Sunday, September 25, 2011

Love triangle tourney winners announced (both kinds)

Guess what? Logan, Aura, and Zachary from the Shade trilogy won the Best Book Love Triangle tournament, hosted by the Book Sisterhood! Thanks to everyone who voted and spread the word, and especially those who left such sweet comments about the characters.

In the final round, I gave away three prizes to commenters:

1) For the Logan part of the triangle, a signed hardcover of Enthralled, to...Lisa!

2) For Aura, a signed (by me) audiobook of Shift to...Denise Z!

3) For Zachary, the winner's choice of a print by our favorite real-life Scot Fraser McFarlane of Street Spirit Photography, to...Bwyatt!

Thanks again, and if you see me around a little less frequently in October, it's because I'm heads-down doing line edits for Shine. Lots of work to be done there--it's the longest book of the trilogy, and of course I'm trying to wrap up all the storylines and solve all the mysteries and...*breathes into a paper bag*...okay, I gotta go.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Final round of triangle tourney!

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented on Tuesday to get Logan/Aura/Zachary to the final round of The Book Sisterhood's Best Book Love Triangle Tournament. The voting has already started for the last round and will continue until 7am Eastern time tomorrow.

Since it's bound to be a tough competition (once again li'l ol' Shade is up against a series with movies being made out of it), I'm offering three prizes for the final round, one for each point in the triangle:

  • For Logan, a signed hardcover of Enthralled, because his short story, "Bridge," is in this anthology, which just came out Tuesday.
  • For Aura, a signed (by me) audiobook of Shift, because the narrator Kristine Hvam does such a beautiful job with Aura's voice, both as a character and as a narrator. She is Aura.
  • For Zachary, a Street Spirit Photo print of your choice, depicting a beautiful scene in his native Scotland. Like this one here, "Castlevania," of Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow's West End. It's pretty much the most gorgeous and entertaining museum ever.

All you have to do is vote for Shade (in the right-hand sidebar) and comment on the Love Triangle Final Round post. Deadline 7am Eastern Friday, September 23. International entries welcome!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Triangle Tourney Round 3

Two words: #BRIDGEparty. Hangover.

Those are good words. Thanks to everyone who made Logan's debut as a writer, both in story and in song, totally kick ass. I hope you all had as great a time as I did.

Today's the release date for Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions. I said pretty much everything about it last week and yesterday, but I'll probably post another release week blog, because I'm so very excited about it. Larissa's Book Blog is giving away a copy signed by me, plus a SHADE swag pack, in a contest that runs through September 27. International entries welcome!

For today I want to repeat, as coherently as possible, what I said Saturday:

1. Book Sisterhood triangle tourney: go vote in the semifinals for Aura/Logan/Zachary! Poll is on the right sidebar. Voting goes from roughly 7am Eastern time Tuesday and lasts 24 hours.

2. Comment in the post labeled "Semi-finals of Best Book Love Triangle."

3. Be entered to win a gorgeous print from our favorite Scot's photography shop, Street Spirit Photo. Like this one, "Habitat of the Haggis":

4. I can't think of a number 4.

Again, thanks for your support and camaraderie yesterday. If you haven't checked out Logan's lyrics to "Forever" or read the news about next month's party, now's your chance.

Ow, my hands hurt. Logan needs to learn to be less chatty, or find a new typist. ;)

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Lyrics to Logan's song "Forever"

Thanks to everyone who came to Logan's #BRIDGEparty today on Twitter, or who posted poems here on the blog. I can't express how it's made me feel that you took time out of your busy days and spent it with him/me/us.

And thanks in advance if you decide to buy Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions, which is now on sale! (Follow that link for order options.)

Anyway, you came for the song. A VERY big thanks to my friend and fellow novelist Seanan McGuire, whose October Daye urban fantasy series I am always insisting you read. Seanan is also an amazing, award-winning singer/songwriter (go get Wicked Girls immediately after reading this post). She helped turn my lyrics into something that could actually be, you know, sung.

I'd also like to announce the next big Shade-related party, on October 18/19, aka Logan's birthday/deathday. It'll have a musical theme, because...

