Monday, April 30, 2012

Giveaway winners (so far) and a new reader playlist!

It's release week for SHINE! Tonight I'll be at a midnight release party at Cupboard Maker Books in Enola, PA (near Harrisburg) from 9pm-ish to 1:30am. It's going to be epic, and I have to remind myself to schedule a nap today.

The winner of the "Ask Jeri" prize (a marked-up/director's commentary full SHADE trilogy) was Andrea T.! The answers to the (many, many) questions will be posted in bunches on the Kilt & Keeley SHADE fan site over the next couple of weeks. I decided to spread it out to keep things interesting, because believe me, you do NOT want to read answers to 50 questions in one day. Thanks to everyone who asked such fabulous questions!

There was some fun over the weekend, including a #SHADEboys chat Saturday night. The Q&A part lasted over two hours, and then the after-party pretty much went until midnight, so total time = 5 hours, 12 minutes. This is typical.

TeamKilt bookplate winners were:


...and the grand prize winner was @RPattz!

What was the grand prize, you ask? I said it would be connected to the surprise unveiled at the beginning of the chat, and here it is:

The SHIFT Readers Playlist! These are songs that have been suggested to me over the last year by readers, songs that remind them of Aura, Zach, and Logan. (There were many more than 17, but I had to keep it to a reasonable length. A few suggestions will end up on the SHINE soundtrack--that's how awesome you guys are.)

SHIFT readers' playlist by Jeri Smith-Ready on Grooveshark

Thank you all for giving me so many meaningful musical connections to the books. It is one of my favorite parts of being a writer. The #SHADEboys chat grand prize was a copy of all these songs in the form of an iTunes playlist (which will be available for purchase very soon).

The SHINE soundtrack will be unveiled this Wednesday, May 2, at 9pm eastern, at the end of a two-hour #SHADEboys dance party. Come share your favorite funny/amazing videos of you or some random stranger(s) dancing. Everyone who posts a video gets a chance to win Team Kilt bookplates and the SHINE soundtrack itself! As always, the easiest way to follow any Twitter chat is using Tweetchat.

If you need an example of the spirit of the #SHADEboys dance party, check out yesterday's spontaneous post by Zach and Logan, prompted by a question they got the night before.

As you can see, goofiness is encouraged.

Check back here tomorrow for my Release Day post, where I look back on the previous year of getting to know some amazing readers and writing the hardest book of my life (so far).

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Friday, April 27, 2012

SHINE prerelease wrap-up post

Your one-stop shop for all things SHINE prerelease-y!

The stuff so far:

Read the first chapter and watch the trailer

Illustrated Guide to SHADE series covers, formats, and preorders

SHINE release celebration contests, including one that ends tonight!

How to order autographed copies (with signed swag) from my local bookstore

Release week booksignings and a giveaway for spreading the word



To make things easy on you, I've stolen/borrowed/nabbed a list of links that Kimberly of Living Fictitiously painstakingly put together (BIG KISSES TO KIM!). I've starred the places that are shipping as of right now (Monday 9:30am eastern):

Shade (*** means the paperback with NEW COVER is NOW SHIPPING)
***Constellation Books (Jeri's local indy book store- SIGNED COPY!!!!!): Hardcover /Paperback  
***Barnes and Noble: Hardcover / Paperback / E Book 
Amazon: Hardcover / Paperback / E Book 
Book Depository:  Hardcover / Paperback
iTunes E book  
(Audiobook: B&N / Amazon / iTunes also has available in audio)

Shift (*** means the paperback is NOW SHIPPING; hardcover is already available)
***Constellation Books (Jeri's local indy book store- SIGNED COPY!!!!!): Hard Cover /Paperback  
***Barnes and Noble: Hard Cover / Paperback / E Book (UPDATE: SHIFT paperback now in some B&N and Books-a-Million stores!)
***Amazon: Hard Cover / Paperback / E Book 
Book Depository:  Hardcover / Paperback 
iTunes E book 
(Audiobook: B&N / Amazon / iTunes also has available in audio)

Shine (*** means it is NOW SHIPPING)
***Constellation Books (Jeri's local indy book store- SIGNED COPY!!!!!): Hard Cover /Paperback  
Barnes and Noble: Hard Cover / ***Paperback / E Book (UPDATE: SHINE paperback now in some B&N and Books-a-Million stores!)
***Amazon: Hard Cover / Paperback / E Book 
***Book Depository:  Hard Cover / Paperback 
iTunes E book
(Audiobook coming 2012! Release Date to be announced.)



