Thursday, December 06, 2012

Jeri's Weekend of Legend!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have been wondering what #WOL2 stands for, and now I can tell you.

Weekend Of Legend 2!

Aww, this blog template won't let me create a blink tag to maximize the cheesiness of that banner. Curse you, webmaster and your twenty-first century design tastes!

Anyway, Weekend of Legend is the brainchild of author Lauren Dane and her best bud/critique partner /occasional co-author Megan Hart. Back in August they held a weekend-long writing frenzy, during which they gave away prizes, involved readers in the creative process, and of course got tons of work done.

She's doing it again, and now there are more of us involved:

  • Carrie Lofty
  • Carly Phillips
  • Lorelie Brown
  • and of course the Godmother of WOL herself, Lauren Dane!

I've been brainstorming the rewrite to Sekrit 2014 YA Novel, and editing a few scenes here and there, but between holidays and appearances and a new book out, I've been squeezing this project into my day, rather than making it the sole focus it was during that lovely writing retreat in Arizona last month.

*slips into decadent desert daydream*

After all that pondering, I'm ready to write!

My goal for the weekend will be ten thousand new words on what I'm calling the David Book (still searching for the true title). The final third of the novel needs to go in a new, exciting direction, so that will be my focus.

I will now copy/paste the rules from Lauren's blog and modify them for my own purposes so that I can go get a good night's sleep.


1. This is a TWITTER contest so yes, you will need a twitter account to play. To be entered in the contests we’ll be running all weekend you will need to @ reply one of us and be sure to use the #WOL2 tag so we can find the responses among all the others to separate out to choose a winner.

My twitter
Lauren Dane
Carrie Lofty
Carly Phillips
Lorelie Brown

2. I will be checking in every 2,000 words written and awarding prizes then. For fun, I will also spontaneously tweet songs from The David Book using Some of my prizes will be music from the book. Others will include signed books, swag, gift cards, etc.

How do you enter?

I'll give you a hint: my characters need clothes, and I am severely, hopelessly fashion-challenged. At different times over the weekend, I'll ask you to tweet me pics of the coolest duds you can find online, for specific occasions and finicky character tastes.

OR I might need a new name for a minor character, or food suggestions for an emergency road trip, or...well, who knows what twists and turns the weekend's writing will bring?

If When I make my ultimate goal of 10K words, there'll be a grand prize!

Prize details will be found RIGHT HERE IN THIS SPOT by Friday at 3pm Eastern, so check back then.

[EDITED TO ADD: I lied! I created a new post with milestones and prizes.]

3. All of us will be running random contests as well, so keep an eye on the #WOL2 hashtag!

You can see the individual rules for each other at these blog entries: Lorelie Brown, Carly Phillips, Carrie Lofty, Lauren Dane.

4. The #WOL2 contest will run from Noon pacific, Friday December 7 through the end of Sunday, December 9 (so say, midnight pacific)

5. My contests will be open to international entries unless otherwise indicated (iTunes has geographical limits, for instance).

Any questions? Put them in the comments and I'll make sure I clarify before WOL2 kicks off at 3pm EST on Friday.

See you this weekend!

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