...if all goes well, "Forever" will be set to music and sung by an actual dude with a guitar. And you'll hear it then. A very special reader is working on that project right now.


If you've read Shade, you know that Logan wrote a song to sing to Aura on the night of his birthday, the night of the big gig, the night they were supposed to consummate their love. The night he died.

Logan started writing "Forever" just the week before, on that afternoon when they...didn't. As you'll see from the first verse, he started writing in his head that very moment.

He never got to play the song for her, but he did sing it for her near the end of the book. It's the scene that, even after thirty-some readings of Shade, is the only one that always makes me cry. It's when Aura realizes what they lost when he died. They lost forever.

So here it is. We hope you like it.

by Logan Keeley
October 18, 20xx

Lying beside me in the failure of flesh,
You wait for the words that will let your mind rest,
But I’ve already left you—I’m inside this song,
I’m chasing the rhythms that split right from wrong,
Forming chords on your shoulder, tracing notes on your hips,
I can’t hear your thoughts as they fall from your lips, and

Every day I give away
A piece of me all torn and frayed—
What I can’t keep, I sell for cheap,
Til nothing’s left for you and me—

How can so much love feel like nothing at all?
How can so much nothing leave me dying to crawl
To the foot of your bed,
I should be with you—instead,
I walk away, stumbling, waiting, always waiting to fall.

When you look in my eyes, can you see I’m not there,
Just skin over bones and this flesh that I bear,
And there’s no room for you, and you know I can never
Get out of myself, get over myself,
For even one moment, much less for forever.

They all take their shares and they all think they see
This stranger inside who pretends to be me.
They’re a roomful of mirrors in this funhouse of fame,
I shrink and I grow, I am wild, I am tame,
But when I stand before you, I can pause, I can heal,
Because you make me matter—you make me real.

Every day they took away
A piece of me all torn and frayed—
What I couldn’t keep, I sold for cheap,
So now what’s left for you and me?

How can so much love feel like nothing at all?
How can so much nothing leave me dying to crawl
To the foot of your bed,
I should be with you—instead,
I walk away, stumbling, waiting, always waiting to fall.

So I close my eyes, fill my hands with your hair,
It’s your skin and your bones and your flesh that I bear,
If I could be part of you, if we could come together
I could find myself, I could lose myself,
Just for one moment, or maybe forever.

They always say that nothing lasts forever
Well, can this nothing last forever

When you look in my eyes, and this time I’m there,
More than skin over bones and this flesh that we bare,
When I’m getting worse, when you make me better,
We’ll find ourselves, we’ll lose ourselves,
We’ll take this one moment…and make it forever.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

New Logan video, & announcing "Bridge Party" to celebrate Enthralled

(Reposted with new date so it'd stay at the top of the blog through Monday.)

EDITED TO ADD CONTESTS! For What It's Worth is giving away a signed/personalized copy of ENTHRALLED, and Fictitious Delicious is giving away signed ENTHRALLED swag to three people who comment on one of their Logan Keeley-related posts from the last week.

As you can see from the countdown widget, Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions, featuring Logan (from Shade)'s short story "Bridge," releases in less than six days! For more details on the anthology, see last week's post.

Since Logan and his fans were so supportive to Team Kilt during Zachary's run in the YA Crush Tournament, we're throwing him a Twitter party on Monday to celebrate the release of Enthralled:

  • To accommodate international folks, there'll be TWO #SHADEboys chats (with Logan and Zachary on Twitter), at 10am and 10pm eastern. There might be prizes--I'm seeing Flogging Molly on Saturday as part of the HFStival, and if they have any FM swag, I'll pick some up. EDITED TO ADD: Yes, I scored a Flogging Molly T-shirt! Also, I've got Keeley Brothers buttons and stickers from the SHADE CafePress store. Oh yes, there shall be swag.
  • Poetry contest! Tweet a short poem to Logan @Keeley_Logan with the hashtag #BRIDGEparty. If you're not on Twitter on Monday (or at all), or if your ode to him won't fit in 140 characters, you can leave it here in the comments to this blog post. Deadline: Tweet your poem between 12:00am and 11:59pm eastern, Monday, September 19. Prize: a signed (by me) HARDCOVER of Enthralled. Winner will be drawn at random, though depending how many author copies I get, I reserve the right to give extra prizes to outstanding entries. EDITED TO ADD: unlimited entries are permitted. I also won't be a stickler for the beginning of the tweet window--if it's a little early, that's okay.
  • At 12:01am midnight eastern Tuesday, I'll post the lyrics to "Forever," as promised, here on the blog. I think you're gonna like it.
  • With the release of the lyrics, I'll have another announcement regarding plans for Logan's "birthday/deathday party" taking place October 18/19. Even bigger stuff! (What can I say, we like to party.)