If you preorder from anywhereKilt & Keeley (the fabulous SHADE fan site) will give you a free gift: a cute-beyond-belief Zach & Logan trading card! They will also enter you in the grand prize giveaway, a books/music/swag cornucopia that grows bigger the more preorders they get. Their goal is 100, and they're already 89% of the way there--help them reach their goal, and there will be an explosively huge prize to win.

Remember, EVERYONE who preorders gets a trading card. Nice, huh?


#SHADEboys + Aura Twitter chat Saturday, April 28, 7pm eastern time. Swag, books, and music will be given away as Zachary, Logan, and Aura get us psyched for the Big Day. Easiest way to follow is through TweetChat, which will automatically add the #SHADEboys hashtag to your tweets. Because these chats get really hectic, I will not see your tweet if you don't use the hashtag.

At the beginning of the chat, I'll have a surprise for you! The chat's grand prize will be connected to that surprise, so I can't tell you what the prize is, but I can show you a picture of the sweet Team Kilt swag packs that'll be given out (pic courtesy of @shellseeker93:

The autographed thingie in the lower left-hand corner is one of nine Team Kilt bookplate designs (probably my favorite, featuring the UK cover for SHIFT). Team Kilt bookplates cannot be bought or requested--they can only be won. If you participate in enough Team Kilt events, you might collect all 9! At that point you can get a secret decoder ring that'll let you--oh wait, I guess it's not a secret now. Oops.

So how do you win? Just ask Zach, Logan, and/or Aura a question (but don't forget to use the #SHADEboys hashtag). Even if I don't have time to answer them all, you'll still be entered. Open to international entries.

Hope to see you there!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Release week signings & #SHINEsign giveaways!

So, a small thing is happening next week. The SHADE trilogy is ending--and in only three books! :-D

Sorry, forgive me if this blog post sounds weird. Still getting used to the new Blogger interface. I saw people complaining about it on Twitter, then when it switched mine over I thought, "Okay, new Blogger. I will not freak out like everyone else. I will not freak out." Now I'm sorta freaking out.


Three booksignings next week! Here are the details of my mid-Atlantic meanderings:

Monday, April 30, 9pm - Tuesday, May 1, 1:30am
Cupboard Maker Books
157 N. Enola Rd.
Enola, PA (near Harrisburg--so near you can taste it, if Harrisburg had a taste)

Yep, you read that right--a midnight release party. It's downright Potter-ific! (Except that there's only one going on, in Pennsylvania, not 90,000 around the world. And probably no costumes. But other than that, it's JUST like Harry Potter.)

Prizes will be given out every 15 minutes between 11pm and 1am, and there'll be two pizza deliveries from Jigsy's Pizza (BEST PIZZA IN SOUTH CENTRAL PA, YO!), at 11pm and midnight.

Friday, May 4, 7-9pm
Between Books
2703 Philadelphia Pike
Claymont, DE (near Philadelphia, as indicated by the Pike in the address)

Signing, reading, Italian cookies, and a very special guest:

That's right--after years of people asking, "When are you going to bring Meadow to a booksigning?" the answer is...Friday, May 4! And Saturday, May 5! (See below, right...NOW!)

Saturday, May 5, 8-10pm
Constellation Books
303 Main Street
Reisterstown, MD (near Baltimore, home of the SHADE trilogy itself)

Five-year anniversary party for Constellation Books, featuring a SHINE signing and stargazing party, with telescopes (and guidance) provided by members of the Westminster Astronomical Society. *crosses fingers for clear skies* There'll be refreshments, and of course Meadow! Hopefully not too close together, or one will consume the other.


