Monday, April 30, 2012

Giveaway winners (so far) and a new reader playlist!

It's release week for SHINE! Tonight I'll be at a midnight release party at Cupboard Maker Books in Enola, PA (near Harrisburg) from 9pm-ish to 1:30am. It's going to be epic, and I have to remind myself to schedule a nap today.

The winner of the "Ask Jeri" prize (a marked-up/director's commentary full SHADE trilogy) was Andrea T.! The answers to the (many, many) questions will be posted in bunches on the Kilt & Keeley SHADE fan site over the next couple of weeks. I decided to spread it out to keep things interesting, because believe me, you do NOT want to read answers to 50 questions in one day. Thanks to everyone who asked such fabulous questions!

There was some fun over the weekend, including a #SHADEboys chat Saturday night. The Q&A part lasted over two hours, and then the after-party pretty much went until midnight, so total time = 5 hours, 12 minutes. This is typical.

TeamKilt bookplate winners were:


...and the grand prize winner was @RPattz!

What was the grand prize, you ask? I said it would be connected to the surprise unveiled at the beginning of the chat, and here it is:

The SHIFT Readers Playlist! These are songs that have been suggested to me over the last year by readers, songs that remind them of Aura, Zach, and Logan. (There were many more than 17, but I had to keep it to a reasonable length. A few suggestions will end up on the SHINE soundtrack--that's how awesome you guys are.)

SHIFT readers' playlist by Jeri Smith-Ready on Grooveshark

Thank you all for giving me so many meaningful musical connections to the books. It is one of my favorite parts of being a writer. The #SHADEboys chat grand prize was a copy of all these songs in the form of an iTunes playlist (which will be available for purchase very soon).

The SHINE soundtrack will be unveiled this Wednesday, May 2, at 9pm eastern, at the end of a two-hour #SHADEboys dance party. Come share your favorite funny/amazing videos of you or some random stranger(s) dancing. Everyone who posts a video gets a chance to win Team Kilt bookplates and the SHINE soundtrack itself! As always, the easiest way to follow any Twitter chat is using Tweetchat.

If you need an example of the spirit of the #SHADEboys dance party, check out yesterday's spontaneous post by Zach and Logan, prompted by a question they got the night before.

As you can see, goofiness is encouraged.

Check back here tomorrow for my Release Day post, where I look back on the previous year of getting to know some amazing readers and writing the hardest book of my life (so far).

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Oh Jeri.. I got a little teary-eyed reading this post. I can't believe Shine will be released tomorrow. I mean, I can.. it's just that awesome.. but I feel like as a reader I've been a part of this journey too - it's all so bittersweet! Incorporating music in to your stories is what grabbed my attention from the very beginning. From one music lover to another - thank YOU, for all of it.

Posted by: Blogger Ginger @ GReads! at 4/30/2012 3:16 PM

I lovelovelove that Twister by Remy Zero is on there! I actually suggested that one once upon a time!

Posted by: Blogger Book Crook Liza at 5/01/2012 12:38 AM

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