Monday, February 20, 2012

Team Smackdown Round 4 and another "Shattered" teaser

Thanks to everyone who helped Zachary win Round 3 of Library Mosaic's Team Smackdown!

This week is the finals, so please help take our boy to the top--it would be a great way to show your support not just for Zachary, but for his awesome advocate Saleana at Fictional Distraction. Saleana was up early every day reminding her followers to vote for Zachary (since voting is limited to one per IP address per day, which is kinda nice), so all the credit goes to her. Especially since I kept forgetting.

As in Round 2, I promised a teaser sample from Zachary's Summer 2012 short story "Shattered," one word per vote received, if Zachary won.

A little more about "Shattered" (but only a little, because there's not much I can say about it without spoiling Shine):

The title is what it is partly because it fits with the SHADE/SHIFT/SHINE "SH" title motif. But it also fits thematically. Zachary is shattered in more sense than one--in the British slang sense of "exhausted," due to insomnia, but also at a soul-deep level, due to his experiences in Shine, with which the story runs concurrent.

Zachary's "shattered-ness" will be reflected in the style and structure of this piece, which will definitely be the most ambitious work of fiction I've ever attempted. That's what I love about short stories--they let you play with all the toys in your head. I hope I'm up to the task.

Anyway, here you are, an 86-word shard of "Shattered":


As Aura speaks, she flutters her hand beside her head, drifts her fingers through her hair, twisting the ends into dark curls that linger when she lets go.

I watch her hand onscreen, and I want to hold it. Not to walk sweetly through a park (though that would be good, too). I want to clutch it, our fingers intertwined, palms glued with sweat as I press both hands to the mattress beside her head. Deep within her, I could lose myself. Or find myself. Whichever.


Want more? For every vote Zachary gets in the final round of Team Smackdown, I'll post TWO words of "Shattered." It'll be Super Sized! This time the voting goes until Sunday, and Library Mosaic is giving away one of the three finalists' books as well as a cool bracelet that has the book quote of the winner's choice.


Speaking of polls, Zachary and Logan are both in the second round of the Ultimate Book Boyfriend Challenge over at Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me and Eleusinian Mysteries (each blog has the same post and poll, so follow either link). These two lovely Aussie bloggers, Lisa and Brodie, are giving away some great prize packs, with different books and swag depending where you live. You can vote as many times as you want, they say, but giveaway entries are limited to one per person, plus two extra entries for leaving a comment on one of the posts.

I know many Shade fans will want to vote for Logan and Zachary and send them both to the final round. I could be greedy and say, YES, DO IT!! BRING ME GLORRRRRRYYYYYY!!

But honestly? Nothing would pain me more than to see them go up against each other again. Since Zachary's had all the attention of the crush tournament and now the Team Smackdown, maybe it's Logan's turn?

Anyway, I think voting runs until some time Tuesday morning, either at 12:01am EST or maybe at 8am EST, not sure which. The final round will be posted on Wednesday afternoon in Australia, which means Tuesday night for those in US (the east coast is 16 hours behind Sydney). I'll post about it here if either of the boys makes it.

Oh, and Shift is up against Clockwork Prince in this genre battle tournament at Fiction Fervor. I know there is zero chance of it coming out on top, but figured I should let you know.

Are you sick of online polls yet? I probably should be, but I'm truly grateful and honored every time a blogger chooses a book or character (or love triangle) of mine even to contend in a competition. And then to see the readers come out and support them...well, may I never get sick of that.

Love you guys!

*ducks back into deadline cave*

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This teaser was epic!!!

Posted by: Blogger Kimberly Callegan at 2/20/2012 3:42 PM

That was ... wow ... the most incredible teaser!

Posted by: Blogger Judy (shellseeker93) at 2/20/2012 10:13 PM

HOLYAWESOMENESS, BATMAN!! Now THAT is what I call a teaser!! :D THANK YOU!

Posted by: Blogger Jess (Gone with the Words) at 2/21/2012 6:08 PM

I love it. Great teaser. Can't wait for more.

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous at 2/21/2012 10:39 PM

Seriously, Jeri, I'm NOT AT ALL COMPLAINING, but that teaser makes me think that's not a YA story. LOVE IT!!!!! HOT! HOT! HOT! Can't wait to see where it's headed.

Posted by: Blogger Leslie at 2/22/2012 5:53 PM

Thanks, everyone! Leslie, I promise this is a YA story, just one written from a 17-year-old boy's point-of-view. One Y chromosome can make a big difference in perspective. ;)

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 2/23/2012 11:52 AM

*picks up jaw* Holy Moly. Off to advocate some more so we get more teasers! <3

Posted by: Blogger Triquetra at 2/23/2012 11:26 PM

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