Now, many of you don't live in or around, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, or Baltimore, but you can still get a signed, personalized book by calling any of those stores ahead of the signings and ordering a copy. They'll work out shipping, etc., with you directly.

But there's something else you can do to take part, and maybe win some cool prizes! I do my best to spread the word about signings, but inevitably I hear from someone saying, "Oh man, you were in Chicago last week? I didn't know until just now!" So I'm determined to let everyone know this time.

Help me spread the word about the signings, and you could win the following prizes:

Winner #1 gets: A $25 gift card to the bookseller of his or her choice.

Winner #2 gets:  Choice of a Keeley Brothers mega-swag bag (tote bag, coffee mug, button, and your choice of a signed SHADE or SHIFT paperback):


a Team Kilt mega-swag bag (tote bag, water bottle, button, and your choice of a signed SHADE or SHIFT paperback):

Imagine, if you will, these bags stuffed with swag and a book. 

Entry rules:

1. Simply tweet the following (no need to @ me, just include the #SHINEsign hashtag):

Live around Philadelphia, Harrisburg, or Baltimore? Jeri Smith-Ready is signing SHINE near you! #SHINEsign

AND/OR share the following on Facebook (being sure to tag me so I know you've done it): 

Live around Philadelphia, Harrisburg, or Baltimore? Jeri Smith-Ready is signing SHINE near you!

2. Do this between now and May 5. Two entries allowed per person (one for Twitter, one for Facebook) per week. Week 1 ends Saturday, April 28 at 11:59pm Eastern. This spaces out the announcements to avoid flooding one's followers feeds.

3. Open to international entries.

4. Winners will be drawn at random on Sunday, May 6, and contacted through Twitter or Facebook. Each winner has three days to respond with a mailing address or another name will be drawn.

5. Thank you!

Hope to see you there, or at least someone you know, or someone who knows someone you know!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Let It Bleed coming May 27!

EDITED TO ADD: Please read this update for the latest on "Let It Bleed." Thanks!

At long last, Book 3.5 of the WVMP Series, the novella "Let it Bleed," will be posted here at!

When: Sunday, May 27 (Ciara's birthday)
How: At the very least, in PDF format, but I'm hoping to make it available in all major ebook formats as well.
Why: Um...because I love you?
How much: FREE for the first year. This means it'll be free for six months after the publication of the final novel Lust for Life, coming December 2012. In June 2013, I'll publish "Let It Bleed" as an ebook with some extra features and a brand-new piece of WVMP short fiction! Something to look forward to, yeah?

Unlike most novellas, "Let It Bleed" isn't a side jaunt. It's an integral part of the WVMP series story arc. If you don't read it, you'll pick up Lust for Life and go, "Wait...what?", and your head will start tilting sideways like a dog when it hears a funny noise. That's why I'm putting it out for free.

For more about this vampire series, including playlists and free (for now) short stories, check out the WVMP section of my website.

If you'd like a reminder notice when "Let It Bleed" goes live, sign up using this handy-dandy button:

Thanks for your patience! Eventually I'll put up a post explaining the delay, since I think by this time you deserve it (and I feel the need to explain so you don't think I've just been dorking around not caring about this, my favorite series I've ever written), but consider this a "Just the Facts" post. Which is why it's short and (I hope) sweet.

Happy reading!

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SHINE has arrived at Constellation!

THAT ^^^, my friends, is a giant stack o' SHINE, just delivered this morning to my local bookseller, Constellation Books.

(OK, it's not all SHINE. There are some SHIFTs in there, too.)

That means if you've preordered your copy, I will sign it Monday morning and it will ship THAT DAY, a full week ahead of release date.

All orders through Constellation Books will not only be autographed, but will also include signed bookmarks and a signed Keeley Brothers sticker.

If you haven't preordered yet, there's still time! All orders received by Sunday at 6pm eastern will be fulfilled Monday. Orders received after that will be signed the following Sunday and shipped Monday, April 30.