But first, Amy from Fictitious Delicious has a special treat for you! Remember the fabulous Team Kilt tribute to Zachary they did for the crush tourney? Well, now she's outdone herself for Logan.

Warning--grab your tissues!

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Triangle Tourney Round 2

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented on Monday's Round One of Book Sisterhood's Love Triangle Tournament. Aura/Logan/Zach won! The second round is taking place now, from 7am eastern today until the same time tomorrow.

Best of all, my friends Heather and Fraser raised enough money to file the DHS form so he can not get deported back to Scotland. YAYYYY!! (Yes, I know what some of you are thinking: "why would he want to be HERE when he could be THERE?" Love, people. Love. That's why.)

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, see Monday's post.

Since Fraser is still an awesome photographer whose prints should be in your home, and since Logan really wants to win something other than the love of his fans, we're going to keep the giveaways going, as promised.

So go vote for SHADE (on the right sidebar at the Book Sisterhood blog) and comment on the Round 2 post and I'll randomly draw a name tomorrow to win your choice of Street Spirit photo print. Like maybe this one, "Tree Fairies":

Crap, that was taken in Glasgow and is all bright lights and perfect for Shine. Now I gotta get it for myself.

International entries welcome, and the deadline to enter is 7am eastern tomorrow. Thanks!

EDITED TO ADD: Lyssa Anne, you've won a Street Spirit print! And Logan/Aura/Zachary won again--they're going to the Final Four on Tuesday, so stay tuned for your next chance to bring a little Scotland into your home.


Friday, September 16, 2011

A Special Girlfriends Cyber Circuit feature: the Dear Bully anthology

You may already be aware, a really important book came out a couple weeks ago. A book that, if it doesn't change the world, will at least make a good portion of it think hard about what it means to be mean.

As the stories in DEAR BULLY show, bullying isn't always the obvious case: a strong person beating up a weaker person. It can be persistent cutting remarks, the kind said under the breath so the teacher won't hear; or repeatedly "forgetting" to invite that one friend to all the parties; or even just being one member of a chorus of laughter when the Class Snark unleashes his latest masterpiece.

Even if you've never been bullied, or you've never bullied someone yourself, someone you care about has. That person needs your understanding. That person needs you to read this book.


Megan Kelley Hall and Carrie Jones formed the group YAAAB (Young Adult Authors Against Bullying) in April 2010 when they both coincidentally blogged about the Phoebe Prince case on the same day. Megan reached out to Carrie expressing her frustration with this case and the fact that bullying that seemed to be growing at a ridiculously fast rate.

As a Massachusetts resident and having already spoken about bullying in schools, Megan was horrified after hearing about the bullying that took place in the Phoebe Prince case. While writing her books, SISTERS OF MISERY and THE LOST SISTER, she had to dig deep to make “mean girls as evil as she possibly could. When she heard about all the bullying and bullycide stories in the news, she felt like the bullies had jumped off the pages of her book and into real life. She was also disheartened by the numerous times she’d done book signings and would say to readers, “I hope you never meet girls as mean as the ones in my book.” Shockingly, they almost always said, “We already have.”

Carrie Jones was also moved to do something, as she was the target of bullying as a young child due to a speech impediment. Together, they felt that they owed it to teen readers to discourage bullying -- to make it "uncool." Megan Kelley Hall started by creating a Facebook page that kicked off an entire "movement" to end bullying. This was the day that Megan, Carrie and other authors decided to use their platform as Young Adult authors to actually facilitate change and to be a voice for those kids who cannot speak out or are too afraid to be heard.


