Monday, September 12, 2011

Another tourney & a chance to help a friend

Remember the YA Crush Tournament? Of course you do. Some of us are still catching up on sleep/work after it a month later. (And I know, I still owe you the final list of SHINElines!)

Anyway, a similar March Madness-style tournament is going on over at The Book Sisterhood, this one for love triangles. Logan-Aura-Zachary from Shade and Shift are up today in the first round.

Because Logan really wants his own chance to win something, I'm holding a new giveaway, of some gorgeous art!

First, some background. When my husband and I traveled to Ireland and Glasgow (Zachary's hometown) this April so I could do research for Shine, my friend Heather volunteered her fiance Fraser, a Glasgow native, to give us a tour and show us a good time.

Which he did. We were so lucky to see this beautiful city through the eyes of one of its own. Fraser answered my dumb questions and explained which things Scotland invented (hint: all the things). He only laughed a little (okay, a lot) when I said I'd wanted to see a Partick Thistle match.

And of course, he took us to some great pubs, like The Butterfly and the Pig and Òran Mór (the site of a very important Shine scene). He taught me of the wonder that is Crabbies Ginger Beer (it's like regular ginger beer, which is my favorite drink--but with alcohol, the way the good Lord intended).

Anyway, Fraser moved to the States this year, and as of a week ago, he and Heather are happily married! Unfortunately, that's not exactly the end of the story. You see, there are a million hoops to jump through to immigrate here, and some of those hoops are incredibly expensive. Heather explains it all on her blog.

Luckily for all of us, Fraser is an amazing photographer and his business, Street Spirit Photo, has an Etsy shop with all his prints for sale. Many images are from Glasgow and the surrounding area, making them the perfect gift for the Scot-o-phile in your life (especially if that Scot-o-phile is you).

This is one of my favorites, taken in the Necropolis on a day exactly like the one when we visited:

This next one I'm definitely buying for my office. It was taken out at Loch Lomond. Fog + flag = perfect inspiration for editing Shine (and one day writing Zach's story, "Shattered").

So for every "triangle tourney" round Aura, Logan, and Zachary win, I'll give away a Street Spirit photo print. Winner's choice! Each print is 5x7, matted to an 8x10 frame size, and each is signed and numbered.

All you have to do is go vote for Aura/Logan/Zach (on the right sidebar) and leave a comment on the Day 8 post (make sure you mention Shade/Shift or one or more of the characters so I can spot you). I'll draw a name at random tomorrow after the voting has closed at 7am eastern, and will post the winner here:

ROUND ONE WINNER: Lynn Marie! And guess what? Aura/Logan/Zach won Round 1, so the next round (and chance to win a Street Spirit print) will take place this SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17. Thanks for all your votes and support!

If the winner doesn't claim their prize within 24 hours, I'll draw another name. I want to order the prints ASAP so we can keep this happy couple together.

Thanks for your help!

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Voted! Always happy to help the Shift crew win a contest!

Posted by: Blogger sunnynikki at 9/12/2011 11:06 AM

You are awesome!

I went and voted and commented on the day 8 post :)

And again you are awesome!

Posted by: Blogger Jacinda (The Reading Housewives) at 9/12/2011 12:06 PM

I voted and posted! Thanks!

Posted by: Blogger poisnivyred at 9/12/2011 12:42 PM

I have voted, gladly. =)

Man, those are some gorgeous photos.

Posted by: Blogger Ashley @ Book Labyrinth at 9/12/2011 1:05 PM

I voted and posted a comment! Thanks!

Posted by: Blogger Mary at 9/12/2011 2:17 PM

Voted! You're so awesome, Jeri! Heather and Fraser couldn't have asked for a better champion! I'm sorry you couldn't make it to the ceremony; it was beautiful. I was so happy for them. :) Good luck, though this round seems to be going quite well and (*knock on wood*) easily for you.

Posted by: Blogger Samantha Stoner at 9/12/2011 8:18 PM

Thanks, everyone, for voting!

Samantha, I so wish I could've been there. You looked beautiful in the photos!

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 9/12/2011 11:17 PM

I went and voted for you! :)

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Posted by: Blogger Vivien at 9/13/2011 12:42 AM

happy to vote!


Posted by: Blogger FairyWhispers at 9/13/2011 5:15 AM

The Round 1 winner was...Lynn Marie! And guess what? Aura/Logan/Zach won Round 1, so the next round and chance to win a Street Spirit print will take place this SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17. The post will be labeled Round 2, Day 4.

Thanks for all your votes and support! Team Kilt rocks!!

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 9/13/2011 11:37 AM

Awwwh am so glad everyone is enjoting this tournament! thanks jeri smith-ready!! :D

Posted by: Blogger Sana Deen at 9/17/2011 4:52 PM

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