All copies will be signed and personalized to the first name of the person placing the order, unless you specify otherwise in the comments on the order form (i.e., if you want just a signature, or if you want it made out to someone else).

IMPORTANT: If you want your copy/copies signed, you MUST say so in the comments of the order form. Now that there are copies in the warehouse, the warehouse will ship an unsigned copy directly to you, rather than through the bookstore, if you don't leave a comment. 

Also, PLEASE be specific as to whether you want it personalized to you and what name you'd like me to sign it to. Saying "I want a signed copy" makes me wonder if you just want an autograph with no name. I want to make sure you're getting exactly what you want!

International readers: To order from Constellation (probably a faster way to get SHINE than Book Depository, honestly), use the "Email Us" link on the left side of their website. Lauretta will contact you for your credit card information for shipping. There may be a delay of a few days while she calculates the exact amount.

Also, the store is closed Mondays and Tuesdays, so on those days, don't expect an immediate response.


Head on over to Kilt & Keeley (the fab SHADE fan site) and grab your free Zach & Logan trading card! They'll send you a card for each copy of SHINE you order by April 30 from any bookseller. Plus you'll be entered to win a grand prize cornucopia that grows with every entry! (Their goal is 100 preorders, and they're over halfway there already--eee!)

Preordered weeks/months ago? You can still claim your trading card prize--just dig up that old receipt from the depths of your inbox.

Gotta get back to writing my newsletter (SO MUCH NEWS--oh, and a SHINE giveaway, of course. If you're not a subscriber, there's a signup box on the right sidebar of the blog.), but I want to say a giant THANK YOU to everyone who has preordered SHINE, from Constellation or anywhere else. Every preorder tells a bookseller that this is a book people want. It does make a difference.

(If you haven't read about the SHINE birthday celebration yet, check out my blog post from earlier this week. Chats, giveaways, mass reader interview of me, and more!)

PS: If you need incentive to buy SHINE, I have finally found an actor who perfectly matches the image of Zachary that has lived in my head for over four years:

(Click image for larger, even more swoon-tastical version. Hat tip to Terri at My Book Boyfriend for her review of SHADE that included another, more come-hithery shot of Sean Faris.)

Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SHINE birthday celebration: it's all about YOU

As you may know--and as I keep waking up in the middle of the night realizing--SHINE is coming out in two weeks, on May 1!

Last year I did a ginormous two-week-long SHIFT blog tour, where the pre-release and post-release bloggers formed the Pre-SHIFTer and Post-SHIFTer teams, and they battled it out for comments to win a rare ARC of SHINE and marked-up sets of SHADE and SHIFT.

I tried to think how I could top the SHIFT blog tour, and realized I couldn't, at least not with another blog tour. So this year I'm doing something different. Here's a hint:

That's the dedication page. I couldn't think of anyone who's been a bigger part of my life the past year during the creation of SHINE.

(Before my family gets mad, "anyone" = anyone who hasn't already had a book dedicated to them or has one reserved for them in the near future.)

While I always write for myself and the characters first and last, the support from readers kept me going on many a long night of writing, rewriting, re-rewriting, re-re-rewriting, re-re-rewriting, revising, line editing, copyediting, page-proofing, page-proofing, and more page-proofing. I wanted SHINE to be perfect--for me, for Aura, and for you.

SO, I present...the "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE READER" birthday celebration for SHINE!

One big part of the celebration will remain a secret until Release Week, but the rest I can share now:

1) SHADE Reader Playlist, Volume 2. After Book One (SHADE) was released, lots of readers sent me links to music that reminded them of the characters. I compiled them last year and put them on the SHADE music page. I'll do that again this year.

Though I already have several tunes on the waiting list, if you have a song suggestion, please leave it in the comments to this post. I can't guarantee every suggestion will make it in, but I'll do my best. Hearing how people connect music to books is one of my favorite things about being a writer and a reader!