Right away, a large number of authors jumped on board of this cause--wanting to be involved in any way possible. The Facebook group jumped from 5 to 1500 members in one weekend and is now closing in on nearly 5,000 members. Carrie and Megan were thrilled when HarperTeen offered to put all of the stories into an anthology. The thought of having 70 authors–well-known, highly successful writers–sharing their personal bullying stories with their fans was something beyond what they had ever hoped for.

The stories in DEAR BULLY come from all angles: from the point of view of the victim, the mother, the friend, the sibling, the classmate–even a few from the actual bully. Some of the stories are light-hearted, while others are raw and emotional. All of them drive home the point that bullying is something that almost everyone has experienced. And while that is a sad fact, they want to prove that it's not a rite of passage. It doesn't make you stronger, wiser, or better. But it is something that can be overcome, something that can be changed, something that is relatable, and something that one should never be ashamed of. Through these stories, the authors want to show that they understand what teens are going through today. It is important to encourage bystanders to speak up and make bullying unacceptable. Parents and adults must get involved. Bullying is something that people no longer have to endure--at least, not by themselves.

Though quite a lofty mission, the goal of DEAR BULLY is to help just one person get through a difficult time, and hopefully make bullying a thing of the past.

Don't forget to join the Facebook page, visit the website, or follow DEAR BULLY on Twitter.


“FIGHT BACK WITH WORDS. Better Homes & Gardens recommends DEAR BULLY: Remind youngsters heading back to school that getting picked on is tough—but that words can also heal as much as they can hurt, as one anthology proves.” – Better Homes & Gardens

“This anthology of personal essays provides empathetic and heartfelt stories from each corner of the schoolyard: the bullied, the bystander and the bully himself are all represented. Their words will be a welcome palliative or a wise pre-emptive defense against the trials of adolescent social dynamics.” --New York Times

“Two of them, both authors of novels for young adults (Megan Kelley Hall and Carrie Jones), have drawn on the power of the written word to focus attention on the problem and offer solace to the bullied.” – --The Boston Globe

“You’ll love it if… You know someone (or are someone) who’s ever been involved in any type of bullying incident. There’s something in it for everyone, on all sides of the spectrum. You’ll love it even more if you can find a story that inspires you to help someone else.” –

“With authority often turning a blind eye and cyber-bullying rampant, this timely collection is an excellent resource, especially for group discussion, and the appended, annotated list of websites and further reading extends its usefulness.” – Booklist

“Powerful…All of these stories feel authentic and honest, and readers will find a story or a person to identify with, to look to for comfort or guidance.” School Library Journal

“Bottom line is this anthology is a terrific tool for the counselor who can customize the entries to the needs of the victimized student.” -- Harriet Klausner


“This should be required reading of ALL young girls (not to mention some adults)….Dear Bully is for everyone who has grown up in this culture where bullying takes place every day, not just in the schools, but in our streets, in our homes, our place of work (and globally).Dear Bully unveils the truth of who we are as a community of people, and it's not pretty.” – New Pages Blog

“This is why I think this book is brilliant: Much like It Get's Better, this is a situation where one generation is reaching back to support the other... When you share your story you are shining a light. You never know who is at sea and relying on that light to get them home.” – Miss New York, Kaitlin Monte “Life Under the Crown” blog

“Dear Bully is a novel that needs to be on the shelves of every school library, and in every classroom. I hope it makes its way to the hands of the bullied and the bullies.” –The Crazy Bookworm Blog

“You Can't Protect Your Kid From Bullies Until You've Done This. I was about halfway through Dear Bully, a new book of essays from 70 big name teen lit authors (for my fellow YA fans, I'm talking the likes of Megan McCafferty, Alyson Noel, R.L. Stine, etc.) when it hit me. These were all grown-ups talking about some of the worst days of childhood. And almost none had kind words to say about adults.” – Jeanne Sagar, The Stir and Yahoo Shine

“70 poignant essays that will make your tear and/or cheer. There is literally something in this book for everyone. I cried, I laughed, I wanted to write a letter to my Congressman, but most of all…I learned a few things. Bullying doesn’t take one form and it can occur at any age. This is must have for every library, teacher, and anyone who owns a shelf…or a table. Be a hero and buy this book for someone who is struggling.” –I Read Banned Books Blog

