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GCC feature with Kelly Parra and SOMETHING WICKED!

If you loved Prom Dates from Hell, or if you're in the mood for the perfect Halloween read, there's a new anthology of creeptastic YA short stories, Something Wicked! And this week's Girlfriends Cyber Circuit author, Kelly Parra, has a story, "Mermania," that you won't want to miss.

Sometimes, they aren't costumes.

They’re baaaack.

More nightmares brought to you by the authors of the young adult anthology Prom Dates to Die For...

Beware the Midnight Troll on your late-night stroll by Mari Hestekin. Swim at your own risk Under Loch and Cay by Jenny Peterson. A curse of spiders on campus means Arach War by Lena Brown. Through a Glass Darkly one could lose a soul by Heather Dearly. Supernatural Hunters turn to the sea in Mermania by Kelly Parra. Social media goes to the ghouls in Spectral Media by Aaron Smith.

Don’t miss this paranormal fun for tween, teens and adults!

Kelly Parra’s short story “Mermania” continues Teen Supernatural Hunters Jaz and Blake’s paranormal adventures. The duo debuted in “Darkness Becomes Him” in the young adult anthology PROM DATES TO DIE FOR as they battled a soul hungry dark angel. In SOMETHING WICKED a merman entrances Jaz and it’s up to her and Blake to rush against time before Jaz grows her own tail by the full moon!


"Mesmerizing and eerie. Tales to keep you reading late into the dark night." --Tara Hudson, author of HEREAFTER and ARISE

Here's a breathtaking (literally) excerpt from "Mermania":


I swam to him into the deeper waters. His arm came around me, holding me afloat. His features were what Oz would call angelic, with light colored hair, almond shaped eyes, a straight nose and full lips. He pulled the band from my hair and my black strands spread across the water surface.

His eyes were dark. When I looked into them, I could see the reflection of the waters. So deep ... in his eyes.

“You’re special, aren’t you, Jaz?”


He closed his eyes and breathed in. “Yes, I can smell it. The magic.” He met my eyes once more.

“Yes, I’m different.” 

“My name is Sotos. Say my name.”


“I want to kiss you. Do you want to kiss me, Jaz?” 

“Don’t think so.” 

He smiled. “I think you do.” 

“Yes,” I said, my words breathless. He leaned in, slowly, and pressed his lips to mine. His lips were cool, soft. He pulled me tightly against him. His lips pressed harder. I nudged back. His hand came to the back of my head.

This was wrong. 

Not right. 

Something sharp on my tongue. 

Blood gushed. Fear speared through me.

And together, we went under.


And now, my interview with Kelly!

Turn to page 99 of your current release: which word on that page describes your main character best, and why?

Hi Jeri, thanks for having me on your blog! Since my story “Mermania” is a short story, I’ll turn to page 9!

Hmm, the word “Brave” catches my eye. I share Jaz and Blake’s story through Jaz’s POV. They are both orphaned teens that detect magic and are trained by a warlock to be hunters. And with Jaz, she has emotional fears she keeps to herself while she battles monsters. With that kind of a dedication you have to be brave!

What’s the most surprising book-related thing to happen to you in the last year?

I do speaking engagements at a local university for the multicultural lit class. I am always surprised when a student will admit how much they enjoyed my novels, and that it was the first book they ever finished! Writers are avid readers and we may read books all the time, so I am always humbled and thrilled when someone who is a reluctant reader has chosen to read my book – in this case it was Graffiti Girl – to complete and enjoy.

Do you have a quirk or detail in common with your main character (e.g., favorite food, habit, phrase)?

“Trippy.” Haha. My characters as teens say it and also, “Trip out,” and I find myself saying that too.

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled for book research?

I don’t travel far for book research. I’m always on-line discovering interesting details. I am one of those people who love odd scientific discoveries and/or headlines that are basically “fact is stranger than fiction.”

Speaking of travel, which do you like best: planes, trains, or automobiles?

I have this fear of travel in airplanes and cars in close traffic! It’s awful. But when I ride trains I’m not bothered so much.

In the SHADE trilogy, Aura is the first of a generation that can see ghosts. What do you think defines your generation?

Hmm, I think what may define my generation is technology, but than I feel that is many generations at the moment. We are reaching other planets, making astounding discoveries, and new technology is on the rise everyday.


Kelly Parra’s earliest stories were told with paintbrushes, but upon discovering the drama and forbidden love of romance and suspense novels, those paintbrushes were replaced with a keyboard. Now a multi-published author in young adult and romance fiction, she has created memorable characters such as a graffiti artist in Graffiti Girl, a psychic teen in Invisible Touch, and a tough undercover narc in her novel for adults, Criminal Instinct. A two-time RITA finalist, she divides her time between her novels, short fiction, and the adventures of motherhood, where she juggles her home life with two children, a tattooed husband, a sweet poodle, and a rowdy pit bull. Visit her website, follow her on Twitter or Facebook, or check out her page on Amazon.

Happy Early Halloween, everyone, and congrats to Kelly on her new release!



Thank you, Jeri, for having me on your blog!

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Awesome post!!! I loved it!
Thank you!

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