Friday, June 15, 2012

Putting the "Team" in Team KIlt

I see you've chosen teamwork. A coward's strategy.
--Cornelius Hawthorne (Pierce's evil dad), Community Season 3 Episode 20, "Digital Estate Planning"

Hey guys! As you've probably noticed, I've been a little scarce online lately. I'm almost caught up to where I need to be deadline-wise, but to do that I had to, you know, IGNORE THE WORLD (which isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds).

So when I saw the other day that the YA Crush Tournament was starting soon, what was my gut reaction?

Excitement. Then panic. And finally...nausea. All in about four seconds.

My Inner Eeyore said, How can I possibly do this, with all I have on my plate? Wait, how can I NOT do this? Last year's Crush Tourney brought us all together to take a virtual unknown all the way to the finals! I can't let Team Kilt down. The SHADE books aren't so huge that I can get Zachary or Logan or Martin a thousand votes with one tweet. If they lose badly, or don't make it in, THERE WILL BE KILT-Y SADNESS AND IT WILL BE MY FAULT.

Besides, Eeyore continued, what happened in last year's crush tourney can never be repeated. That magic, that camaraderie, that togetherness was like lightning in a bottle. It can't be recaptured!!


*feeds Inner Eeyore chocolate to silence it*

Hmm, I seem to remember a certain winter solstice when we all stayed up until (or napped, then got up at) 3am  to see the unveiling of the Kilt & Keeley SHADE fan site, built by Zachary's fantabulous crush tourney advocates Jen and Amy from Fictitious Delicious.

And then there was Burns Night. And St. Patrick's Day. And the end of February when you guys brought home victory for Zachary and Logan in two separate tournaments (and got yourself the SHIFT river scene from Zachary's POV). And the SHADEboys dance party! And in May when we flew across the country to take part in Team Kilt Con!

If anything, Team Kilt is bigger, stronger, and funner more fun than it was last summer. What started as a joke hashtag has grown into a community of crazy, loving, generous folks who share each other's joys and sorrows that have nothing to do with books or boys (well, usually it has to do with boys).

So yeah, I think we can do it again. And by "it" I don't mean take Zachary to the finals. If it happens, FABULOUS. If not, we will still have more fun than all the rest of the teams put together.

And it will be different. They're calling it Crush Tournament 2.0, but this is not Team Kilt 2.0. This is Team Kilt, um, I don't know...Pi?

Yeah, Team Kilt Pi. We have infinite digits and have something to do with circles because we, um, like to hug. Yep.

(mmmmm, pie....)

What's different this year? For starters, the SHADEboys are trying to get Martin from SHINE into the tournament and will apply to advocate for him. I think it'd be really cool to have an LGBT character in the mix, and Martin is certainly crush-worthy (if you like gingers, aka redheads). So if Martin gets in, there'll be mega fun times on the part of the SHADEboys.

If Zachary gets into the tournament, we have something DELIRIOUSLY fun and different planned for voting day(s). This activity was cooked up the other night between me and [undisclosed person] at around 2am, so you know it's ridiculous. You will love it, because you will help create it.

And if Logan gets in...well, I'll come up with something, together with his advocate. Spontaneity is always best where Logan is concerned.


As I may have mentioned, I am extreeeeeeeeeemely busy with deadlines right now, so I really really really really really really really really need your help. Big help, little help, medium-size help. I need ALL THE HELPS.

First, please go to YA Sisterhood and nominate Zachary and/or Logan and/or Martin, now through June 19. Spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. Even though Zachary did well last year, there is no guarantee he'll even make the tournament this year, much less be accompanied by one of his page-brothers. There are tons of lovely book boys out there, more every day, and from books that are in a million languages and have movies made out of them and are sold in, like, drugstores and stuff.

In short, the SHADE boys need you.

EDITED 6/15 2:50pm EDT, TO ADD: If you nominated Zachary, Martin, or Logan, blog about it and leave a link in the comments below. At the end of the nomination period, I'll draw a winner for a signed copy of your choice of SHADE books (your choice of covers, too). International entries welcome!

EDITED 6/20, TO ADD: The winner is Grace Lo! Congrats, Grace! Grace please send me your mailing address and let me know which of the three SHADE books you'd like to have me sign to you (this includes the SHIFT and SHINE UK versions).

  • PLEASE FILL OUT THE NOMINATION FORM ONLY ONCE (that goes for you, too, Mom!). If you try to nominate more than once, the tourney folks will delete all your nominations. 
  • PLEASE LIST EACH NAME ONLY ONCE. If you break this rule, DELETED.
  • PLEASE LIST BOTH THE BOY AND THE BOOK. Again, ignore this rule, DELETED.
  • PLEASE READ ALL THEIR RULES before you fill out the nomination form. 

Second, if you'd like to help any or all of these boys in the tournament, fill out the Team Kilt signup form below. (And know that I love you.) The mailing list will be used to send updates and offer "volunteer opportunities" (i.e., how you can help Team Kilt, even if it's only for 17 minutes on the solstice, heh). There is no deadline for signing up--we welcome everyone and every-when!

NOTE: You will not be added to any other list for any purpose. I don't believe in spam (well, I believe it exists, I just don't believe in doing it).

Everyone who signs up and includes their mailing address (optional) gets a SHADE series Team Kilt bookplate, which can't be bought or requested, only won or earned during an official Team Kilt event. There are 9 different designs. Here are 8:

But yours will be personalized with your name and a thank-you note from me. And there'll also be a UK SHINE cover thrown into the mix, so you might get that design instead of one of these. (Oh hey, SHINE came out in the UK last Thursday!)