“I wish there had been a Dear Bully book 14 years ago.” --Lost in the Library Blog

“I personally think that this book should be required reading for all kids in the 7th grade. I’d even be so bold as to say a compilation for younger kids should be written as well.” --Confessions of a Real Librarian Blog


“This collection is so important and it couldn't come at a better time. This book should be in every administrator's office (their predecessor's failing to address this issue is a common thread woven through the experiences shaed), every media specialist's office, every counselor's office, and in the classroom libraries of every teacher works with these students who stories have not been told. . .yet. Here is the catalyst for discussion. Here are the authors saying, "It happened to me too. . .tell me your story." --Paul Hankins

“EVERY ADULT who works with tweens and teens should read this!” - Sandy

“Once I get the library's budget, this is going to be top of the list - and I'm buying two copies. I want to have one copy on the professional shelf for the teachers to look at and one on the shelf for the students to take out.” - Sarah

“This is a valuable look at how bullying shapes the lives of both the bullies and the bullied.” - Sarah

“Absolutely fantastic. Heart-wrenching and a reality check for anyone believing that this doesn't happen. I'm recommending this to every librarian I know to put this on the shelf.” - Maya

“What a beautiful, amazing, honest, important book. Five stars isn't near enough to show my love for Dear Bully. I'll be donating my copy to my old junior high.” - Colleen

“I knew I would enjoy this book, I just didn't think it would impact me as much as it did. I wish this could be in every middle and high school in the country.” - Stephanie

“I wish I could individually hug everyone who has ever been bullied. Seeing as how that mission is too tragically expansive to take on, I will settle for shouting, "Bravo!" to all the authors to contributed, and to HarperTeen for publishing this anthology. "Encore!" – Gabrielle Carolina

“Amazing anthology of stories about bullying (victimization, perpetration, being a bystander). I mean, what can I say? This collection moved me beyond words. Teachers, parents, and librarians NEED to share this book with their teens. Core title for all teen/ya collections.” - Lalitha

“It's another stark reminder that kids can't do this on their own. They need our help. Thank you to all 70 of these authors and Megan and Carrie for helping me not only set to rest my own past but to chart a path for my future as a mother.” – Jeanne Sagar, Goodreads

“These writers have taken a stand. It's time for all of us to do so as well.” - Jackie


Thanks to Megan and Carrie for putting together this moving and monumental work! I hope the world is never the same.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Another tourney & a chance to help a friend

Remember the YA Crush Tournament? Of course you do. Some of us are still catching up on sleep/work after it a month later. (And I know, I still owe you the final list of SHINElines!)

Anyway, a similar March Madness-style tournament is going on over at The Book Sisterhood, this one for love triangles. Logan-Aura-Zachary from Shade and Shift are up today in the first round.

Because Logan really wants his own chance to win something, I'm holding a new giveaway, of some gorgeous art!

First, some background. When my husband and I traveled to Ireland and Glasgow (Zachary's hometown) this April so I could do research for Shine, my friend Heather volunteered her fiance Fraser, a Glasgow native, to give us a tour and show us a good time.

Which he did. We were so lucky to see this beautiful city through the eyes of one of its own. Fraser answered my dumb questions and explained which things Scotland invented (hint: all the things). He only laughed a little (okay, a lot) when I said I'd wanted to see a Partick Thistle match.

And of course, he took us to some great pubs, like The Butterfly and the Pig and Òran Mór (the site of a very important Shine scene). He taught me of the wonder that is Crabbies Ginger Beer (it's like regular ginger beer, which is my favorite drink--but with alcohol, the way the good Lord intended).

Anyway, Fraser moved to the States this year, and as of a week ago, he and Heather are happily married! Unfortunately, that's not exactly the end of the story. You see, there are a million hoops to jump through to immigrate here, and some of those hoops are incredibly expensive. Heather explains it all on her blog.

Luckily for all of us, Fraser is an amazing photographer and his business, Street Spirit Photo, has an Etsy shop with all his prints for sale. Many images are from Glasgow and the surrounding area, making them the perfect gift for the Scot-o-phile in your life (especially if that Scot-o-phile is you).

