Monday, December 19, 2011

SHADEboys Team Smackdown (*averts eyes*)

Library Mosaic book blog is hosting a character tournament (wait, don't run off screaming yet!) called "Team Smackdown," in which two members of a love triangle face off against each other, with advocates, in an online poll.

Today's the day for Logan and Zachary. The winner will eventually go on to battle a guy from another series. Nicole and Saleana did fabulous jobs defending Logan and Zachary. Go and read their descriptions--they're spot on. And as a special bonus, Library Mosaic is giving away a bracelet with a quote from the book. Such an original prize idea!

As you may know, I'm the captain of Team Don't Make Me Choose, and though Aura (and therefore I) do make a choice between Logan and Zachary, I still love the SHADEboys equally.

So can we make it a tie? Voting continues until Saturday night.

If you'd like to show your support for both boys, you can use these sincere but incredibly amateurish avatars that "Zachary" made Saturday night using Microsoft Paint. (ZOGAN is the combined name of Zachary and Logan, in case you're confused.)

Or this one by @JustJuliHelms, someone with actual talent:

Or if you prefer something truly innovative, check out this St. Andrew's Cross on a guitar by @jderucki:

Or this sweet star by @jware29:

Or look! A skull-and-crossbones AND star, by @idabosita:

And...awww...a plaid skull and crossbones by @marisolgaddi:

Send me your ZOGAN avis via Twitter/FB/email, and I'll add them to the gallery. Now GO VOTE! I don't really care who wins, but I would like to see tons of action (on the poll, I mean). If the SHADE boys can get more total votes than any contest yet, I might just have to give away something really cool....

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Awww - I just saw this. I think I just turned Team Dylan though :-)))

Nah - Logan you're still #1 but.....I really like Dylan now.

Posted by: Blogger Karen at 12/20/2011 9:46 PM

Hmm...just you wait, lassie. Just you wait.

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 12/23/2011 12:50 PM

I've only read Shade but I want Aura with Logan. I love Zach too but I hope Logan somehow ends up with Aura. You can make it happen ;-)

Posted by: Blogger Unknown at 1/17/2012 10:21 PM

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