2) SHADE readers "Ask Jeri" giveaway. Rather than have one or two bloggers come up with questions for me to answer, I'm opening it up to everyone. I'll answer up to 50 questions (10 per day during release week, April 30 - May 4). The interviews will be posted on the SHADE fan site, One lucky questioner will win a marked-up, director's commentary-style set of the entire SHADE trilogy!

Entry rules: Email your question(s) to me at jeri AT jerismithready DOT com with the subject line "Ask Jeri." Ask as many questions as you like, but there will only be one entry per person. So asking me 20 questions will not get you 20 entries. I'll try to answer at least one question per reader.

Deadline: Friday, April 27, 11:59pm Eastern Time. This'll give me a week to write my answers. I will draw a winner at random and notify them by email before Sunday, April 29.

Open to International entries!

3) Mystery Thing to be announced during release week. (It's cool, you'll like it.)

4) SHINE review contest. Post an online review of SHINE during release time and be entered to win a 90-minute private video chat with me! (Rumor has it I'll be willing to read a short preview of Zachary's upcoming novella, "Shattered." Hmmm....)

This prize will have 3 winners.

Entry rules:
  • Reviews must appear between Monday, April 23 and Friday, May 11. Reviews can appear on blogs, book sites like Goodreads or Library Thing, or online booksellers such as Amazon or
  • Each review gets you one entry. For example, if you post Goodreads and Amazon reviews, plus a review on your blog, that's 3 entries.
  • Blog reviews must include the SHINE cover, a link to my website and Twitter page, and the release date.
  • Email a link to your review to melissa AT jerismithready DOT com--please note it's to my awesome assistant MELISSA, not me. I have a hard time reading reviews while I'm working on another book, so she'll save them for me to read later.
  • If you've already posted a review on your blog, don't worry--you're still eligible! Just put up another post between April 23 and May 11 announcing the release (please include the cover plus a link to my website and Twitter page), and link to your early review.
  • If you hold a giveaway with your review/feature, you'll get five extra entries for each SHADE trilogy book you give away (i.e., SHADE, SHIFT, and/or SHINE).
  • International entries welcome!
  • Drawing will take place using a random number generator, and the 3 winners will be notified by email on or before Friday, May 18.
  • You can bring as many folks as you want to the Skype chat (friends, family, book club, library group, soccer team, karate class), but no recordings, please.
Remember, all review/feature posts must take place between Monday, April 23 and Friday, May 11 to be eligible.

5) #SHADEboys + Aura Twitter chat Saturday, April 28, 7pm eastern time. Swag, books, and music will be given away as Zachary, Logan, and Aura get us psyched for the Big Day!

6) Chat with Yours Truly, hosted by, Wednesday, May 9, 9pm Eastern. That'll hopefully give everyone time to read SHINE so they won't be spoiled by the chat's chatter.

I hope you can tell from these party plans how excited I am to be sharing the end of the SHADE novels with you! And you, and you, and you, and you, and you....

Thanks for being part of the most amazing journey of my life!

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Monday, April 09, 2012

SHINE preorders & how to get new SHADE & SHIFT covers

Subtitle: Everything You Need to Know About What's Coming Out May 1 (and Haven't Been Afraid to Ask)

This is going to serve as a FAQ post, so I won't do a big ol' intro, just the facts. But THANKS for stopping by to find out what's what with SHADE, SHIFT, and SHINE!

1. SHINE (Shade trilogy Book 3) is coming out May 1 in both hardcover and paperback, with identical covers:

ISBN Hardcover: 978-1442439450
ISBN Paperback: 978-1442439467

If you preorder Shine from my local bookstore, Constellation Books, I will autograph and personalize it for you, and you might even get it before May 1! Usually my books arrive in stores about a week before they hit the shelves, so the moment they arrive at Constellation, Lauretta will email me, I'll hop in the car and go sign them, then she'll ship them out that same day.

*picks up car keys, stares at inbox*

International readers: To order from Constellation (probably a faster way to get SHINE than Book Depository, honestly), use the "Email Us" link on the left side of their website. Lauretta will contact you for your credit card information for shipping.