This is one of my favorites, taken in the Necropolis on a day exactly like the one when we visited:

This next one I'm definitely buying for my office. It was taken out at Loch Lomond. Fog + flag = perfect inspiration for editing Shine (and one day writing Zach's story, "Shattered").

So for every "triangle tourney" round Aura, Logan, and Zachary win, I'll give away a Street Spirit photo print. Winner's choice! Each print is 5x7, matted to an 8x10 frame size, and each is signed and numbered.

All you have to do is go vote for Aura/Logan/Zach (on the right sidebar) and leave a comment on the Day 8 post (make sure you mention Shade/Shift or one or more of the characters so I can spot you). I'll draw a name at random tomorrow after the voting has closed at 7am eastern, and will post the winner here:

ROUND ONE WINNER: Lynn Marie! And guess what? Aura/Logan/Zach won Round 1, so the next round (and chance to win a Street Spirit print) will take place this SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17. Thanks for all your votes and support!

If the winner doesn't claim their prize within 24 hours, I'll draw another name. I want to order the prints ASAP so we can keep this happy couple together.

Thanks for your help!

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Enthralled is coming September 20!

The Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions anthology is releasing two weeks from today, in both paperback and hardcover! Edited by Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong, the anthology that sprung from last year's Smart Chicks Kick It Tour is almost in our hands.

Besides Melissa and Kelley, there are fourteen other fabulous authors in this collection (well, thirteen, plus me). Here's the complete list:

Claudia Gray
Carrie Ryan
Margaret Stohl
Kami Garcia
Jackson Pearce
Rachel Vincent
Melissa Marr
Kelley Armstrong
Sarah Rees Brennan
Jeri Smith-Ready
Kimberly Derting
Ally Condie
Jessica Verday
Mary E. Pearson
Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Rachel Caine

I KNOW, right?! \O.O/

I was ecstatic to get the opportunity to contribute, not only to be part of such a stellar group, but also to tell Logan (from Shade and Shift)'s story. He's pretty psyched about it, too.

"Bridge" takes place within the timeframe of Shift (between chapters 21 and 22), but it deals with Logan and his brother Mickey and not so much Aura (though she makes an appearance). So it can be read without having read Shift or even Shade first without being too spoilery.

"Bridge" is honestly one of my favorite, if not my favorite, thing I've ever written, so I hope you check it out, even though it's not a love story, or even if you're 100% Team Zachary. I feel that the Shade series isn't truly complete without "Bridge."

(And if you are Team Zach, don't worry. He'll get his own gut-wrenching story, tentatively titled "Shattered," after the May 1 release of Shine.)

If you would like a signed (by just me, sorry) copy of Enthralled, you can order from Constellation Books. Mention in the comments on the online order form how you would like it personalized or if you just want a signature. Or visit the Enthralled page here on my website for links to buy non-signed copies.

To celebrate the release of Enthralled, I'll be doing interviews and giveaways the week of September 19. The usual schtuff.




You may remember that I promised if Zachary received 5,000 votes in the final round of the YA Crush Tournament, I would write the lyrics to "Forever," the song Logan sings for Aura alone near the end of Shade, the song he planned to sing for her the night he died.

I'll unveil the lyrics on September 20, the release date for Enthralled. And possibly, if all the stars align, there'll be a leeeeetle something extra to go with it.

And I'm told that certain other folks might have a special creative unveiling as well.

Until then, please enjoy and employ this countdown widget at your leisure. Watch what happens at midnight eastern on the 20th!

(Oh wow, just now when I looked at it, it said 13:13:13:13. NOT kidding!)

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This Side of Salvation

This Side of Salvation, Jeri's new contemporary YA novel!

Now available in hardcover and ebook.

“A smart, well-rounded, and unpredictable tale...bringing to light issues of belief versus free will, spirit versus body, and family versus self.” —Booklist, **Starred Review**


Order from Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble, or



"Shattered," a Shade novella!

Available here on this website as a free download in all major ebook formats, as well as a printable PDF (now with photos!).

More about "Shattered"

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