Tuesday, January 03, 2012

SHADE fan site KiltandKeeley.com kicks off Thursday!

Amy and Jen, the amazing team behind Fictitious Delicious book blog and Team Kilt, revealed their extraordinary Sekrit Project on Zachary and Aura’s birthday.

Ladies and Gentleman, readers of all ages...

Amy and Jen's partners in crime are Karen from For What It's Worth and Brooke from Brooke Reports. Together, the four of them--and web dude Mike--have made something amazing.

I can't put into words how it makes me feel to have a fan site made for one of my series, PERIOD, but to have a site this fun and entertaining? Wow, I am pretty much the luckiest author in the world.

I mean, look at these glossary entries:

Becca Goldman (SHADE): Oh, Becca. What to say about you without receiving fines from FCC? This is the girl trying to possess Zach’s heart.
USS Constellation (SHADE): A U.S. Navy warship now located at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. Possesses very large potato bins.

And the Polaroid picture avatars for all the characters! I think my favorite is Mickey's. Look at the attitude in that jaw!

Thanks to everyone who stayed up late/got up early for the Solstice Surprise. There were prizes, SHINElines, and the kind of spontaneous goofiness that only comes from 3am tweeting.

The K&K site Official Grand Opening is this Thursday, January 5, including two special events bookending the day:

10:30am EST: "Zach and Logan in the Morning!" debuts with Special Guests Amy and Jen from Fictitious Delicious

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of the show Community, currently on hiatus (*sobs, shakes fist*). The SHADEboys (Zach and Logan on Twitter) are also big fans, particularly of Troy and Abed. So while Community is off TV, Zach and Logan will continue the Troy and Abed tradition of a fake morning talk show, asking off-the-wall questions of an assortment of people, including authors, agents, editors, bloggers, and musicians.

If you haven't seen Community and are not familiar with the magic of Trabed (#bestbromanceevah, as Logan calls them), here's a short example of what you can expect:

Yes, it is extremely silly to be interviewed by a pair of fake teenage boys. But look the folks who've jumped at the chance:

January 12: UniverseToday.com vlogger and Man Behind the Woman Upstairs, Christian Ready (@christianready)
January 19: Literary Agent Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown, Ltd. (@Ginger_Clark)
February 2: Jodi Meadows, 2012 debut author of one of my favorite books, INCARNATE (@jodimeadows)

All times are 10:30-11am EST.

To follow the interviews, use the hashtag #ZOGANam, and/or follow Logan and Zachary on Twitter.

Highlights from the Zach and Logan in the Morning! interviews will be posted on the SHADEboys tumblr for those who missed them.

Thursday, January 5, 9pm EST: Kilt and Keeley Kickoff Chat with the Woman Upstairs (that’s me)

I’ll be giving away signed copies of SHADE and SHIFT with the new covers. Obviously you’ll have to wait until April when the books arrive in my greedy little hands, but hey, it’s something special. Giveaway is open internationally.

The prize award will be based on a trivia contest, the answers to which are found on the Kilt & Keeley website. You can join the chat on the K&K site itself, or on the chat section of the K&K Facebook page.

KiltandKeeley.com has much more planned for this coming month. Check out the Full Kickoff Month Schedule, and follow K&K on Twitter for all the latest news and updates!


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WOOHOO! Can I be a Kiltley?

Posted by: Blogger Diana Julianna at 1/03/2012 8:08 PM

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