Tuesday, November 01, 2011

SHINElines at last!

OK, here they are, as promised almost three months ago, the #SHINElines (short teasers from SHADE book 3, SHINE, coming May 1, 2012) I tweeted during the final round of the YA Crush Tournament. Compiling these brought back some pretty wild memories!

A SHINEline, if you're not familiar with the term, is a Twitter-size (i.e., 140-character or shorter) snippet from Shine. Unless a speaker is mentioned, assume the line is part of the narrative from Aura's point of view.


-Aura (video-chat, touches top button) "Here?" Zach: "What d'ye take me for, lass? I'll not be groping you long-distance. Guess again."

-in Dublin airport: No, wait--not half-and-half. Now there were seven red roses & only five yellow.

-8K #SHINEline: Mickey leaned over to the mic. "Is that my brother or a doppelganger?"

-11K-vote #SHINEline: "Do you have a warrant for Principal Hirsch's arrest?"

-12K #SHINEline (Zachary, on Disney films): "I thought America would be like that. Bright colors, singing & dancing. Heroes & villains easy to tell apart."

-18K #SHINEline, from Aura's mom's lost journal pgs: "The day will rise again, with the next return of the light."

-19K #SHINEline: Dylan: "Yeah, seriously, my mom cleans the house before the cleaning people come. Is that insane or what?"

I wasn't tweeting a SHINEline every thousand votes, because they were coming way too fast for that! And sometimes I blogged full teaser scenes or scenes from Braveheart. But as the sun rose that morning, the votes slowed to a crawl, and I worried we'd never reach 20,000 votes so that I could fly to Minneapolis and hold TeamKilt Con. So I started doing a SHINEline every one hundred votes:

-19400-vote #SHINEline: Nicola: "For some reason, I thought ghosts would be purer. Then again, I thought *I* would be purer."

-19500-vote #SHINEline: Megan: "Do you realize how rare this is, how tiny the window of banana perfection?"

-19600-vote #SHINEline: I found Simon not backstage, but rather sitting on Creon's throne, legs crossed in a contemplative stance.

-19700-vote #SHINEline: "What did you do to us, witch?" Aiden growled. "What did you put in us?"

-19800-vote #SHINEline: The orchestra's sprightly marches & bouncy TV themes mocked the growing tension on our picnic blanket.

-19900-vote #SHINEline"My fellow Americans, good evening. My name is Becca Goldman, and I weep with all of you."

And then, at 8:25am, TeamKilt crossed the 20K mark:

-Zachary's 20K #SHINEline of TRIUMPH: "Aura, maybe it needs to be said....This is real, right? We're going to do this?" #TeamKilt #yesyoudid

*pause* ..... I love you guys. (Hat tip to @manyoceans for the screen shot above. Nice catch!)

Anyway, in the last few weeks, as I've been hard at work line editing Shine, Zachary has been tweeting a SHINEline now and then to entertain the troops.

-Aura: "Black & white pudding, is that like chocolate & vanilla?"

-[Zach], driving. "It's also my 1st time w/a manual transmission." [heavy traffic] "I have to stop talking now or we'll die."

-"Mo anam caraid," he said slowly, pronouncing it mo AN-am CAR-idge.

-Megan, to Aura: "What did you want, a red carpet when we walked into school yesterday a.m? Trumpets? Confetti?"

And finally, when I was done....

-in a note from [Zach] to Aura: We will solve this together. Please don't let go. Promise me.

Sadly (or maybe not), many of the SHINElines from August have been cut from the manuscript. I rewrite very heavily.

More about Shine, including order links and more "pre-bonus" material.

Anyway, if you'd like to see the cover for Shine and get a chance to win an Advance Review Copy (ARC), visit Fictitious Delicious's blog on Wednesday, November 2!

Gotta go to bed now so I can be up bright and early for Day 2 of NaNoWriMo. Chapter 2 of Lust for Life, here I come!

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I don't know what I am more excited over, the full list of SHINElines, the SHINE cover reveal tomorrow or the new book you are working on!

Posted by: Blogger KristyZ at 11/02/2011 12:12 AM

Thank you for sharing!

Posted by: Blogger Unknown at 11/05/2011 6:52 PM

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