Sunday, May 27, 2012

Update on "Let It Bleed"

Or, Please Don't Kill Me, But...

My plan was to post the free download of the new WVMP novella (Book 3.5) today, on Ciara's 29th birthday. I announced it about five weeks ago, before I knew that the nagging cold I had would turn into a two-month-long sinus infection. May has been insane, as I've been trying to finish Book 4, LUST FOR LIFE, for my publisher by the end of the month (not negotiable), promote the May 1 release of SHINE (slightly more flexible but also not negotiable), and get adequate sleep so that my sinus infection wouldn't turn into bronchitis or pneumonia (absolutely positively NOT negotiable, according to my body).

Something had to give, and since you and the characters deserve nothing but my best work, I can't in good conscience just throw "Let It Bleed" out into the world in its current state. All it needs for reading purposes is one last copyedit and proofread, but to do right by it, I'd like to have a cover, soundtrack, and have it be available in all major ebook formats. In short, I want it to be awesome.

Mega-apologies for the delay, but illness happens, and publisher deadlines trump everything. I promise that it will be worth the wait!

The new planned release date for the free download of "Let It Bleed" is June 26.

WVMP Street Team members will receive a special secret link to "Let It Bleed" a week before the rest of the world. To sign up for the WVMP Street Team, check out the Street Team page.

And once again, if you'd like a reminder notice when "Let It Bleed" goes live, sign up using this attractive little button:

Thanks for your patience--you rock!

*dives back into LUST FOR LIFE, which I think you are going to LOVE!*

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Monday, May 07, 2012

"Fantastic Heroines" panel this Friday in DC

Popping in real quick to tell you about a panel I'll be on at the American Women Writers National Museum.

  • What: "Fantastic Heroines of SF and Fantasy," discussing the changing roles of female characters in science fiction and fantasy. 
  • Who: Science fiction/fantasy authors Brenda Clough and L. Jagi Lamplighter. Oh, and me. Moderated by Colleen Cahill of the Library of Congress.
  • When: Friday, May 11, 11:30am - 1:30pm
  • Where: American Women Writers National Museum, 1275 K St. NW, Suite 102 (ground floor), Washington, DC, 20005. Metro Center and McPherson Metro stops (This is a small startup shared space, with the storefront entrance on 13th St. NW.)
  • How much: Free!
  • What else: I'll have some books to sell and sign after the panel, and as always, I love to chat with readers about anything and anyone.

As you have probably noticed, I have a few opinions on how fictional heroines are perceived and judged. Looking forward to a fabulous discussion!


Last week's giveaway winners, final open contest, and live chat!

Winners for the SHINEsign contest, where readers helped spread the word on Twitter and Facebook about last week's signings, are:

1. $25 gift certificate to the bookstore of their choice: @BookLabyrinth
2. Choice of Keeley Brothers or Team Kilt swag bag: @j_grant93

Last Wednesday, Logan and Zach held the first ever (but no way it'll be the last) #SHADEboys dance party. During the two-hour party, readers posted nearly 80 of their favorite dance videos. I still haven't seen them all, but there were many, many highlights--everything from movie scenes to flash mobs to random dudes in their underwear. You can see all of them on Logan's Favorites list.

Everyone who posted a video gets a Team Kilt bookplate. To claim yours, send your mailing address and Twitter username to melissa AT jerismithready DOT com and mention you won a TeamKilt bookplate at the SHADEboys dance party. Don't worry--she won't think it's too weird.

And the winner of an iTunes gift playlist of the SHINE soundtrack (unveiled at the end of the dance party) is... @Poochylover! Thanks to everyone who took part in this completely crazy party. SHADE readers are the most wackadoodle folks on the planet, hands down.


There's one more SHINE celebration contest open, and that's the Review Contest, which ends Friday. Here are the rules (copied and pasted from the original post):

Post an online review of SHINE during release time and be entered to win a 90-minute private video chat with me! (I could be convinced to share a preview of Zachary's novella "Shattered," which will be published July 31.)

This prize will have 3 winners.

