Friday, January 27, 2012

TeamKilt Burns Night Wrap-Up & SHINE teaser

Wow! Yesterday's Burns Night was a whirlwind of Scottish goodness. I felt a bit hungover this morning, though I drank nothing but tea and diet Pepsi all day. Staying up until 2am pretending to be an 18-year-old boy will do that do you.

(I'm referring, of course, to the extremely lively #FakeScotsmen Twitter chat between SHADE's Zachary Moore and BETWEEN's Aiden MacRae. There'll be a transcript on the SHADEboys tumblr eventually, but it'll involve several hours' work to get it in readable order, and I have a deadline next week...and the week after that. So!)

The other highlight of the day was the "Ask a Real Scotsman" chat with Fraser McFarlane of Street Spirit Photography. The chat was hosted by the lovely Sya at Mountains of Instead. Sya and Fraser also blogged brilliant arguments on behalf of Edinburgh and Glasgow, respectively.


Several giveaways are still going on. Check out the Burns Night Giveaway Hop at For What It's Worth (Karen's goes until Saturday, and scroll to the bottom of her post to check links for the other linked giveaways.).

(EDITED on FEBRUARY 1 TO ADD: One of the Giveaway Hop giveaways, at Page Turners Blog, is still open, through the end of today. Plus you can still enter by voting in the Book Boyfriends poll, through tomorrow night. For more on that, read a few paragraphs down in this post.)

The winner of my own giveaway of the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD or BluRay (winner's choice) is....ame1184! ame, please send your name and address to me at jeri AT jerismithready DOT com (and remind me what it is you won) within the next week. If I've heard no response by then, I'll draw another name.

Thanks for all your comments on my All Things Scottish post! Looks like I've got my blogging work cut out for me this year with all this curiosity. :) I'll really enjoy sharing more about the Scottish things I love most.


Remember, winners of the Giveaway Hop contests will each be entered into the SHINE ARC giveaway, as will the entrants in my Aura in Scotland contest (I'll get to that in a sec).

And don't forget this (excerpted from Tuesday's post):

Chapters Indigo, the major chain bookstore in Canada, is having a poll on their Facebook page asking "Who would you choose as your book boyfriend?" Right now Zachary is in 5th place and hoping to climb higher, with your help!
  • If you vote for Zachary, you get a chance to win an ARC of SHINE.
  • If you also vote for Logan, you get another chance to win an ARC of SHINE.
  • If you also also vote for Shane from the WVMP series (my own choice, preferring guys who are over 21), you get a third chance to win an ARC of SHINE.
Since I wrote that, Zachary has climbed to second place and Logan is in third! This is pretty awesome, since Chapters Indigo's Facebook page, which is running the poll, has almost a quarter million followers. SHADE readers are the absolute BEST.


AURA IN SCOTLAND contest and SHINE teaser!

I adored reading everyone's imagined version of Aura's arrival in Scotland. I was also tickled to notice that virtually everyone wrote an Aura-Zachary reunion. Some made me laugh, others choked me up a little. Most were a wee bit naughty. :-D

However, in SHINE, when Aura arrives in Scotland...Zachary's already with her. That shouldn't be a spoiler, because after all they do plan to meet up in Ireland. Very little else goes according to plan, but that, at least, happens. And then eventually this:


As we flew in, the late sunrise glowed pink against the distant snow-speckled mountains and rugged highlands. I could tell already that this was a wilder place than Ireland, than any place I'd ever been, and I had a feeling that in twenty-four hours, I would know Zachary far better than I did now.

Wispy snow fell as we took a cab through the city toward the northern end where the Moores lived, in the Maryhill section. On the way, I gaped out the window at the buildings' dark, brooding beauty, and sighed at the grand Victorian architecture. "You told me Glasgow was beautiful, but I figured you were biased."

"I am biased. It's not for everyone." He swept a light hand over the back of my shoulders, leaving the words I hope it's for you unspoken.


And that, dear friends, is probably the last Shine teaser I'll share before the book comes out May 1. Any more and my publisher might rap my knuckles.

Okay, it's midnight, so time to draw the 3 winners of the SHADE paperbacks from the Aura in Scotland post...also, these folks each get two chances at that SHINE ARC...

The winners are:

Poochylover (Nicole)
Tine Vs. the World

Winners, please email your name and mailing address to jeri AT jerismithready DOT com. Congrats!

The SHINE ARC drawing will take place Friday, February 3. Good luck, everyone, and thanks for making TeamKilt Burns Night a great event! See you on St. Patrick's Day!

PS: I am totally offline from now until I finish and turn in Lust for Life next week. To update Buffy--if the Apocalypse comes, text me.

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Congrats Poochylover, Emberchyld and Tine!!

Posted by: Blogger Kimberly Callegan at 1/27/2012 12:40 AM

Thanks again to you and Sya for letting be your #RealScotsman. Also, I'd like to insert a shameless plug again and tell everyone that my TeamKilt discount is still running! Use code TEAMKILT to get 20% off everything in store.

Posted by: Anonymous Fraser at 1/27/2012 1:20 AM

i got a little too excited when i saw you quoted buffy :) good change with the text me since i'm pretty sure no one actually uses beepers anymore :)
(i may have been a little obsessed with buffy for awhile) (oh who am i kidding, my love for buffy [and angel] never ended :D)

Posted by: Blogger alicia marie at 1/27/2012 1:21 AM

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