You can also preorder Shine from Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

If you preorder from anywhere, Kilt & Keeley (the fabulous SHADE fan site) will give you a free gift: a cute-beyond-belief Zach & Logan trading card! They will also enter you in the grand prize giveaway, a books/music/swag cornucopia that grows bigger the more preorders they get. Their goal is 100, and they're already a third of the way there.

Remember, EVERYONE who preorders gets a trading card. Nice, huh?

NOTE #1: all online booksellers are carrying both the hardcover and paperback of Shine, so be sure you're getting the format you want before you hit "order."

NOTE #2: Before you decide between the hardcover and paperback, read #4 below.

NOTE #3: Some Barnes & Noble stores will be carrying the SHINE paperback (but call before you go in with high hopes), but for now, none will be carrying the hardcover. They will order it for you, though, and hey, if enough people order it, who knows? Maybe they'll start stocking it. We can always dream.

2. SHIFT (Shade trilogy Book 2) is coming out in paperback May 1. This is the one and only SHIFT paperback cover. It is different from the hardcover jacket, which is typical for a paperback release.

ISBN: 978-1416994091

Preorder the SHIFT paperback from Constellation (signed copies), Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

NOTE #1: There are no notes. SHIFT paperback = one cover = May 1. Pretty straightforward.

3. SHADE (Shade trilogy Book 1) which is already in paperback as of April 2011 with this cover...

and this ISBN: 978-1416994077

...will be reissued May 1 with a new cover to match SHINE and SHIFT:

...but will have the same ISBN: 978-1416994077


If you order the SHADE paperback online today, you'll almost certainly get the old cover.

If you order the SHADE paperback online May 1, you might still get the old cover. Most stores have a stockpile of the old paperback in their warehouse, and the publisher can't force them to ship them back and get the new cover. So it could be days or weeks before you can be sure to get the new cover from say, Amazon or or Book Depository. Once I've confirmed that these individual online booksellers are shipping the new cover, I will post it here and spread the word far and wide. With confetti.

EDITED 4/26 TO ADD: YES! I placed an order for a SHADE paperback from Barnes & yesterday, and it arrived today with a new cover. Now, it's not a total guarantee you'll get the new one (it's possible they have both lying around the warehouse) but it's a good sign. So order the new SHADE now from I also ordered one from Amazon, so stay tuned...

EDITED 4/27 TO ADD: Amazon is still shipping the old SHADE cover. As of now is shipping all three matching SHADE series paperbacks--woo-hoo!--but the SHINE hardcover is still listed as preorder.

There are two ways to be sure you'll get the new cover:

1) Walk into a store, see it on the shelf, and buy it.
2) Order from Constellation Books and tell them in the comments that you want the new cover (or the old cover, if you prefer--they still have a few of those left, but not many). As a bonus, it'll be signed and personalized--woo-hoo!

4. Some summary notes:

  • The release date for all these editions, as well as the SHINE ebook, is May 1.
  • The hardcover versions of SHADE and SHIFT will remain available. They have these covers:

  • The only edition to go out of print will be the SHADE paperback with the original cover:

  • There is not, nor has there ever been, a SHINE hardcover jacket to match the design of the SHADE and SHIFT hardcovers. The publisher didn't change their mind and decide to do a different cover after designing the original, like the Wolfsbane situation. The SHADE series cover reboot was in the works more than a year before SHINE's release. I just couldn't tell anyone about it until November--aaaaah, killer sekrit!
  • This means the only way to have a perfectly matched set of covers, in both format and design, is to buy the SHINE paperback, the SHIFT paperback, and the new SHADE paperback. Not saying you have to, but I know lots of readers prefer it this way.
  • To do this, I recommend preordering SHINE and SHIFT and then keeping an eye on this blog (or the shelves of your local store) for when the new SHADE paperback is available. Or as I said above, order from Constellation Books and tell them you want the new SHADE cover.
However and wherever you buy these books, and in whatever quantity or editions, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You make it possible for me to keep writing.

