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SHINE prerelease wrap-up post

Your one-stop shop for all things SHINE prerelease-y!

The stuff so far:

Read the first chapter and watch the trailer

Illustrated Guide to SHADE series covers, formats, and preorders

SHINE release celebration contests, including one that ends tonight!

How to order autographed copies (with signed swag) from my local bookstore

Release week booksignings and a giveaway for spreading the word



To make things easy on you, I've stolen/borrowed/nabbed a list of links that Kimberly of Living Fictitiously painstakingly put together (BIG KISSES TO KIM!). I've starred the places that are shipping as of right now (Monday 9:30am eastern):

Shade (*** means the paperback with NEW COVER is NOW SHIPPING)
***Constellation Books (Jeri's local indy book store- SIGNED COPY!!!!!): Hardcover /Paperback  
***Barnes and Noble: Hardcover / Paperback / E Book 
Amazon: Hardcover / Paperback / E Book 
Book Depository:  Hardcover / Paperback
iTunes E book  
(Audiobook: B&N / Amazon / iTunes also has available in audio)

Shift (*** means the paperback is NOW SHIPPING; hardcover is already available)
***Constellation Books (Jeri's local indy book store- SIGNED COPY!!!!!): Hard Cover /Paperback  
***Barnes and Noble: Hard Cover / Paperback / E Book (UPDATE: SHIFT paperback now in some B&N and Books-a-Million stores!)
***Amazon: Hard Cover / Paperback / E Book 
Book Depository:  Hardcover / Paperback 
iTunes E book 
(Audiobook: B&N / Amazon / iTunes also has available in audio)

Shine (*** means it is NOW SHIPPING)
***Constellation Books (Jeri's local indy book store- SIGNED COPY!!!!!): Hard Cover /Paperback  
Barnes and Noble: Hard Cover / ***Paperback / E Book (UPDATE: SHINE paperback now in some B&N and Books-a-Million stores!)
***Amazon: Hard Cover / Paperback / E Book 
***Book Depository:  Hard Cover / Paperback 
iTunes E book
(Audiobook coming 2012! Release Date to be announced.)



If you preorder from anywhereKilt & Keeley (the fabulous SHADE fan site) will give you a free gift: a cute-beyond-belief Zach & Logan trading card! They will also enter you in the grand prize giveaway, a books/music/swag cornucopia that grows bigger the more preorders they get. Their goal is 100, and they're already 89% of the way there--help them reach their goal, and there will be an explosively huge prize to win.

Remember, EVERYONE who preorders gets a trading card. Nice, huh?


#SHADEboys + Aura Twitter chat Saturday, April 28, 7pm eastern time. Swag, books, and music will be given away as Zachary, Logan, and Aura get us psyched for the Big Day. Easiest way to follow is through TweetChat, which will automatically add the #SHADEboys hashtag to your tweets. Because these chats get really hectic, I will not see your tweet if you don't use the hashtag.

At the beginning of the chat, I'll have a surprise for you! The chat's grand prize will be connected to that surprise, so I can't tell you what the prize is, but I can show you a picture of the sweet Team Kilt swag packs that'll be given out (pic courtesy of @shellseeker93:

The autographed thingie in the lower left-hand corner is one of nine Team Kilt bookplate designs (probably my favorite, featuring the UK cover for SHIFT). Team Kilt bookplates cannot be bought or requested--they can only be won. If you participate in enough Team Kilt events, you might collect all 9! At that point you can get a secret decoder ring that'll let you--oh wait, I guess it's not a secret now. Oops.

So how do you win? Just ask Zach, Logan, and/or Aura a question (but don't forget to use the #SHADEboys hashtag). Even if I don't have time to answer them all, you'll still be entered. Open to international entries.

Hope to see you there!

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Can anyone else not see this picture or is it just my computer being dumb again? Still so sad I can't make the chat tomorrow :'( (unless it runs after 10:00...) but have fun everyone!! :)

Posted by: Blogger Poochylover at 4/27/2012 11:43 PM

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