Thursday, May 19, 2011

Between Books signing & BEA schedule

*pokes head out of SHINE deadline cave*

Let's see if I can write a blog post in fifteen minutes before I have to go get my hair did. Because when I come back, it's all SHINE, all the time, until tomorrow night...

...when I'll be at Between Books in Claymont, Delaware, 7-9pm. Claymont is just over the Delaware border from Pennsylvania, so think of it as a Philadelphia/Wilmington-area signing. It's been months since the two states took down that wall of fiery snakes separating their kingdoms. I think.

Anyway, I hear there'll be a bunch of Philly area bloggers and authors showing up. Clearly they don't know that when I sign books, I bring tornadoes. Oh well.

Then next week I'll be at Book Expo America on Tuesday only. Here's my jam-packed schedule:

9:30-10am, Booth 3774. Signing and giving away copies of SHIFT. That's right, they're free! I plan to set up as soon as the exhibit hall opens at 9am, so hopefully I can start signing at 9:15. I think there'll be two boxes of books, which is 48 copies, so that's a little over one book a minute. Sadly, not much time to chat with each reader.

BUT if you want to talk more, I'll be signing NYX IN THE HOUSE OF NIGHT, 2-3pm, at booth 4411 (SmartPop/BenBella books). That should be a much less hectic signiLinkng, since it's for an hour, so please come say hi.

Also, after the early signing is over at 10am, I will be jonesing for coffee. So that's probably where you'll find me.

Beyond that, I'm having lunch with my agent, dinner with friends, and going to a publisher party. Then early Wednesday morning it's back on the train to meet my June 1 deadline.

I did it! With zero minutes to spare. Whew.

*crawls back into deadline cave*



Ooh, glamorous, with the signings and the agent dinners! *is jealous*

Someday I'm going to make it to BEA, and it'll be glorious. Report back on how it goes!

Posted by: Blogger Meagan Spooner at 5/20/2011 6:31 PM

I am also JEALOUS! I wish I was going to BEA! So I am checking out your blog because I read some reviews on one of my fave blogger friend!

I am going to add your books to my To-Read list because Two Chicks On Books did a very good job in talking up your books!


Posted by: Blogger Bookluvr Mindy at 5/24/2011 4:44 PM

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