I think that's it. Any questions?

EDITED TO ADD: Here's a question I just got on Twitter.

Q: Will any of the books with the new covers be for sale at the RT convention this week?

A: I doubt it. The bookseller probably placed the order several weeks ago, and the copies with the new covers were just printed at the end of March.

BUT, I'm told that 75 new SHADEs will be in the 250 goody bags for Teen Day on Saturday. The goody bags are for teens only, though I've heard they give out any extras at the end. So come to the Teen Day Party 6:15 - 7pm Saturday and you might get lucky! (EDITED TO ADD: there will also be 75 more in the Teen Day Goody Room, which I'm pretty sure is open to everyone.)

Q from Facebook: Any chance there'll be a boxed set in the future?

A: Only if the series becomes a surprise bestseller. HINT HINT--only readers can make this happen, so...spread the word!


Friday, April 06, 2012

RT Convention schedule!

Yay, it's here again! My favorite (and most exhausting/exhilarating) convention, hands down. The RT Booklovers convention runs Wednesday, April 11 through Sunday, April 15, at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Rosemont, IL (just outside Chicago). I'll be speaking on panels, attending parties, and joining in the giant public multi-author booksigning once again, at my favorite annual convention!

Here's the full convention schedule. NOTE: The convention now offers day passes, including a $25 pass for teens on Saturday's Teen Day! See the registration page for details.

Where I'll Be

Wednesday, April 11:

3:30-4:30pm: Young Adult track: THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT- A number of established authors have made the transition from adult fiction to YA novels. What are the pitfalls? How does your writing change? Can you do both? This panel of authors will guide you through the transition — or the multitasking — necessary to add YA fiction to a writer’s repertoire.

Moderator: Kelley Armstrong. Panelists: Ann Aguirre, Jenna Black, Sophie Jordan, Jeri Smith-Ready, Rachel Vincent

11:45pm - 1:00am: YA MIDNIGHT SLUMBER PARTY - YA books aren’t just for kids. Whether you love YA or are curious what the buzz is all about, come join some YA authors for our “slumber party.” We’re keeping it real with slumber party games, junk food and lots of swag and prizes. Come hang out with us and find out why YA books keep teens and adults alike up all night (PJs optional). Be sure to wear your best slippers -- there will be prizes, including an early copy of SHINE!

Hosted By: Ann Aguirre, Josephine Angelini, Brodi Ashton, Charlotte Bennardo, Anne Greenwood Brown, Zoraida Cordova, Kady Cross, Bree Despain, Debra Driza, Cole Gibsen, Rachel Harris, Leanna Renee Hieber, Nancy Holder, Tara Hudson, Colleen Houck, Sophie Jordan, Suzanne Lazear, Lea Nolan, Jana Oliver, Amy Plum, J.A. Souders, Jeri Smith-Ready, Natalie Zaman

Thursday, April 12

12:15pm - 1:30pm - YA BOOKSELLERS' LUNCHEON, following the CROSS-PROMOTING TITLES panel from 11:15-12:15. I will chat with booksellers and give away an early copy of SHINE!

Friday, April 13

1:30-2:30 pm VAMPIRE: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UNDEAD Sex and violence, violence and sex. Where do readers and writers draw the line in today’s modern vampire novels?

Captain: Caridad Piñeiro. Panelists: Carole Nelson Douglas, Jeaniene Frost, Charlaine Harris, Lynda Hilburn, Jeri Smith-Ready

Saturday, April 14 - TEEN DAY

11am - 2pm Book Fair - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!! If you are not registered for the full RT Booklovers Convention, you can purchase a $5 ticket at the door to attend just the book fair.

Massive signing with hundreds of authors. I'll be located on YA Alley, where copies of both my teen and adult books will be sold. Feel free to bring your own books from home to be signed. They have a system to separate these books for you, so as not to mistake them for new books!

