knew you could.

So then we took one of those cheesy-yet-delightful-and-quite-useful hop-on-hop-off bus tours, which showed us places like Trinity College, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and St. Stephen's Green.

And then we got off at the Guinness Storehouse. I'm not a fan of the stuff (GIANT understatement), but my husband is--in fact, it's the only thing he drinks, aside from the occasional half-glass of red wine with dinner at an Italian restaurant. The deal was, we'd go to the Guinness storehouse for him, hop back on the bus, then hop off at the Jameson Distillery for me. the time we left the brewery, the tour was over, and we had to take a cab back to the shuttle rendezvous point. So we didn't see the rest of Dublin, but we did meet a wonderful cabbie! And got a free pint of Guinness (which would've been two free pints, except as I mentioned I hate the stuff, so it ended up being a pint of Guinness and a Diet Coke.)

More to come soon! Up next: Newgrange, Dowth, and the Hill of Tara. Or possibly a lesson in driving on the left-hand side of the road.



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