Entry rules:
  • Reviews must appear between Monday, April 23 and Friday, May 11. Reviews can appear on blogs, book sites like Goodreads or Library Thing, or online booksellers such as Amazon or
  • Each review gets you one entry. For example, if you post Goodreads and Amazon reviews, plus a review on your blog, that's 3 entries.
  • Blog reviews must include the SHINE cover, a link to my website and Twitter page, and the release date.
  • Email a link to your review to melissa AT jerismithready DOT com--please note it's to my awesome assistant MELISSA, not me. 
  • If you've already posted a review on your blog, don't worry--you're still eligible! Just put up another post between April 23 and May 11 announcing the release (please include the cover plus a link to my website and Twitter page), and link to your early review.
  • If you hold a giveaway with your review/feature, you'll get five extra entries for each SHADE trilogy book you give away (i.e., SHADE, SHIFT, and/or SHINE).
  • International entries welcome!
  • Drawing will take place using a random number generator, and the 3 winners will be notified by email on or before Friday, May 18.
  • You can bring as many folks as you want to the Skype chat (friends, family, book club, library group, soccer team, karate class), but no recordings, please.
Remember, all review/feature posts must take place between Monday, April 23 and Friday, May 11 to be eligible.


Join me Wednesday night at 9pm Eastern at Kilt & Keeley for a live chat. Come prepared to talk all about SHINE--spoilers are allowed and in fact encouraged! There will be prizes--oh yes, there will be prizes. Sign up here for a reminder.


And now I leave you with one of my contributions to the SHADEboys dance party: a video I picked out for "Zach and mates" in their early teen years. It's three Scottish boys doing the Hokey Kokey in their living room. Because why not?

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Thursday, May 03, 2012


Hey, thanks for stopping by! Just wanted to let you know to keep an eye on this space for SHINE release stuff like:

  • How SHINE Happened But Almost Didn't (a post half-written while half-asleep--it's completely incoherent)
  • SHINE soundtrack notes (fully written while fully awake, yet still somewhat incoherent) - I'm waiting until next week to post this, after more people have read the book, because the notes are full of spoilers like "This song goes with that one scene where _________. Wasn't that horrible?" The SHINE soundtrack itself is up on the SHADEboys tumblr.
  • The Surprise SHINE celebration thing I mentioned in this post (not even started, since I have to email a bunch of people, and we all know how paralyzed I am in that area)
  • "Ask Jeri" mass reader interview of me. I've started working on the questions, which are, in a word, FABULOUS. You guys came up with some very creative, insightful queries that have really made me think. I think I can manage to have 10 finished today so that Kilt and Keeley can post them tomorrow or next Monday.
All this stuff is a little late because I underestimated the lifeforce-sucking power of a sinus infection that first knocked on my head and politely requested entry about a month ago. I was sick before I went to the RT Booklovers Convention, got slightly better during it, but by the time I came home I got worse (took the train home from Chicago instead of flying, for fear of rupturing an eardrum--smartest move ever, because the Amtrak roommette was amazing!!) Then I was healthy for approximately 100 hours until last Friday. Then I stayed up almost all night Monday for a midnight release party.

Now I'm just trying to get through each day with a few hours' work on the book due at the end of the month while accomplishing One SHINE-related Thing (especially since I have two booksignings, a bridal shower, and two mothers visiting for the weekend).

Yesterday, the Thing was the SHINE soundtrack and the #SHADEboys dance party (it looks like two things, but really I did most of the soundtrack on Sunday and just tweaked it for the next two days).

Today, this post is That One Thing. Sorry.

But I want you know that despite being sick on deadline, this has been an amazing week, more than I ever dreamed it could be, and it's all thanks to you.

I'm not just blowing smoke. Some authors get big tours, some get big ads, some get big displays in bookstores. While it'd be nice to have those things, if given the choice between that and having a close relationship with the crazy, fun readers that have followed me for months or years, I'd take you guys ANY DAY.

So this song is for you. The words aren't mine, but I mean every one of them.

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