Sorry, but SHINE won't be out until May 1, so it won't be available yet. There should be copies of SHADE and SHIFT, though. *fingers crossed*

If you have me sign a copy of SHADE or SHIFT (whether you buy it at the Book Fair or bring it from home), you'll get a FREE autographed bookplate for SHINE, so that when your copy arrives, you can stick that sucker in there and have a signed book!


A host of YA authors will read very short excerpts in these timed readings. Authors: Tera Lynn Childs, Cinda Williams Chima, Kristi Cook, Kady Cross, Melissa de la Cruz, Kimberly Derting, Kami Garcia, Nancy Holder, Sophie Jordan, Alyson Noël, Suzanne Selfors, Jeri Smith-Ready

Hope to see everyone there!


Sunday, April 01, 2012

SHINE teaser video & chapter, plus first paperback giveaway!

ONE. MONTH. The next time my Calendar icon at the bottom of my screen has a big fat "1" on it, SHINE will be out in the wild! Aaaaahhhh! *runs around, flailing gracelessly*

Latest developments:

1. Chapter One is now public.

2. I made this teaser video for SHINE. It's ideally viewed after reading Chapter One rather than before, but if you prefer not to read Chapter One before reading the book (I'm like that, I totally understand), you can still enjoy the video.

3. Want a signed copy of SHINE? Pre-order from Constellation Books and support a fabulous independent bookstore! Or preorder from your local store or one of these online booksellers:
(Note: links go to hardcover version, but each store is also selling paperback.)

4. I got my very own paperback copy of SHINE* on Friday when my lovely editor, Annette Pollert of Simon Pulse, brought it to me at a panel during the NYC Teen Author Festival. What a fantastic surprise! And yes, I was almost mugged for it (silly me, waving it around like that).

No sooner is it in my hands than I'm giving it away to one of you! Autographed, of course. International entries welcome, of course.

  • Here on the blog: Leave a comment below with your reaction to chapter 1 and/or the video. In addition, let me know in your comment if you also did #3 below. To avoid unwanted spam (as opposed to "wanted spam"?) please do not leave your email address in the comments.
  • On Twitter: Tweet a link to this blog post, mentioning the SHINE excerpt and the video. Include my username (@jsmithready) and the hashtag #SHINEtease. Earn an extra chance by sporting the SHINE Twitter avatar, found on my Twitter profile.
  • On YouTube: Go to the SHINE teaser video's YouTube page, leave a comment, and click the thumbs-up icon below the video to "like" it (or dislike it if you want).

A winner will be randomly drawn on Wednesday, April 4, at 11:59pm. That winner will be announced here in this post on Thursday (and also notified by Twitter, if applicable). If the winner has not responded with a mailing address by Sunday, April 8, 11:59pm, I will draw another name.

EDITED TO ADD: The winner of the first SHINE paperback giveaway is Meaghan from A Bookworm's Haven! Congrats to Meaghan and a HUGE thanks to everyone who spread the word about the first chapter and the video--you ROCK!


  • Starting tomorrow morning, are having their "biggest giveaway ever." (EDITED TO ADD: Holy WOW, go check out what they're giving away to everyone who pre-orders SHINE--the most adorable Zach & Logan trading cards!) They're also holding a different SHADE/SHIFT/SHINE discussion each Monday/Wednesday/Friday during April in preparation for the big May 1 event. (EDITED TO ADD: The first discussion, about whether you'd want to see ghosts, is up now!)
  • I'll be at the RT Booklovers Convention April 11-15. I'll post my specific schedule here later this week, but if you click on that link and do a find for "Jeri," you'll see 5 events, and that's not even including the giant Book Fair. I'm a busy, busy girl.
  • Speaking of appearances, Team Kilt Con planning is underway! Keep an eye out for the latest news on the world's first SHADE fan gathering (May 18-19, Minneapolis, MN). The gorgeous hotel has been chosen, and there'll be more big announcements later this week.
See ya!

*SHINE will be released simultaneously in hardcover and paperback on May 1. This way readers can have a matched set of the new SHADE series covers in paperback right from the get-go. Brilliant idea, oh fine publisher o' mine!

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SHINE giveaway later today

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