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Weekend of Legend 3 goals/prizes post

As I mentioned last night, the Weekend of Legend is my writing frenzy with a group of author friends, where we all set goals, ask you to help, and reward you with great prizes!

Here's what I have planned for the writing of "Shattered." I will replace the ???'s with actual information at the appropriate times.

Be sure to read the rules at the end of the post before entering! If you have any questions, check out last night's post to see if the answers are there, and if not, ask below in the comments.

The key thing to do? Follow me on Twitter, and/or follow the #WOL3 hashtag. You can also follow Zachary for commentary on what he's I'm writing.

When I reach 2000 words: You win your choice of SHADE or WVMP swag pack, which include things like signed bookmarks stickers, buttons, note cards.

Start Time: 10:45pm Friday
End Time: 10:45am Saturday
Question: Tweet me (@jsmithready) photos of the Black Isle in Scotland. Zachary travels here on a secret mission (which you know about if you've read Shine, but you don't know everything about his trip to Loch Ness). Be sure to use the #WOL3 and #2K hashtags!
Word count: 2,066
Favorite line: She hugs me back hard, exhaling all the way so that not even the air in her lungs comes between us.
Winner: @MakeMeKay

4000 words: Your choice of WVMP or Keeley Brothers T-shirts from CafePress.

NOTE: I added this prize because CP is having a 40% off sale on tees today, so I need to get your address, shirt size, color choice, and design choice before 2am Eastern time Sunday. Therefore I will draw a winner at 6pm Saturday rather than allowing the usual twelve hours. If the winner does not respond by 2am Eastern time, they will receive a medium regular fit black Keeley Brothers T-shirt.

Start Time: 2pm EDT Saturday
End Time: 6pm EDT Saturday
Question: Zachary is plagued by insomnia ("Shattered" means exhausted in Brit-speak). Tweet me your favorite insomnia cure!
Word count: 4,086
Favorite line from this session: It would be so easy to just let go. Easy, and impossible.
Winner: @emmaleehelen

6000 words: Six Pack of Scottish Firsts, gifted through iTunes. These are the first songs I ever heard by my favorite Scottish bands. I always get a special thrill whenever I hear them again, even if I now know dozens of songs by them.

(If you're new to me and the Shade series, the main character in "Shattered" is Scottish. Hence the connection!)
  • Things” by Frightened Rabbit
  • Conductor” by We Were Promised Jetpacks
  • Where It Snows” by Olympic Swimmers
  • Kill It In the Morning,” The Twilight Sad
  • Recover,” Chvrches
  • “Out of the Blue,” Prides (Note: this song literally just came out yesterday, so it's not available for purchase yet, but once it is, I'll forward it on to you. I can't stop listening to it!)

Start Time: 7pm Eastern time Saturday
End Time: 7am Sunday
Question: Tweet me (@jsmithready) the current song you're obsessed with.
Word count: 6,020
Favorite line from this session: I'm greeted by the smell of grease and fish and grease and potatoes and grease. I can have a full meal just by licking the air.
Winner: @mary_qp

8000 words: Winner's choice of signed/personalized SHADE or WVMP books.

Start Time: 1:30pm Eastern Sunday
End Time: 1:30am Eastern Monday
Question: How did you first hear about the SHADE series?
Word count: 8,019
Favorite line from this writing session: She asks if I'm okay. I say words. She says more words. Eventually I say the only words that matter: "I love you."
Winner: @jcalvert719

Non-wordcount goals:

"Shattered" outline finished: Two-pack of Scot-speak!

1. Everyday Gaelic by Morag Macneill. Note: only an estimated 1.4% of Scots today speak Gaelic, but Zachary and his best mate Martin attended Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu for primary school. This book came highly recommended by an author who teaches many courses on Scottish history. It's been very useful!

2. Collins Scots Dictionary. One of my Twitter followers, @laurafergs, sent me this along with some other brilliant (and occasionally hilarious) books on Things Scottish. This one is my go-to--it's wonderful for making regional distinctions, which can be huge.

Start Time: 4:30pm Eastern Sunday
End Time: 4:30am Eastern Monday
Question: Tell me (@jsmithready) your favorite thing about Scotland. Use #WOL3 and #Outline hashtags.
Word count: N/A
Favorite line from synopsis: He lets himself be happy.
Winner: @Kimberdee

Rough draft of cover blurb: Choice of albums used to inspire the writing of "Shattered":
  • Any Frightened Rabbit (you can pick or I can recommend if they're new to you)
  • Any Twilight Sad (ditto)
  • Any Death Cab for Cutie (ditto)
  • Olympic Swimmers, No Flags Will Fly
  • We Were Promised Jetpacks, These Four Walls

Start Time: 7:45pm eastern Sunday
End Time: 7:45am eastern Monday
Question: Wish my cat @Misha_Guy a Happy 18th Birthday! Don't forget to @ me (@jsmithready) and use the #WOL3 and #blurb hashtags.
Word count: N/A
Favorite line: It's all pretty bad at this point, but my favorite line that I threw away is, "Zachary Moore has become unstuck in time." (I thought the Kurt Vonnegut estate might have a wee problem with that.)
Winner: @tnmedicgirl

10,000 words: A print copy of "Shattered," complete with photos. Note: these will NOT be for sale--the only way to get one is to win it in a giveaway. Since I'm sure these'll be expensive for me to produce, these giveaways will be rare.

I did it! Not all the words were pretty, but I got some serious work done this weekend. Thanks so much to everyone who joined us crazy authors!

Word count: 10,052
Favorite line from final writing session: Zachary: "You'll watch me sleep? That's creepy." Martin: "Aye, cos nothing's more entertaining than seeing ye drool. It's dead sexy."
Winner: @WendyLRoberts


When I reach each milestone, I will ask a question on Twitter, adding the hashtags #WOL3 and #2K, #4K, and so on, depending on the milestone.

To enter the drawing, you MUST include:

  • #WOL3 hashtag
  • specific giveaway hashtag (#1K, #2K, etc.)
  • my twitter handle @jsmithready

There'll be many contests going on all weekend on the #WOL3 hashtag, so this'll help me keep track. I will let each contest go for twelve hours to give people in various time zones more chance to participate, and I will announce when each giveaway is closed. Winners will be drawn using

ALL ENTRIES will put you in the running for the grand prize, but I will count only one entry per person per giveaway. So you'll have a maximum of six entries.

International peeps, listen up! iTunes won't let me give you stuff, so you'll be ineligible for those prizes, but as I just mentioned, ALL ENTRIES will put you in the running for the grand prize, so don't hesitate to join the fun.

***Also, for international winners of books, I will send your book via Book Depository and mail you a separate signed bookplate, rather than a signed book directly from me.* Lately the Postal Service's customs process has become a major pain in the patootie.

OK, time for me to go get ready to WRITE WRITE WRITE so you can WIN WIN WIN!!

*Unless I forget, like I did last time, and just go ahead and send the books. That could happen.



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