Monday, February 13, 2012

Team Smackdown Round 3 and "Shattered" teaser

Thanks to everyone who gave Zachary the victory in Round 2 of Library Mosaic's "Team Smackdown"!

I promised that if he won, I'd share a teaser from his short-story-in-progress, "Shattered," which will be out this summer. The size of the teaser was determined by the number of votes Zachary received.

He's in the semi-finals this week, so if you want, go vote for him and your choices in the other two races. And once again, if he wins, I'll share another "Shattered" teaser that will also reflect the number of votes.

So here it is, from Round 2, a 135-word piece of Zachary (with usual this-is-a-first-draft disclosure. (Is "disclosure" even the right word? I am still deadline-braindead. Also, a little nervous.) EDITED TO ADD: the correct word is "disclaimer." Duh.). Anyway:


The dream won’t even grant me grey. It’s all white, blank. Nothing. No one.

Standing (sitting? tumbling?) in the void, I hold up my hands. They look false, laid against no skin.

The fading, it starts at my fingertips. Nothingness devours them, turning my knuckles to air. Then my palms, my wrists.

I scream at my arms to fight back. They flap and flail until they’re gone as well, and the nothingness is at my throat, swallowing the shrieks.

I sit half up in bed, choking, my gut leaping towards my mouth. This time, I’m certain breath won’t come. This time, I’m certain I’ll die.

“Zachary!” A touch in the dark on my arm, which apparently still exists.

Instinct launches my other fist, but instead of smashing a face, it meets another hand. This time.


Thanks again to all who voted! (And if you want more, well, you know what to do.)

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This is beautiful. I can't wait to read more!!!!! :)

Posted by: Blogger Ginger @ GReads! at 2/13/2012 9:23 PM

Oh, my Zach! :) Can't wait to read this whole story!!

Posted by: Blogger Jess (Gone with the Words) at 2/13/2012 9:29 PM

I'm hooked already. I can't wait for this!

Posted by: Blogger Triquetra at 2/13/2012 9:32 PM

Oh wow! I am really looking forward to reading the whole thing - more than I was before.

Posted by: Blogger Judy (shellseeker93) at 2/13/2012 9:44 PM

Your words blow my mind every time. And Zachary, I just want to cradle him.
Can't wait to find out more about Shattered.

Posted by: Blogger Kimberly Callegan at 2/13/2012 11:45 PM

What a thing to read on Valentine's. Can't wait to read Shine in May and then read Zach's story when you release it.

Posted by: Blogger Marissa at 2/14/2012 2:58 AM

OH ZACH!!!! (deep breaths)By the way, he's winning right now. ;)

Posted by: Blogger Bwyatt at 2/14/2012 7:27 AM

*clutches heart tightly* Ohhh Jeri I need SHATTERED so badly you don't even know. (btw, will it have a cover? I so want to do a fan cover but, you know, I was wondering!)

Posted by: Blogger Diana Julianna at 2/18/2012 8:38 PM

Nice teaser! The gift of photography is within your hands. Liked it and have stumbled it. Thanks a lot!

Posted by: Anonymous Mens kilts at 2/23/2012 12:16 AM

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