For each person you recruit to Team Kilt (who puts your name down as their referrer (is that a word?), you'll get an extra bookplate. I promise not to send you more than one of the same bookplate design--I have a spreadsheet for this and everything!

(EDITED TO ADD: You'll also get a signed I AM TEAM KILT sticker, featuring the logo at the top of this post! I'm also looking into having Team Kilt bookmarks or cards made if one or more of the boys gets into the tourney. So cross your fingers for new swag!)

Third, there might be some grand prize drawing, but really, I just want people who want to be on Team Kilt because they love it, not because they might win an iPad (you will not win an iPad). I do plan to create some sort of Thank-you Thingie that will honor each of you in a personal way.

Fourth, you might want to watch the Community episode I linked to in the quote at the top of this post (the link goes to Hulu where you can watch online). It MIGHT be relevant. Or just really funny. OR BOTH. Who knows? Oh, I guess you will, if you sign up for Team Kilt. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait and see what we have in store....

EDITED 7/31 TO ADD: Team Kilt Signup for purposes of swag, etc., is now closed. But please follow our #TeamKilt hashtag on Twitter for daily shenanigans, and keep an eye out for future parties!

Again, thank you so much!

*disappears into Copyedit Cave*

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Let the Team Kilt madness begin!!!!!! :)

Posted by: Blogger cristina at 6/15/2012 3:29 AM

Thanks so much, Cristina! <3

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 6/15/2012 9:32 AM

Oh yes.. it's time to turn my twitter feed into crazy TeamKilt love!

Posted by: Blogger Ginger @ GReads! at 6/15/2012 10:47 AM

Woo-hoo, Ginger!

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 6/15/2012 11:01 AM

This comment has been removed by the author.

Posted by: Blogger Judy at 6/15/2012 4:13 PM

SO excited to take part in the craziness this year! Let's go Team Kilt!!!

Posted by: Blogger Judy (shellseeker93) at 6/15/2012 4:14 PM

Whoa! Can't wait! P.S. here's my blog post about the tourney:

Posted by: Blogger Unknown at 6/15/2012 7:23 PM

Not entering, as I have all the books AND with new covers! :D


Posted by: Blogger Diana Julianna at 6/16/2012 12:14 AM

I posted about the noms! I included all my noms, but said a few extra little words about a few certain favorite boys ;)

I can't believe it took me this long to join Team Kilt! I feel like I've missed out on so much. *sadface*

Have a wonderful day!

Posted by: Blogger Jessica @ Stuck in Books at 6/16/2012 5:34 PM

I gots my Team Kilt gear ready!!!! Let's do this! NFF!

Posted by: Blogger Kimberly Callegan at 6/17/2012 12:48 AM

Woooo Hooooo! My votes are in and soon there will also be my sisters, my cousins and everyone else up at 1 am In Toronto privy to my mind control!

Posted by: Blogger Melissa Fonseca at 6/17/2012 1:03 AM

Woooo Hooooo! My votes are in and soon there will also be my sisters, my cousins and everyone else up at 1 am In Toronto privy to my mind control!

Posted by: Blogger Melissa Fonseca at 6/17/2012 1:14 AM

I'm ready to go! Can't wait! Here's my blog post about it.

Posted by: Blogger Triquetra at 6/17/2012 1:26 AM

Thanks so much, you guys! *gathers you all in giant international hug*

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 6/17/2012 3:31 PM

Yay yay yay!!!!
I'm Team Keely but now I'm spreading TEAM KITL LOVE!!!!

Posting about in my blog!!!

Shade boys ROCK!!!

Posted by: Blogger Lis at 6/17/2012 6:02 PM

[insert hyperactive Grace]

so here's my blog post:

Posted by: Blogger gracelo at 6/17/2012 6:02 PM

Supporting my sis (Lis Carcamo) who made me vote for this guys!
Good luck!

Posted by: Blogger Ernesto Carcamo at 6/17/2012 6:11 PM

I voted last night or I would have added Logan and Martin. I just put Zachary on my ballot! Thought he might get a chance since Jace can't win again!


Posted by: Blogger BURIED IN BOOKS at 6/17/2012 6:58 PM

YAY. Let this years YA Crush Tourney BEGIN!! Posted on blog about who I voted for! HERE SUPER EXCITED!

Posted by: Blogger Lisseth Torres at 6/17/2012 9:36 PM

YAY Team Kilt Power, taking over one mind at a time LOL

I already posted on my blog...Facebook here I come.... MUhahaha

Posted by: Blogger Tiffany at 6/17/2012 10:31 PM

I will definitely help out any way I can =)

Posted by: Blogger Ashley @ Book Labyrinth at 6/18/2012 12:38 PM

Thanks--you guys rock!!

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 6/18/2012 5:12 PM

I voted for Zachary!

Posted by: Blogger Rachel at 6/19/2012 12:22 AM

Heck yes! Let's do this thing!!!!!

Posted by: Blogger Litza at 6/19/2012 2:58 AM

Thanks, everyone, for your support! I think they're announcing the tournament participants (24-32 guys) this evening, so I'll update you whenever I hear.

But no matter what, I really appreciate all your enthusiasm and support. If none of the SHADEboys makes it in, it sure won't be for lack of their fans and friends trying! :)

I've drawn a winner among those who blogged their crush lists, for a choice of signed SHADE books. The winner is Grace Lo! Congrats, Grace! Grace please send me your mailing address and let me know which of the three SHADE books you'd like to have me sign to you (this includes the SHIFT and SHINE UK versions.)

Thanks again!

Posted by: Blogger Jeri at 6/20/2012 1:15 PM

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